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  1. HUD

    2019 Recruits

    Good analysis redsteve. She is usually cautious in giving out that kind of info so she must have something up her sleeve. I like it.
  2. HUD

    Who will win the Big Ten

    Nebraska will win one of the two titles. Either the regular season or the tournament. Staying healthy is the key.
  3. Absolutely nothing does more for me then beating Iowa. Especially the pounding we gave them last year at their place in front of a huge home crowd. GBR
  4. Last year before the season started in November I threw out the post called how much will our defense improve? Basically the year before as noted in that post we were weak inside on defense. Well for many reasons that have been discussed previously we really improved in that area. This year with more depth and conditioning we should be able to press teams a lot harder. The question now is what improvements do you see for this year's offense with the addition of 5 new players. I'll start it off with a big improvement in team 3 point and free throw shooting.
  5. HUD

    2018-2019 Roster

    I certainly did. I think she is one tough girl and will prove it this coming season. She was also the first to commit from this class at a time before last season began. She will really push for playing time.
  6. HUD

    Isabelle Bourne 2019

    All three of the players that are still on scholarship but not playing have redshirted a year so in actuality Bria and Rachel are academically seniors this year and Darrien is in her 5th year. All will probably graduate this year.
  7. HUD

    2018-2019 Roster

    With 2 true point guards in Kristian and Sam we may get to see Hannah a little more at the 2 position which is a natural for her as a shooting guard. I also see Leigha backing up Taylor at the wing.
  8. HUD

    2018-2019 Roster

    I think it will be a combination of Mershon and Veerbeek. Both are physical players and excellent rebounders. I would really like to see Mershon develop into Kate's primary back up as that would give more time for Veerbeek to concentrate on the Power forward position. I saw Mershon play in person and she is an excellent passer as well. She is physically a little bigger then Veerbeek. It all depends on how fast they pick up the college game.
  9. HUD

    2018-2019 Roster

    I for one really like this team. Coach has covered all the bases in recruiting and the team will have 2 good senior leaders. We have the potential to have a better record then last years even with a tougher non conference schedule. We are starting with everyone healthy and need to keep it that way to become a top 20 team.
  10. HUD

    2018-2019 Roster

    Academics was mentioned along with injuries as the reason some were looking at leaving. Go back and rewatch the video of the team get together as the news was announced as to who was getting into the big dance. All were very excited except for two players. Darian was some what enthused but Bria just sat there looking totally disinterested. Maybe she was sick.
  11. HUD

    2018-2019 Roster

    I don't worry so much about the total scholarship numbers going forward unless we would be at 10 or less. What enthuses me is Coach Williams has obviously a good plan on rebuilding the program and is ahead of schedule in my mind. I'm excited about the classes she is putting together and really like what she has going for 2019. Isabelle Bourne. What a name and what an athlete.
  12. HUD

    2018-2019 Roster

    The complete roster is now shown on Huskers.com WBB with 13 players.
  13. HUD

    2018-2019 Roster

    That's what they did last year as well. Just the new recruits shown for about a week and then the full roster for this fall.
  14. NEBRASKA Home: Indiana, Michigan State, Minnesota, RutgersAway: Illinois, Ohio State, Penn State, WisconsinHome/Away: Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Northwestern, Purdue
  15. HUD

    2018-2019 Roster

    That's where Kate's length and height comes in to help patrol the middle. Can't wait to see how much she improves this year.
  16. HUD

    2018-2019 Roster

    Amy seems to recruit length as a big plus as well. I like it. Provides some potential mismatches for opponents trying to defense us.
  17. I can see us possibly picking up one more player for this year. That would leave 4 open scholarships for 2019 with Maddie graduating. That's assuming Darrien is not going to stick around. We have one commit already and I could see one or two more being recruited. I just don't see us having a full 15 player roster. 12 or 13 seems to work.
  18. HUD


    With a couple weeks remaining in the academic semester, Williams said she doesn’t expect any players to transfer to other schools. A few are examining their options from a “health or academics” perspective, though, including forward Rachel Blackburn, who continues to battle chronic knee pain. Blackburn averaged 1.5 points and 1.9 rebounds last season in 29 games off the bench. This was Amy's latest thoughts on players that may leave. It is on the Media post on April 18th where she said Bill Moos and her were on the same wavelength. First time I heard the "academics" used.
  19. HUD

    The Media Thread

    Excuse me all to hell. Just trying to share.
  20. HUD

    The Media Thread

    http://www.omaha.com/huskers/plus/nebraska-women-s-basketball-coach-amy-williams-a-d-bill/article_32197005-32e5-5dcb-973f-741dc730ff2b.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=email&utm_campaign=user-share LINCOLN — Nebraska women’s basketball coach Amy Williams and Athletic Director Bill Moos are in sync on the program’s future, Williams said in a recent interview. Williams met with Moos April 9 for a sitdown following the Huskers’ surprising turnaround season that resulted in a NCAA tournament bid. An extension on Williams’ contract — which currently runs through the 2022 season — and extensions on her assistants’ contracts (which run through 2019) should come at a later date. “We’re completely on the same page with the way things should work and the way things are working,” Williams said last week. “He’s genuinely as excited as we are about the direction of our program. All of those things make me feel awesome.” After a 7-22 season in Williams’ first year, the Huskers finished 21-11 overall and 11-5 in the Big Ten. Nebraska swept rival Iowa. Williams won Big Ten coach of the year as the team earned a No. 10 seed in the NCAA tournament. The 73-62 loss to Arizona State — in which Nebraska was badly outrebounded — still stings Williams and the team. “They got a taste of the NCAA tournament, but they’re not satisfied with that,” Williams said. “It created more of a hunger. That was a fun ride, and we enjoyed being there, but now that we got a taste of that, we want more. It’s incredible how that works. We feel like we could have put a better performance together in that game.” With a couple weeks remaining in the academic semester, Williams said she doesn’t expect any players to transfer to other schools. A few are examining their options from a “health or academics” perspective, though, including forward Rachel Blackburn, who continues to battle chronic knee pain. Blackburn averaged 1.5 points and 1.9 rebounds last season in 29 games off the bench. “There’s just some question marks in the evaluation there that her family will go through,” Williams said. “We’re just going to support her no matter what.” Notes » Nebraska would consider adding another signee to the 2018 class if it finds “the right fit,” Williams said. NU is thin in the post, especially if Blackburn chooses to retire. » Women’s basketball coaches have one more evaluation period this weekend. NU will also host a 2019 prospect, so Williams plans to split her staff to accommodate both tasks. The next evaluation periods aren’t until July 6-12 and July 23-29, after which teams usually schedule official visits during football games in preparation for the fall signing period. » Incoming freshmen Leigha Brown, Sam Haiby, Kayla Mershon and Ashtyn Vanderbeek are set to arrive the first weekend in June in time for summer classes.
  21. HUD

    Season ending Banquet

    The ten remaining players will all be able to contribute and would probably be enough players but only if we stay healthy. When was the last time that happened. We probably need another guard with experience even if only for one year.
  22. HUD

    Season ending Banquet

    So I take it that here will be some announcements made in the near future.
  23. HUD

    Leigha Brown is 'N'

    Can't wait to have her here hopefully at the beginning of summer. With 3 guards graduating there are lots of opportunities there.
  24. Allie and Esther seemed to be very close friends. Could have been some influence from one to another there.
  25. I also think she was spoiled a bit and needed to do some growing up which had to happen if she was going to play at ND. It obviously did happen. And yes ND owes coach Williams a big one.