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  1. Is there something that makes you believe? Trust your opinion and I want to believe too.
  2. I just saw 2 Crystal Ball predictions came in for Chang to Nebraska at 247sports....
  3. And they're willing to burn guys not in the program to do it? That's some B.S. it this turns out to be true. Frankly, I don't care what Agau or Gill saw or didn't see there. They, their parents, their schools, and their schools lawyers should call this bluff and tell the NCAA to suck a lemon. So Pitino, Calipari, Self, and Williams will keep getting away with all kind of violations then. Agree threatening eligibility is to extreme.
  4. Wonder how this plays with Gill, and if this helped Agau choose Louisville.... Andy Sweeney ‏@TheOnlySweeney 3h 3 hours ago Goodman on @ESPN680 says NCAA will go to former Louisville transfers and hang eligibility over their head. Don't think just Blakeney.
  5. Did anybody notice that every time Benny would dribble over half court he got trapped. Caused a few turnovers. Sure that was scouted by Minn. That needs to be cleaned up or Benny can't be on the court. He has to stop picking up his dribble and being so right handed with the ball.
  6. If there are no other Bigs brought in than due to lack of rebounding Morrow will play a lot. The first five almost everyone is using is getting killed on the boards this season..
  7. Nebraska Bench 5pt and 3 rebounds Indiana Bench 18pt and 12 rebounds.
  8. His other brother Evan went to ASU before transferring to IU last year. If Crean cannot get the youngest Gordon those fans will go crazy.
  9. Brad Winton ‏@JucoRecruiting 1h Indiana was at Lee College today to see Deng Deng (6'8/2014).
  10. This should be worth a call, Evan Daniels ‏@EvanDaniels 2h Tariq Owens, a 6-9 four-star prospect, is planning to ask Ohio for a release from his Letter of Intent, according to his AAU coach.
  11. In and wearing my In Miles we Trust gear.
  12. Will buy 2 XL and 2 Youth Large. Start em young
  13. Redshirt junior center Eric McKnight, a starter for 34 of the team’s 37 games last season, will be suspended the first six games of this season for an undisclosed violation of team or school policy, The News-Press has learned. “Eric’s disappointed. I think he’s disappointed in himself,” said first-year FGCU coach Joe Dooley, who cited student privacy laws in not disclosing the reason for the suspension. “But he’s been outstanding in regaining his status on the team. He’s grown up as much as any kid I’ve been around in a short period of time. He’s trying hard. … I’m convinced he’s learned h
  14. I think as soon as we bring back the Converse Zigs the wins will start flowing. Remember those days.....
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