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  1. I agree with Royalfan. Regardless of whether Ohio State was on a 4 game losing streak they were still very talented. Back in the days of Collier and Doc we would go into Kansas and get drilled 90-35. We got beat last night but not embarrassed. With the state of the program this year I will take that. Nebraska played hard but were not nearly talented enough to beat a team like this on the road. Just my two cents.
  2. Bounds really likes athletics. He was a football GA for a school before getting into education. I read several times last year that he frequently attended football practices. I think his issue is with the state legislature in funding the university.
  3. Sharp and Benning are friends with Michael Lewis. I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss their information. In regards to Sharp, I think he is just tired of the losing.
  4. Listened to a segment of Sharp & Benning this past week. Sharp made it sound like keeping Jervay Green would be tough regardless of coach. I would not be surprised if he doesn't ask out of his LOI. Apparently, Tad Boyle and Colorado are in the picture.
  5. I think in the new world of college athletics whenever there is a head coaching change players are going to be allowed to transfer without sitting 1 year. That seems to be the trend in football anyway.
  6. Agree completely. I think the only way Roby and Allen might come back is with a new head coach that has some credibility garnered through winning. In my opinion, I think Ed Morrow and Michael Jacobson left the program because they lost faith in Miles creating a winner. JMO.
  7. Bill Byrne offered Self a million dollars per year in March of 2000. Self said no. Was it prudent to fold the tent for the next 20 years and stop trying to get a proven winner? I don't think so. When you have the financial wherewithal that NU has you should be able to fix your coaching issues. If you can't that is probably an indication the wrong people have been in charge. In my opinion that has been the problem. NU isn't cursed. It isn't like they have had a series of Dean Smith's in Lincoln who found the one place they couldn't win. We have had decades of sub par head coaches. Th
  8. Agreed. I have been a fan since the days of Slippery Joe Cipriano. The one thing NU has never tried in basketball is paying enough to get a quality coach. It is time. If Kansas State and Iowa State can win in basketball so can we and probably at a much higher level with the right guy.
  9. I don't know if this has been discussed but both Mark Turgeon and Tad Boyle were assistant coaches at Oregon during the Moos tenure there. Wonder if there was much of a relationship built . I know that Boyle is from Colorado and considered the Buffs to be his dream job but the natives are restless there. He has taken Colorado to 4 NCAA tournaments and 2 NIT's in 8 full seasons. They will be going to post season again this year.
  10. I do like Tim but Pettit is his buddy. He recommended Miles to Osborne. So there is that.
  11. He is actually making 3 million. The rest of the money was the buyout cost when he left Butler.
  12. Kugler rehashed this incident on his radio segment with Nick Bahe on 1620 the Zone yesterday. His show is Game Time and has a podcast if anybody wants to listen.
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