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  1. All good thoughts. Three more. If her Mom stays coaching a lot easier to follow your daughter and your old team. Our facilities are second to none especially with the new athletic complex coming in a year. The new coach Jessica Keller will be an improvement in many ways.
  2. HUD


    I think once we got Natalie Potts that closed the door on recruiting for the 2023 class. We will have one open scholarship with Haiby using up her eligibility. Good to keep one for a rainy day.
  3. What's nice is this class consisting of Natalie Potts and Logan Nissley come on the heals of the 2022 recruits consisting of Maggie Mendelson and Callin Hake and the 2021 class of Alexis Markowski, Allison Weidner and Kendall Moriarty. These are the best or near best players from Missouri, North Dakota, Utah, Minnesota, Nebraska and Indiana. Add in two great transfers in Jaz Shelly last season and Maddie Krull this season. We are definitely looking at another step up this season hopefully getting to a top 16 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Plus we have a new assistant coach in Jessica Keller who will fill several roles and will fit in nicely as well. It should be noted that her previous Illinois St. team was the first to offer our latest recruit Natalie Potts. Now we just need to get Britt Prince for the 2024 class. GBR
  4. You may have noticed but the NU women's sports teams captured "freshman of the year" in the big ten in volleyball, basketball, softball and outdoor track. All fun to watch.
  5. Pretty clear after reading the LJS article what her coaching duties are and the other two assistants as well.
  6. One thing to remember about Maggie M. is that she is extremely smart for example graduating in 3 years from High School with a high GPA. If it doesn't work out to play 2 sports in college so be it. Not to try and then wonder if she could have done it the rest of her life is not good either. We all need to support her in this endeavor as we do all our athletes in their chosen sport.
  7. Just my prediction but I will admit I am somewhat of an optimistic person. Just have great faith in Cook and Williams.
  8. To all you doubting Thomas's. Maggie M. will end up being a big contributor to our WBB program. After the season is done we will all be glad that she played BB as well as VB.
  9. I think she will prove to be a good addition.
  10. Every time a player leaves or is not retained the reasons vary from individual to individual. Some players are very vocal on what happened and others are not. We have been conditioned from the past that most players stick with the same team until their eligibility is used up. I believe that sadly those days are gone forever. I believe that our coach handles these things correctly. She sees everything in a lot more detail then we as impatient fans do. As previously noted I like where our program is presently at and where it's headed.
  11. At least she won't be playing for them.
  12. We got a poorer seed then we deserved. 7 Big 10 teams in the NCAA tournament and only Minnesota had a worse seed in their bracket then we did against 7th seed Okie St. You can say our schedule wasn't tough enough but we were playing our best at the end. This is just typical of no respect NU gets. Look at VB,WBB this year. I supposed they would say it's all about keeping us closer to home.
  13. My pet peeve over many many years is that women's sports just don't get near the coverage that men's sports do. That's nationwide. For example a football "walkon" enters the portal. Front sports page news. Who cares. I don't expect the women will ever get equal treatment but an improvement would be nice.
  14. Sam Mc. did say when we signed Maddie Krull that he thought we would more than likely get a 4/5 out of the portal before next season. I like how Amy is moving in a well thought out roster upgrade. We now have 2 open scholarships one for a portal pickup this year and one for another 2023 recruit to go along with Logan Nissley.
  15. T. Popa is no longer listed on the Husker WBB roster.
  16. Assuming everybody stays until their eligibility is used up we would only lose Sam H. after next season. We have Logan Nissley coming in so maybe coach will want to save one scholarship for another 2023 recruit.
  17. I'm sure that if coach Williams feels we still have a need for bench help at forward she would go after someone. She knows what to expect out of A. Stewart and K. Coley and Mendelson has a big upside. The one sleeper we haven't seen is T. Popa. I have to believe that if she hasn't improved to where she could help she would have been in the portal as well. Hopefully will hear more when summer practice starts soon. I sure hope we can finally have enough of the right kind of players to add a good full court press. Next step up the ladder here we come!
  18. She is on a WBB scholarship. I'm still thinking she plays BB during the summer until regular fall VB practice starts and then switches over until VB is done. What I don't know on scholarships is if Ashley S. still counts against us until she officially transfers.
  19. My question is do we have an open scholarship still available. Hopefully we do.
  20. New roster is on Huskers.com. 14 players. No coach Love. Alexis M. is now listed as 6'2".
  21. Whalen seems to need some help coaching maybe Micole can help in that area.
  22. Not near good enough ball handler to play for Creighton.
  23. Probably best suited for a mid major.
  24. HUD

    Maddie Krull

    Me too. Six months till tip off.
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