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  1. I might be reading too much into it, but I think it was intentional that Keitas 18 ft jumpers were mentioned in recent articles. They are hoping he can stretch that range to the arc so they can run thier normal offense with him & walker on the court. That way you can defend against an old school 2 big lineup and still play your offense. I think Breidenbach would still be primary 4, but if you could get away with 5-10 minutes with DW & BK, you can basically go 3 man rotation at the 4-5.
  2. I have 3 teenagers, and they prefer adidas & under armour over Nike. But they are girls, so maybe it's a gender thing & the boys still go nike?
  3. This and he has laid off the fadeaway floaters when he can't get all the way to the rim on drives.
  4. They were clearly trying to "take control" after the mcgowens flagrant, and did so by blowing the whistle constantly and then pointing at someone in red.
  5. They didn't count this year, but i believe they will next year
  6. Their official class designation skews this younger than it actually is due to the free covid year, in any other time, this would be 6 upperclassmen (super senior, senior, & 4 juniors) + 3 redshirt freshman who have been in the program(mcpherson, oleg & dawson) for a year (or semester for Dawson) Not saying that it makes the lineup any better, but this group will have a combined 18 ¹/² years in a college program for next season
  7. acceptable responses to thread title; 1. I am employed by Fred and want to keep my job. 2. Have suffered some sort of traumatic brain injury, think its still 2014 and live in Ames.
  8. Yes, it wasnt 1&1 yet, but that was a shooting foul, or at least should have been
  9. They were burning the first 15-20 seconds of shot clock on almost every non break possession. And still scored 90
  10. Shouldn't we have gotten shooting foul free throws and tech free throws on that play?
  11. There would've been a lot of dead air if they were only going to put on calls with a positive spin.
  12. Keita started playing a couple weeks ago. Had missed the start of the season, not sure if injury or something else.
  13. 2 drives by Mayan ended with buckets, which I believe brings the total buckets on mayan drives to 3 this season
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