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    James had a great game tonight. Led the Suns with 23 points! Had 4 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal!
  2. Robin didn’t have much info other than he heard the visits went as well as expected. “Great” visits and the staff “feels confident about their chances with each of them.”
  3. Robin Washut reported the visit went well. Dre still N!
  4. Robin is guessing: Bobby Lutz...with Chris Huey as possible DOBO
  5. My mistake...the visit is next weekend
  6. Green is taking an official visit to Lincoln this weekend...
  7. Glad to hear this. At the B1G tourney in NYC and DC, and it seemed like our cheerleaders were there to look pretty while other squads were there to get the fans to cheer. Even had a fan from some other team (can’t remember which one) say that to me.
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