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  1. Way before he caught lightning in a bottle for a 6 week period. Oh well...another losing season coming up.
  2. So we now should be giving a head coach 7 years to prove himself? Can't say I agree.
  3. No team goes 13 deep. There's 1. Great logic - then we only need to have 10 players on the team...or maybe only 8 or 9 if we don't go 10 deep. Minus 1
  4. I'm sick of wearing my scarlet colored glasses for Husker hoops and Tim Smiles...tired of it. Five years in a row without a complete roster? WTH? Incompetence at best. How can anyone justify that. I ask ONE person to justify it...just one good reason.
  5. huskerdoo

    2018 SG Aguek Arop -> San Diego St

    Miles has done zero outside of a 12 game stretch at the end of one season. If we want to keep wallowing in this year after year he will be around. If we want this turned around, he must go!
  6. huskerdoo

    A little history review before the big exam

    You mean we paid that much and they went and stole our dignity too? What a sham!
  7. huskerdoo

    Craig Smith

    Scuse me? Seven games in it's Tim's Xs and Os? It's not Pitchford's 3-pt shooting down 20% from a year ago? Or the fact that we're missing Leslee Smith? How much better would Tim's Xs and Os look if Pitchford was hitting 45% from th Pretty much the same team - yet vastly different results. You explain it then. It is more than just shooting. Last year Pitchford got lots of great looks. This year, not so much. Something is different. Miles doesn't have Craig Smith to help get good looks for players and make in game adjustments.
  8. huskerdoo

    Guys, guys, GUUUUUYYYYYSSS!!!!

    I'm afraid to see what will happen in Hawaii if we actually have to play the Shockers.
  9. huskerdoo

    The Sky Didn't Fall Last Night...

    Man the clouds are low this morning...you sure the sky didn't fall?
  10. huskerdoo

    Craig Smith

    Tim's X and O's have not been good. Tim is a good rah rah coach - good for the soul. Not sure he is so good at X and O's. This is going to be a long season.
  11. huskerdoo

    Guys, guys, GUUUUUYYYYYSSS!!!!

    More pissed about Creighton? Creighton owns us right now and while yes, we should have beat them this year...we lost to Fing Incarnate Fing Word. Creighton is our daddy....UIW should be should be a step-cousin that we beat down to take out our frustrations of getting beaten by our daddy.
  12. huskerdoo


    I think Tim might have lost too much from last season when his best assistant went to South Dakota. Tim's X and Os have been horrific this season.
  13. huskerdoo

    Aaron Rodgers says R-E-L-A-X

    Aaron Rodgers can deliver....who do we have to count on?
  14. huskerdoo

    Guys, guys, GUUUUUYYYYYSSS!!!!

    Norm, NORM, NOOOOOORMY Define OK....this team is far from OK