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  1. My beloved Huskers 71 Those guys who are quite good this year aka Rutgers 66 GBR! (I always think we can win. That’s why they play the game.) 13
  2. Just heard that Samari is headed to Evansville...
  3. 1. Mid 60s....&. hubby in 70s. (Old, old man!!) 2. No one was hurt.....except the car....mechanical—steering/alignment 3. Efficiency apartments in the Hay Market are quite reasonable. (Now to convince my other half! Ha!) GBR!
  4. Hey, folks, I am ELATED that our Huskers won today! What a great victory! However, we had a fender bender on the way home from church this morning. We were going to the game anyway but then heard I-80 was closed from Gretna to Waverly (we live in Omaha) so we decided to stay home. I cried....still a bit shook up from the accident & then not getting to go to watch my team, it was too much for this old lady. But I cheered as if I had gone: Husker Power when Purdue was introduced, stood until the first basket, _______ for 3, etc. Next time there is a chance of snow on game day, I’m going down to Lincoln the night before! Missed the Purdue game last year because of the roads, too. Actually, I’m ready to move to the Hay Market! Ha! GBR!
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