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  2. RT @BarstoolBigCat: This has gotten weird https://t.co/p5kPYftcJO

  3. RT @FriedBasballATL: I really haven't seen that since Venters in his prime. Shouldn't be possible for something traveling 95mph to move lik…

  4. @ForePlayPod @Nlash21 team rattlesnake @levi

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  7. @JSchue4 Have you seen Acuña Jr. play yet?

  8. RT @Adam_Jacobi: Did I ever tell you guys about the time I tried to hang out with the host of Mexican Family Feud? https://t.co/AV7Nta6Yid

  9. RT @AmericanIdol: So far, every performance from @MichaelJWoodard has surprised the judges. Are we in store for another? #AmericanIdol http…

  10. RT @NdamukongSuh: #GBR https://t.co/mZYIuyn7e5

  11. @huskerdrews Our refrigerators are full size because we booze so much

  12. RT @stoolpresidente: Monster Hits Inc. https://t.co/InWcYHfSTl

  13. RT @Jason_cOchart: My college coach played with Vladimir Guerrero and he told me an incredible story. He got scolded by a coach for throw…

  14. @BrettTobin @bkooima3 @jschu4nu Sorry