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    23-24 WBB Roster

    The last couple of games last year she did play some 3 position at times. I have always thought with her frame she was more suited for playing there. As a freshman due to low numbers at the 4 she played there initially and got stuck there. At the very limited times coach ran a full court press Coley was usually in the game. I would hope that we can press a lot more this season.
  2. HUD

    23-24 WBB Roster

    With Stewart probably backing up Markowski at center at least until Mendelson comes back we will have the two freshmen Petrie and Potts playing the power forward that Bourne has played. We need to be careful in the evaluation of how they compare as they are freshmen and Bourne was a senior. When Bourne was a freshmen she averaged 6 pts and 4 rebounds a game as a non starter playing 17 minutes per game. Over time we will be fine.
  3. HUD

    23-24 WBB Roster

    I believe that who starts at the beginning of the season will be different than who does at tournament time (not including injuries. The Greece trip will really help chemistry both on and off the court.
  4. HUD

    23-24 WBB Roster

    Here is something else to think about. At present coach has a pretty good distribution between the five classes. But if Stewart and Krull stay on the team for their covid year (2024) then at the end of that season we will lose 6 players.
  5. HUD

    23-24 WBB Roster

    The men need more players because of the need to be able to scrimmage so they carry numerous walk-ons. The women have a team of mens players to be able to scrimmage against. It is a lot harder to get female players to walk on than mens players to walk on.
  6. HUD

    23-24 WBB Roster

    I think where we are is fine. One player (Allison) recuperating. Last year we had 3 injured starting the season. I agree with Huskerpapa that chemistry is extremely important. And we have it. We were the only Big Ten WBB team to not have someone enter the portal this year. Everyone knows they have a shot at more playing time. Let the competition begin. Also men get 3 less scholarships then the women.
  7. Next seasons roster is now on Huskers.com. 13 players. 2 graduate students, 2 seniors, 4 juniors, 2 sophomores and 3 freshmen.
  8. Nice article on Allison today In Lincoln Journal Star. I cancelled my subscription so can't get it to put on here.
  9. Yes I too hate this dry period of news. Same old story. Why haven't we updated our roster as reflected on huskers.com. Still have the two no shows listed. We know who is coming back and who isn't including new players and coaches. Someone may say its too early. Well Iowa WBB has their new roster for 23-24 shown on their women website. I would like to be ahead of them once in something. Also noted Iowa was second in attendance in the country last season averaging over 11,000.
  10. I also think this team has an unfulfilled hunger from the past two seasons.
  11. Here is why I am optimist about next season. 6 positives and one negative since our close loss to Kansas in our last game. 3 new talented freshman. 1 very experienced portal addition. Allison W. back. 1 new highly energetic assistant coach. For the negative we lose Issie.
  12. I don't think Illinois will finish ahead of us.
  13. If you look at the interview that Jessica Coody did with new assistant WBB coach Julian Assibey last Thursday evening on Sports nightly you will learn a lot more about him. Well spoken, knowledgeable and extremely glad to be here. It is very well done and is about 18 minutes long. It's on the last segment.
  14. We have the best three point shooter since Taylor Kissinger coming this summer. I am talking about freshman Logan Nissley. She shot in the mid 40's.
  15. Probably figured she couldn't beat out Alexis and didn't want to fight for playing time coming off the bench.
  16. Me too. But it's hard to wait so long to hear things. WVB and WBB are the only sports I follow closely. Probably doesn't help to complain.
  17. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by our new Australian. As for news, Amy never did have any kind of wrap up discussion on our exit from the WNIT, progress on Allison W., status on our two no shows and what she sees going forward with this team.
  18. Now if we could just hear more from our WBB coach. Over due on either a press conference or segment on sports nightly. Some thing where questions can be asked. In my mind it would be nice at least for the fan base. She has been very appreciative of us. Just throw us some red meat.
  19. Last year on one of the posts on this sight somebody had a picture of Jackson going for a block and her armpits were above the top of the net. She is very quick and can just hang in the air surveying where she wants to place the ball with her long arms. I don't think I have ever seen anything like it. Cook was asked if she can reach 11 feet vertically and he said no but not far off. Her and Maggie will have a real battle for the starting Middle blocker to go along with Allick.
  20. During the NU exhibition VB game yesterday against Wichita St. John Cook wore a mike during the second set and talked to the announcers about a variety of things. One of the questions one announcer asked him was how was Maggie readjusting to VB after playing WBB. He said she is doing great and that playing basketball has really helped her in volleyball. He says many of his great players in the past like Jordan Larson played both sports in High School. He said the transition from BB to VB is easier then vice versa. He said she came in great condition from all the running in BB so he is having his volleyball players do more running. By the way the VB game was fun to watch. He is building a great team. All five new freshmen play at a high level. They will be taking a 2 week trip to Brazil and play some top teams there. This all happens before the fall practice season starts. WVB portal reopens tomorrow for two weeks.
  21. I thought the cutoff was May 11th.
  22. Really. That would cut the attendance in half.
  23. I think volleyball has been her ultimate goal. But as she said at the conclusion of women's BB she really liked the physical play. As long as the two sports continue to compliment each other I see her sticking it out in both sports.
  24. That's good as we only want players that fit our and the teams culture. No kneelers allowed.
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