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  1. When Roby plays like this, we are much more dangerous I love it. Depth is an issue, but PSU only had 2 bench points to our 1 so it didn’t hurt us. Feels good to get the win, keep it rolling
  2. Omahusker

    Scouting Iowa

    Keep in mind Blackburn, Washington and Bria are still on scholarship even though aren’t playing they are counting towards that #. After they’re gone that will open 3 spots
  3. Omahusker

    Scouting Maryland

    Junior F Stephanie Jones 13pt & 6 rb per game. Good inside game
  4. That’s how I see it, our lack of depth has been a factor against MN and MD too, getting tired and giving up 2nd half leads.
  5. Omahusker

    Scouting Michigan

    Leads the team in assists, second in steals, second in 3pt fg made. Watch coach’s interview, she was very happy with Whitish defense last night. Her scoring is down, but the team has more scorers this year and she is playing the role of distributor and quarterbacking the offense.
  6. Omahusker

    Nebraska vs Arizona State Game Thread

    Agree that the bigs need to clean up the glass better. But to be a successful rebounding team we also need our guards to rebound. When we played Maryland in multiple games they had guards with double digit rebounding efforts. Need all 5 girls committed to it, not just the 2 bigs.
  7. Omahusker

    Rick Pitino?

    I'll take Fred Hoiberg
  8. Omahusker

    Most disappointing loss...

    Marcus Fizer
  9. Omahusker

    WBB: Exhibition vs Southern Baptist

    The pace of play was very slow. That stood out the most to me other than the turnovers. Just 2 fast break points
  10. Omahusker

    news from rutgers...

    It sounds likes she got kicked off the team for disciplinary but I could be wrong
  11. Omahusker

    NEW NCAA Coaches Poll

  12. Omahusker

    NEW NCAA Coaches Poll

    It can't be any rougher than last year! I think this will be a fun season. The fans will get to see lots of action from players who are the future of Nebraska WBB for years to come.
  13. Omahusker

    Kathleen Doyle was at one time all "N"

    If Romeo stayed, Doyle would have kept her commitment. Dang!