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  1. Nebraska 66 Penn State 58 GBR!
  2. Nebraska 75 Northwestern 66 GBR!
  3. My husband is a referee and has been for over 30 years. He loves being around the kids. He tunes out most of the fans although he has occasionally kicked fans out of the gym. That usually stops the ridiculousness. He usually sticks up for refs saying they call what they see at the time. However, last night, for example, as soon as he saw who the refs were, he said 2 of them were known to be terrible. There is a big time shortage at the high school level in Nebraska and Iowa—maybe all over. I think there is a college class at UNL that teaches how to ref. My husband recently reffed with a couple of guys in their late 20s who had taken the class and he said they were really good refs. I always have teased my hubby that he loves it because I don’t yell at him enough. Ha!
  4. Huskers 71 Gophers 66 4 GBR!
  5. Nebraska 66 Purdue 61
  6. Nebraska 66 Maryland 58 GBR!
  7. Nebraska 71 Illinois. 63
  8. pmd9

    Final 11 Games

    Don’t assume you are the only chick on this message board. My whole family knows if they want info about Husker Hoops, ask Mom/Gramma....that would be me.
  9. Huskers 76 Badgers 66 GBR!
  10. Thank you, Jimmy! I have coaches in my family and have gone through the agony of firings. One relative was a H.S. football coach who was working with kickers on the field when a fight broke out in the locker room. He was fired without even being there. Hard on families. I’d like to see us continue to support Tim and the team. We all know the outcome if the results aren’t what Moos expects. I just hate every 6-7 years starting over, yet I understand the need for results. There is still time this season. I think the team needs to watch some previous games where they dominated—-they’ve forgotten how good they can be. All in their head. GBR
  11. Nebraska 76 Rutgers 66 GBR!
  12. Nebraska 71 Indians 66 GBR!
  13. Nebraska 79 Penn St 66 GBR!