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  1. In my opinion Notre Dame and Kentucky would be much better gets than Kansas and Iowa St.
  2. I was talking to someone about Moos leaving suddenly like this and he said Bill was in short timer mode. Didn't work too hard anymore. It was decided that the university didn't want to pay a person in retirement mode another fiscal year which is why the June 30th date. Fiscal starts July 1.
  3. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/football/sources-bill-moos-out-at-nebraska-ad/article_eea6d323-cc05-5901-929a-fd43705b53ab.html? That is out of nowhere.
  4. This is great news. Miles just keeps impressing. Can't wait to see this team this year and the years to come. GBR
  5. Finding a motivation tool is great whatever it is. Hope this drives improvement in all of the guys. GBR Looking forward to see what they bring next year. Its going to be a good one.
  6. http://board.huskerhoopscentral.com/topic/2857-how-to-post-tweets/ Move to the recruiting forum Thank you
  7. Deng Deng is visiting and according to BR Jordan Cornish may as well. What are our chances of landing both? I like what I see and think these two could really make this class great.
  8. Why are we #68 on that list. Last really?
  9. I did not understand why the huskers didn't send someone long. Come towards the passer then break for the basket. Throw a long pass over the top. Wouldn't that loosen up the press?
  10. I think they had Nic Stauskas as POY but had Terran as unanimous First team All B1G
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