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  1. You’re correct. Girls don’t leave if they’re happy and there is a winning culture. This isn’t about 3 girls who are all homesick.
  2. Starters leave teams all the time for different reasons other than playing time though. I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened here.
  3. I would count on 1-2 players transferring too. With most of the top returners having 2 or 3 years left of eligibility, may want a fresh start
  4. She did multiple visits to NU and I believe she could have been a Husker if she’d waited it out or wanted to come here bad enough. Her dads a Husker, she lives in Lincoln...it would be hard not to play here but SDSU is trending in the right direction. NU is on shaky ground
  5. If you consider the state of the program when Williams took over (winning tradition from Yori, talented roster, new facilities: PBA/Hendricks, and the fan support & attendance) she is underperforming. This wasn’t a rebuild like Scott Frost has on his hands. I have not been impressed with Williams development of the players that she inherited from Yori; and her own recruits (while still young) don’t appear to be future Big 10 champs. Hope they prove me wrong. Her philosophy of playing 10-12 girls in a game is confusing and takes the girls out of rhythm and flow. Williams teams do
  6. Omahusker

    Senior Day

    For the second year in a row Amy did not start all the seniors on Senior Night. Great group of young women though.
  7. Same guy who fired Yori. Look at us now
  8. Might be a good time to replay the B1G network special, you’ll get to see us win 4 games in Italy at least
  9. How many players truly got better under Miles and his staff though? To me it’s hard to say, bc he had so few 4 year guys. Most of his players transferred out or in and stayed relatively the same. Shavon Shields is one name I could think of
  10. Purdue was the hungrier team. We waited til the 4th Q to play like the season was on the line. We got killed by many of the same things that plagued us all year tonight.
  11. Not happening. He is on contract thru 2022-2023, makes $2.7 mil/year plus he has one of the of the youngest teams in the country sitting at #4 in the B1G with nearly everyone back next year. No reason to leave MD
  12. Coach needs to learn when to call a timeout and settle us down. That’s two runs now where she has waited too long.
  13. She needs to recruit some defensive players. Losing Jasmine and Janay’s defense has us looking like a completely different team. We have all the offensive pieces back from last year and still look disjointed on offense too. And whatever they are doing in practice to cut back on turnovers is not working. It’s sad watching this team buckle under pressure. These are coaching issues, and that’s all I have to say about that.
  14. The team is deflated man, Glynn wants it as bad as anyone else does. Probably more. But at this point we don’t have enough to beat a good team like Maryland or even lesser teams than them and the team knows it. He has a lot of heart and is one of the few who has stuck by Miles the whole way. I don’t feel like calling him out is fair or going to change anything at this point.
  15. Huskers -3 now. Vegas must know something that we don’t...
  16. We had 4 days between games to prepare for today. 4 days to get our heads right, and Miles to get his game plan together. That’s the best we could come up with?
  17. We should be able to win holding a team to 58 pts. Problem was our shot selection was poor. Last years team shared the ball, this team not so much. It’s gonna be a long night when your two leading scorers go 3 of 18 from the field. Many quick shots and 1-on-1 plays. Move it around, play as a team, win the game.
  18. At at this point I don’t know if we have a single win over a ncaa tournament team. Indiana has started to look like crap losing 5 in a row now. Creighton, Seton Hall, Clemson, Okie State all in the bottom halves of their conferences
  19. Tournament or not, I believe this is Tims final season. If we don’t make it, no extension and he’s gone and if we do make it, he takes a job elsewhere
  20. You would think we lost the game with all the negative comments.
  21. When Roby plays like this, we are much more dangerous I love it. Depth is an issue, but PSU only had 2 bench points to our 1 so it didn’t hurt us. Feels good to get the win, keep it rolling
  22. Keep in mind Blackburn, Washington and Bria are still on scholarship even though aren’t playing they are counting towards that #. After they’re gone that will open 3 spots
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