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  1. Agree that the bigs need to clean up the glass better. But to be a successful rebounding team we also need our guards to rebound. When we played Maryland in multiple games they had guards with double digit rebounding efforts. Need all 5 girls committed to it, not just the 2 bigs.
  2. Omahusker

    Rick Pitino?

    I'll take Fred Hoiberg
  3. Omahusker

    Most disappointing loss...

    Marcus Fizer
  4. The pace of play was very slow. That stood out the most to me other than the turnovers. Just 2 fast break points
  5. Omahusker

    news from rutgers...

    It sounds likes she got kicked off the team for disciplinary but I could be wrong
  6. Omahusker

    NEW NCAA Coaches Poll

  7. Omahusker

    NEW NCAA Coaches Poll

    It can't be any rougher than last year! I think this will be a fun season. The fans will get to see lots of action from players who are the future of Nebraska WBB for years to come.
  8. If Romeo stayed, Doyle would have kept her commitment. Dang!
  9. The trainer Miss TuttleSent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk None of the players? Somehow the names of players complaining seem to have been 'lost in translation.' What difference does it make?
  10. Omahusker

    New Coach Thread

    Speaking of incoming recruits.... Some of you will be starting as Freshmen next season. I hope all 5 are still On board
  11. Omahusker

    New Coach Thread

    Well first of all he let a handful of kids run a great coach out the door over allegations of abuse and bullying. Bullying, really?! I would love to hear from Hooper, Cady, even Griffin about how mean ol Connie "bullied" them. She is tough minded and some- not all- girls could handle it. Today's athletes feel very entitled. Well they got what they wanted, hope they're happy. We'll miss you Coach
  12. Omahusker

    New Coach Thread

    I'm sorry but some of you are dreaming. Jeff Walz has been to two National Championships at Louisville and has a strong class coming in. The Cardinals' 2016 class currently is sixth in the espnW HoopGurlz rankings, the sixth top-10 class under head coach Jeff Walz. No way he would come here to clean up the mess that Eichorst just created! This is just the beginning, I can tell you that this was a huge mistake and I'm embarrassed by the firing today
  13. Keep rebounding and make Rutgers take outside shots. Lets do this!
  14. Omahusker

    WBB: Game #24 @ Minnesota

    Minnesota is scoring every single trip down the floor. Hard to watch down by 40