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  1. Fair enough. I would suggest that there is a pretty big difference between 20% and the "1/3 to 1/2 statement" you made in your original post, but whatever. If there is a lot of blue there, it means that, for the most part, Nebraska fans sold their tickets since the arena is allegedly sold out to season ticket holders. I suspect that some of the blue would be friends or family of season ticket holders that the season ticket holders chose to bring as guests.
  2. Has there ever been a game in Lincoln where the crowd is 1/3 to 1/2 blue? I do not recall one.
  3. Probably getting limited minutes because of fouls. 4 fouls in 9 minutes last night (averaging a foul almost every two minutes on the floor)...hard to find him much more playing time under the circumstances.
  4. Times have changed; shooting threes in transition is common place now and most teams even practice this.
  5. Dayton has outstanding coaching. How they didn't lose him last off season is pretty miraculous.
  6. It is silly to say that a successful or unsuccessful noncon revolves around one opponent.
  7. Its tough to quantify good versus great - everyone will have their own feelings. To me, an all conference player, first or second team, qualifies as great rather than good.
  8. Foster was battling cramps all game which obviously impacted his shooting. He also seemed to settle for contested outside jumpers instead of going to the rim - credit for that goes to the big Wisconsin D that didn't allow many driving lanes. He also missed one dunk . No doubt that Mo stirs the drink, but Khyri Thomas played an incredible game. He looks so much more confident than last year. The two biggest difference sin this year's Creighton team versus the recent past: much more athleticism and they actually play pretty solid perimeter defense (Foster and Thomas are very good defenders). Rebounding will certainly need to improve though.
  9. When has Nebraska been short on scholarships?
  10. It doesn't count for RPI purposes and it doesn't count as a win by the selection committee criteria. Because it doesn't impact RPI, it may be better than playing your typical MEAC or SWAC team.
  11. I don't think that there were many significantly questioning whether Aguek was capable of playing at the power conference level; the issue was always more about the timing, shopping him behind his back, and denying the "shopping" when asked about it.
  12. Five minutes? Sheesh, I could see a whole lot more time than that! It seems to take at least five minutes every time they go to the replays....
  13. Experience is greatly overrated in college basketball, especially if the player is gifted. Experience allows you to build on skills, it allows you to better understand the nuances of the game, it allows you to build your body and it allows you to meld into the college experience. Many of the top flight players of today are graduates of AAU programs. They are used to being away from home for extended periods of time. They have had individual coaching and those coaches work on the players game and body. Where experience may help is with the one, two and possibly some three star kids. They may need to have the first two years of college to catch up, so to speak. We now have players that evolve from the former. In the past, many of our players were from the latter group. We are going to be better than fine this year. Expect the unexpected. Are you suggesting that past Nebraska players did not play for AAU programs? I find that hard to believe.
  14. so did we back off white or did dana talk him out of coming here? Timing is everything: Oregon's semester started much later than NU's. If you think the timing of start of the school year truly had anything to do with the decision making, I've got some land in Florida to sell to you.
  15. My question is outside of Bruce Chubbick Sr and certain media, are the people directly involved with this truly upset/angered at Miles for this or more just disappointed? Is Arop himself pissed off at Miles or is he more upset/disappointed with the circumstances? They're pissed. Really pissed. The Omaha AAU community is pissed, Chubick and HS coaches are pissed and the Sudanese community is really pissed. How often do you think Chauncy Billips goes on local talk shows? As Benning said yesterday (and his kid is in the AAU scene, so he would know), "Miles may never recover (in terms of recruiting) from the Omaha metro over this." Chubick, who obviously has long ties to the Nebraska program, said all "bridges have been burned" as far as he is concerned.
  16. Is there going to be a P5 offer though for 2017? More power to the kid but I'm not sure it happens. I'd agree, but I think it is fair to point out that Arop's chances of getting such an offer have been substantially lessened because Miles didn't cut him loose until after the AAU season was over.
  17. Was a scholarship going to be available for Arop in the fall of 2017? NO!!! That, by definition, means the scholarship offer had been pulled. Heck, who is to say that a scholarship would have even been available even if Arop finished a year of prep school? If the reason that this all went down is because the staff didn't think Arop was good enough, and that seems to be the prevailing theory, it seems likely that Arop wouldn't be good enough after a year of prep school either. As Chauncy Billips said on 1620, unlike other kids that go the prep school route, he wouldn't have been headed to prep school because he didn't have the required grades or because he was trying to get additional exposure (P5 scholarship offers).
  18. Because that is the way the system works for basketball. I realize that this is different from football in which many Nebraska fans are more informed. If you are a coach going to an AAU tourney, there are multiple games going on at once. You have to pick and choose which games you want to watch depending on available prospects. If you have interest in a kid but are told he is a "solid commit" to his instate school, why use your limited time watching and evaluating him when you can watch a different kid that you feel you may actually have a chance of landing? Listen to the interview of coach Chubick and the other coaches on 1620. It was stated that other coaches had contacted Chubick about potentially recruiting Arop, but were told to "back off - the kid is already committed to Nebraska."
  19. I don't see that as the only option. If Miles knew Arop wasn't a fit (and according to Chubick, Miles was shopping Arop around for awhile now) he could have cut Arop loose before the AAU season was over so that Arop could increase his chances of getting other offers. It isn't really the pulling the scholarship that is the problem from a PR standpoint, it is the TIMING and the fact that Miles and staff were shopping him around without even telling Arop or his coaches.
  20. I hope people don't misinterpret this as miles pulling his scholarship. miles simply gave aguek an honest evaluation, and i don't think aguek liked it. aguek is better suited at a lower d1 school where he can get a chance to play.as nice as it would be to have local kids on the team, i would rather have top 150 guys. Make no mistake about it ---- this is absolutely a case of Miles pulling a scholarship.
  21. I don't think miles did anything wrong. If Miles doesn't see a role for him on the team, why would Arop want to come here?The kids been committed for how long and you are just recently telling him to go to a prep school for a year? he has a full year to find a new school. he is not a big 10 quality player and is still recovering from a serious injury. Not really; fall signing period is 2 months away. AAU season is over...Miles did him no favors on the timing. If Miles cuts him loose earlier in the summer, he gets other coaches to watch him during the summer eval period. I assume that is part of the reason Chubick is so pissed.
  22. "Forcing his hand"? Does that mean Nebraska is forcing him to decommit or something else?
  23. He's not playing overseas this season. Him not committing to a college isn't because he can't find one; it's because this is how he operates. This. The kid was an all conference caliber performer and upper tier shooter that will only tie up a scholarship for one year. I suspect almost every school with an open scholarship would love to have him for that lone year.
  24. I don't think that starting on a 2017 kid in the summer of 2016 is really getting in early.
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