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  1. I agree that this is probably our most talented group, but it is just so small. We already get killed on the glass, playing this small heavy minutes would just exacerbate that.
  2. The 4 has been a big problem so far. Lat has been the king of playing long stretches while contributing nothing. Breidenbach has flashes, but is a foul machine. Edwards has been the 3 I guess when he's started the last couple games, but his production has been non existent. Seems when we go small wilcher is obatensively the 4 and been ok, but that won't fly much in the big 10 with the size we will be facing.
  3. Something going on with McPherson? Didn't get in for mop up time.
  4. Hoiberg says Edwards getting the start tomorrow. Suprising choice considering he has been the 4th or 5th guy off the bench so far this year.
  5. Our defense was somewhat suspect before Trey went down. After, its going to be a real issue. Who is going to be taking the toughest d assignment now? Going to be a big issue.
  6. Teddy at least had a jump shot. Well kind of a jump shot/set shot hybrid, but he could make it at a decent clip
  7. 6 assists. Out boarded by 20. Very hard to win a game with those 2 numbers. So selfish, so little effort on the glass.
  8. So.... Webster Mcgowens x 2 Verge Mayan Walker Lakes Seems about right
  9. Lat also had this role a lot in the 1st half if the season playing a decent amount at the 5 during Walker's suspension, I wonder what his rebound rates look like for his minutes at the 4.
  10. My expectation is we don't play on Wednesday in the B1G tourney.
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