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  1. Scoggins shouldn't dribble the ball.
  2. I'm pretty sure as hard as both our coaching staffs recruited her they both feel they can make it work. It's great the two coaches get along so well and share ideas and talent. As for some of the comments about the NC Central game just being another scrimmage there are a lot of upsets happening in these "scrimmage games". Last year we were begging for depth with the injuries and smaller roster. I'm sure coach plays the ones she feels have earned it and will give us a best chance to win. Before the season started we were praying for a great point guard that could pass the ball. We now have at least 2. Just look at the stats for the season or just the last game. Between Shelly and Weidner in a total of 38 minutes played between them they had in total 22 pts, 18 reb, 18 assists, 1 t/o, and 3 blocked shots. I don't care if we were playing "the sisters of the poor" for two new players one a transfer and the other a freshman that is outstanding.
  3. It looked to me like Mich WBB has been not quite as dominant as expected. After checking out their website I see that both Amy Dilk (knee) and Leigha Brown (ankle) have not been playing for the past couple of games. Neither is expected to be season ending injuries but as in our experience last year sometimes it can take awhile.
  4. Everybody can promise but few coaches can deliver on those promises. I like our coaches. But who knows in this day and age.
  5. She was at the game on the bench.
  6. I have used BTN plus for several years with no problem. I use it through my computer and plug into TV. But I did have problems with it locking up for a big part of the Alabama A&M game.
  7. I'm impressed with all four freshmen. They are so far meeting or exceeding my expectations of a top 20 class. Especially on defense and playing fast but under control. Lot's of hustle and confidence.
  8. It's pretty obvious to me that we have a good increase in speed this year. That helps in a lot of areas.
  9. We finally have the guards and depth to play much better defense on their perimeter shooters. Thats the key to us winning hopefully by a sizable margin.
  10. When she started off really slow yesterday in her shooting she turned her attention to other areas such as defense, rebounding and overall hustle which really sparked the team. That is the sign of a great team player. In almost every interview she says how much she loves playing with this team and it shows.
  11. My thoughts are so far so good. The 5 things that get me excited are vastly improved passing, true point guards that can get the ball down the court efficiently, improved rebounding, good outside defense and a lot of depth. May not be world beaters but we are vastly improved. Now we just need to stick it to Creighton.
  12. In theory this should be a tougher game due to their athleticism then our first two. We may have thought Maine was a lot easier then Matt C. said but yesterday Maine did lose an overtime game at home to Providence who last year beat Creighton. Providence won by 5 after rallying to put the game in OT after being down by 16 points. Today will be interesting to see if we can reduce turnovers a bit.
  13. Hopefully Maggie Mendelson will feel like she wants to be part of this group as well as NU Volleyball.
  14. I have been to all 3 games and have never enjoyed watching WBB as much. Yes we overmatched our opponents so far but what brings me out of my seat over and over is watching the hustle and execution of these girls. For example Alexis Markowski running full bore down the floor numerous times and Allison Weidner grabbing a rebound and bringing the ball down the floor in traffic hitting her with a perfect pass for a bucket or free throws. This is just one example of having guards that really know how and when to pass the ball or shoot it themselves. Very unselfish team.
  15. Sunday will be a step up in competition and then Wed against Creighton will be another step up. With all the young players I like how the schedule is unfolding. Hard to tell the newbies from the veterans. Only thing disappointing to me is the size of the crowd. Besides watching a good and unselfish team Pinnacle Area is a great facility and easy to get to. Big improvement from Devaney.
  16. Texas fans have been tweeting how well she would fit into their VB & WBB teams. Will be interesting where she ends up.
  17. I sure hope we see an increase in fan support this year. I was at the game and coach Williams was right. They are a lot of fun to watch with everyone contributing and we are young. Even though the competition will continue to get better so will we. My main reason for saying so is they really really like playing together which is quite evident. They actually get more excited to see a teammate make a great play then when then do.
  18. So the 1600 middle school attendees from across the state could get home at a decent hour. I was at the game and they were having a great time.
  19. If you buy a yearly subscription its $80.
  20. I have season tickets but also have BTN+. $80 per year for NU games only. I love the flexibility. Already watched the two men's exhibition games on BTN+.
  21. If you can't win against some of the better big ten teams you probably shouldn't be in the big dance.
  22. I thought Micole Cayton played a good game as well. Great hustle out front on defense and made some nice passes. Looked completely healthy.
  23. Preseason is one thing. How things end up can be totally different. For NU a chip on their shoulders can be a motivation.
  24. One of the keys to having success with the 3 point shot is getting the ball to the shooters at the right time. That's where improved passing as previously mentioned could really help our offense. Drive in and then pass back out.
  25. The nice thing about Annika is she is a post, hard to defend and according to coach has a great range. Remember she was a freshman when hitting that great percentage.
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