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  1. RT @OriginalFunko: Our Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty Han Solo box trailer is here! What do you hope to see in the box? https://t.co/LRhUvdoXIU

  2. @Husker_Nick That's lazy stuff, LINCOLNITES!!! WHY do you want to put recyclable materials into a landfill??

  3. @dpshow ISLA is promounced . .EYE- La . .The "s" is SILENT

  4. You have been so fun to watch. Hard to believe the time has flown by that quickly! https://t.co/aYV4jrqSTg

  5. @RyanDLeaf Welcome to Indianapolis!! I hope your message was well-received. You've turned your life around and are… https://t.co/qDc1jjnPHK

  6. @tomshatelOWH @RandyYorkNSider Sirius has been used for quite awhile. With a new coaching staff and renewed optimis… https://t.co/XW7Ot7jSkE

  7. @RohrOfTheCrowd @IMGAudio @DocInRealLife I've been watching hockey for a very long time and I never fail to learn s… https://t.co/Eq9Rgi7fro

  8. RT @NEBowling: Check us out on HBO tomorrow night 👀 #GBR here's the preview: https://t.co/Oi6fNzMblW

  9. RT @GBRosenthal: #Huskers men’s gym team scored 402.690 in the NCAA Championship semifinals in Chicago. Like the women, they will also comp…

  10. RT @GBRosenthal: Take me out to the ballgame Seat me in wind, rain, and cold Clothe me in long johns and woolen socks Even with mittens my…

  11. @RichEisenShow Sergio Garcia wore his green jacket to various events during the entire year following his Masters win

  12. @soledadobrien Billy and Ruth have to be spinning in their graves!!

  13. @Husker_Nick @Kunalic That's crazy!

  14. @HellerSports Go Jets!!

  15. @shinycapn Just taking a survey! 😀