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    pmd9 reacted to Norm Peterson in Holy crap, Fred Hoiberg's kids can really swing the sticks.   
    Congratulations to Pius X Boys' Golf for the Class A-3 District Golf Championship at Holmes Golf Course.
    Charlie Hoiberg shot a 4-under 68 to place 1st. Jason Kolbas shot a 3-under 69 to tie for 2nd. Kody Sander carded a 2-under 70 to tie for4th. And Sam Hoiberg finished way back in 6th place at 1 over. School record score of 280.
    That's some damn good high school golf, fellas.
    For a high school team in this state? That's unreal.
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    pmd9 reacted to Swan88 in Would you play for Coach Hoiberg's Huskers?   
    I would play for Coach Hoiberg & Co. any day, every day and always (if I were a skilled basketball player and a few years younger and with eligibility remaining, of course).
    They run a first class team.  They have exceptional experience and are high character guys.  They've been through the fire and come out strong.
    They run a meritocracy in which the best get to play and reasonable discipline is maintained. 
    Yeah . . . I'll take that leadership--100%--over any alternative. 
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    pmd9 reacted to Swan88 in uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 13; ed 23 - vs. Minnesota   
    No one was “to be fair” to us when we had no Walker for much of the season.  And no one was “to be fair” to us when our players had to sit out for a month mid-season.  And no one is “to be fair” to us when our players struggle with post-Civid fatigue.  And no one is “to be fair” to us when we play a game every other day (with a back-to-back slipped in there just for the heck-of-it).
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    pmd9 reacted to 49r in Next seasons players   
    I will never understand this type of thinking.  There are few people anywhere as invested in the fortunes of the Husker hoops program as Thor.  We need more guys on the team like him, not less, IMO.
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    pmd9 reacted to Red Don in Kevin Cross is leaving   
    'Ay Benzo'  Benny Parker?
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    pmd9 reacted to small town fan in Veerbeek and Marshon are gone   
    We have always supported Leigha, what ever decision she has chosen for her future.  I can’t say we got in her head as we had different opinions , that we kept to ourselves. We are thankful for the fans cheering her on when we couldn’t be there.  Nebraska will be a part of her story we will always keep with us and we are grateful for the opportunity! 
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    pmd9 got a reaction from khoock in Roster Attrition   
    Arop just did a promotional video a few days ago with some other Husker athletes from other teams...
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    pmd9 reacted to dustystehl in Fast forward a year   
    My guy Kevin Cross had a great game tonight! I sure hope he comes back. He certainly played like he wants to be here.
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    pmd9 reacted to khoock in Hoiberg taken to hospital ☹️   
    I am one of the few 24 year olds i know who doesn't have Twitter, fb, instagram, etc.
    Found myself wasting WAY TOO MUCH time on social media and, as you mentioned, it can be very toxic on there.
    I use snapchat and this board (yes you should feel special 😂) thats it. Other than that I talk to and see my family and friends regularly.
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    pmd9 reacted to Nebrasketball1979 in HHCC Game #32 - neut. Indiana (Mar. 11, 8:15 PM CDT)   
    Banks pancakes three Indiana starters before being ejected,which leads to an improbable run
    NU - 72
    IU - 70
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    pmd9 reacted to Red Don in HHCC Game #32 - neut. Indiana (Mar. 11, 8:15 PM CDT)   
    Oh What the Heck!   We are Due!
    Nebraska    -  79  (in OT)
    Indiana       -   76
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    pmd9 reacted to LK1 in Cam Mack suspended again...   
    Unless there is some god awful thing Cam did, a fender bender and being late to some team functions isn't enough for me not to want him here next year.  
    There is absolutely no risk with having him return to a roster full of talent and a 6'8" PG who would be more than happy to run the show.
    I haven't seen any wavering whatsoever with Fred and his team rules.  If he decides Cam's behavior is too egregious to be corrected, I trust him, but from the outside looking in, I just see a rascal that needs to get his act together, not some criminal or deviant.  He's not the first goofball to attend college.  
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    pmd9 reacted to Vinny in HHCC Game #31 - at Minnesota (Mar. 8, 12:00 PM CDT)   
    Nebraska 73
    Minnesota 68
    This is the only game I get to go to this year and my prediction is all hope with no basis in reality.
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    pmd9 reacted to basketballjones in HHCC Game #31 - at Minnesota (Mar. 8, 12:00 PM CDT)   
    NU 95
    MU 55
    im going out with a bang 
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    pmd9 reacted to tcp in Cam Mack suspended again...   
    It's not really a "defense" of Mack, but as a notorious late-bloomer myself, sometimes it takes a little longer for the right switches to flip into the "on" position for some folks. Cam's still pretty young, so there's time for him to turn things around. JUCO guys, no matter how good they are at that level, are rarely high end Div 1 players in the longer run. And the adjustment has to be brutal for guys with expectations like Cam had. 
    Hopefully he gets some maturing done in the offseason as well as re-calibrating his sense of place in things. I always hope our players have a good experience playing in Husker red. 
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    pmd9 got a reaction from Red Don in HHCC Game #28 - vs. Ohio State (Feb. 27, 8:00 PM CST)   
    Huskers 75
    osu  66
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    pmd9 got a reaction from Red Don in HHCC Game #27 - at Illinois (Feb. 24, 7:00 PM CST)   
    Huskers  75
    Illini  66
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    pmd9 reacted to basketballjones in Chill Out   

    I tried. I tried to tell you. I said temper your expectations. I told people in person this was going to be a bad team. I received death threats, my children were banished from their school, bricks were thrown through my windows, I lost my job, and someone killed my dog. MY DOG!

    .....Ok none of that happened.... but I did receive some annoying messages, tweets, social media messages, texts, etc... And I was laughed at in person by my buddies who I told my initial thoughts on this season. "It's Fred friction Hoiberg bro!!!" "Cam Mack is the #1 Juco kid in the nation!" "Jervay Green averaged 20+!" "Kavas is a 1000 point scorer!" "Cheatham was a 4-star!" "You're an idiot and your wife thinks you're an ineffective man!" etc... etc... etc....

    Anyways, chill out. I saw from the first time I watched this team scrimmage that there were going to be some serious issues with this team, especially during B1G play. Too skinny. Short. In-experienced. A couple of the players were not as billed. 2 of the 3 best players were sitting on the bench redshirting along with the most effective big (who's also the biggest). 

    But again, chill out. I have seen more this year to be excited about from a coaching stand point than I can ever remember as a Nebrasketball fan. Do you guys realize what kind of accomplishment it is that Coach Hoiberg has even managed to be in some games that we've been in? His 5-out style puts dudes on ice-skates and forces your hand from a line-up perspective. Have I had some huge disagreements with our defensive philosophy at times? Absolutely. But they're not wrong in what they do, it's all sound reasoning, I just disagree. 

    If we're able to keep Coach Hoiberg around, and these guys (recruits included) all stay around - there's some special stuff brewing in Lincoln. The name, and the stigma it caries, on the front of our jersey will be the only thing stopping us from success.

    So, chill out - GREAT things are coming. Have some patience. 😎
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    pmd9 reacted to The Polish Rifle in 2020 G Donovan Williams   
    I know you’re just reporting what Washut said, but Williams was on campus taking pictures with Hoiberg 4 different times April - September. The timing with Teddy’s commit makes me believe Williams wanted to be top dog and priority one, and needed a reason to decommit  beyond “its looking like l won’t be top dog from day 1 like I’d hoped”. Seems highly unlikely that Hoiberg would reach out to Williams the day after he was hired saying he wanted him, visit him the day after he tore his ACL saying they still wanted him, have him on campus 4 times summer - fall, and be willing to use a valuable scholarship on him — all while ignoring him. 
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    pmd9 got a reaction from Red Don in HHCC Game #26 - vs. Michigan State (Feb. 20, 7:30 PM CST)   
    Huskers 76
    Sparty  71
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    pmd9 reacted to Red Don in HHCC Game #26 - vs. Michigan State (Feb. 20, 7:30 PM CST)   
    Nebraska           -  79
    Michigan State  - 75
    ( Pssst!!!! You Heard it First, Here! )
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    pmd9 reacted to colhusker in HHCC Game #25 - vs. Wisconsin (Feb. 15, 1:15 PM CST)   
    Bucky Badger 75 
    Nebraska 68
    Bonus question should have been how many times will Davison flop orr punch a Nebraska player in the man parts.
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    pmd9 reacted to Ron Mexico in Fred’s Pi**ed...   
    You know this about these players how? The old eye ball test? You can see today that neither of them will amount to much as college basketball players? They aren't the kind of players that can't help our program go? I strongly disagree.
    Akol is a true freshman scholarship player, who was the Nebraska Gatorade player of the year in  2019. The type of player we have been losing out on to our rivals the last few years.
    Charlie is a walk on, and who, like Akol was also an all state player. I also believe that he played on the same AAU team as Akol. 
    We can revisit this post in 3 years. I have a feeling that it won't age well.
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    pmd9 reacted to Noah121 in HHCC Game #24 - at Maryland (Feb. 11, 7:30 PM CST)   
    Place that misgendered me in rejection letter: 85
    Place where I earned my bachelor's degree: 63
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    pmd9 got a reaction from Red Don in HHCC Game #23 - at Iowa (Feb. 8, 5:00 PM CST)   
    Nebraska 76
    Iowa 71
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