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    Nebrasketballer reacted to Norm Peterson in 2021-2022 expectations   
    You don't not start the first 5-star recruit in program history if you ever want there to be a second.
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    Nebrasketballer got a reaction from HB in Welcome Kurt Joseph   
    This is great news
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to AuroranHusker in Kurt Joseph added as Director of Men's Basketball Strength & Conditioning   
    Scroll through pictures for testimonials from D-Rose, KAT, and a couple others.
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to hhcmatt in Kurt Joseph added as Director of Men's Basketball Strength & Conditioning   
    Nebraska men's basketball coach Fred Hoiberg announced Monday (April 12) the hiring of Kurt Joseph as Director of Men's Basketball Strength & Conditioning, replacing long time S&C coach Tim Wilson.

    Joseph comes to Lincoln after spending the last two-plus seasons as an assistant strength coach with the Minnesota Timberwolves. In that role, he assisted with the development and implementation of the strength and conditioning program for the NBA franchise.
    "We are pleased to add Kurt to our staff," Hoiberg said. "He comes highly recommended from the Timberwolves, and his experience in the NBA and in the G League will be an asset for our players to understand what it takes to compete at the highest level."  
    Before joining the Timberwolves, Joseph was the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Iowa Wolves, Minnesota's NBA G League affiliate. In that role, he developed and implemented strength & conditioning program. He also facilitated and served as aid during practice and assisted the athletic trainer with all post workout and postgame recovery intervention.  Joseph also worked as a weight room assistant with the New York Knicks, where his duties consisted of aiding in team practice, implementing the strength and conditioning program, implementing all prehab and corrective exercise protocols as directed. He also worked as a strength coach intern for the Brooklyn Nets in 2012.  
    Wilson had been the strength coach for the last 10 years, starting at the end of the Doc Sadler era.

    View full article
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to Navin R. Johnson in Kurt Joseph added as Director of Men's Basketball Strength & Conditioning   
    I would think having all these guys with NBA resumes looks pretty good to potential recruits.
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to millerhusker in 2022 SF Ramel Lloyd Jr   
    His top 8 remains the same and he’s committing in June. Really like his game. FWIW his dad just followed Matt Abdelmassih on Twitter. 
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to LK1 in 2021-2022 expectations   
    If Dalano gained 15-20lbs in the offseason, I'd be intrigued to try this lineup is well.  He was pretty effective out of the post for us this season and has surprisingly good defense in the post.  
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    Nebrasketballer got a reaction from jayschool in 2021-2022 expectations   
    Banton, due to his propensity to commit careless turnovers and his inability to be reliable from 3PT, took himself out of the starting lineup before Wilcher even joined the roster. And Banton’s turnovers helped to keep this offense from getting into rhythm a lot of times, which improved when Banton came off of the bench playing more wing, rather than PG. I like Banton, but I just don’t think his skill set is suited for the PG spot in the Big Ten.
    In my opinion, Banton will be much more valuable to this team coming off of the bench playing the 3 and I’m also really intrigued by the idea of Banton playing the 4 at times, which would allow Nebraska to play essentially 4 ball-handlers on the court at the same time, without having to go the typical “small ball” route, because he’s 6’9”.
    And if you want to get really high octane, I think it would be pretty exciting to at times see an entire guard-like/skilled lineup that doesn’t have to sacrifice much/any length:
    1- Trey (6’4”)
    2- Bryce (6’6”)
    3- Wilcher (6’5”)
    4- Breidenbach or Mayen (6’9”)
    5- Banton (6’9”)
    But back to the Wilcher point, to me, Wilcher looks like a better player than Banton, especially in an offense like Hoiberg’s that values shooting, and specifically shooting from 3PT, which is why I fully expect to see Wilcher start next season.
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to hhcmatt in 2021-2022 expectations   
    Webster did end up shooting 37% for us and 38% in conference from 3. Wilcher is 6'5" compared to Webster at 6'0" though.
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to 75unlgrad in 2021-2022 expectations   
    I am optimistic that C.J. will be a starter by the time conference games begin.  He was considered on of the top perimeter shooters coming out of high school.  He appears to be the type of player that fits into Fred's system.
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to Norm Peterson in 2021-2022 expectations   
    Willcher brings something to the table that neither Banton nor Webster bring: the ability to hit high 30s from beyond the arc.
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to TheKamdyMan in 2021 Transfer SZN   
    As things are trending in that direction I am happy with the take. While a difference making point guard would have been great, getting a guy that was supposed to be a dude with Loenser to develop get him in Fred’s system and hope it takes because you can never have enough guys with size and ability. Let’s just hope he can live up to that potential he had going for him. 
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to Norm Peterson in 2021-2022 expectations   
    "Oh, you want more playing time? I'm sorry, but do you have a 5-star younger brother? No? Oh well, blame your mom and dad for your lack of PT, then."
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    Nebrasketballer got a reaction from imnothipp in 2021 Transfer SZN   
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to hhcmatt in 2021 Transfer SZN   
    I'd chalk this up to length and Doc Sadler's scheme.
    We went from KenPom #142 to #20 this last year in the Team Height category. We took away the paint at the expense of teams putting up 3s on us.  However, teams overall shot poorly from 3 against us which I'd attribute to length and luck.
    Having spent hours looking at styles on KenPom i can easily discern that this was the most Sadler-esque defense that Hoiberg has ever run and also happens to be the highest rated one he's ever run. 
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to thrasher31 in 2021 Transfer SZN   
    This is a great point. The rotation is pretty set I think, but adding another wing with some talent should help. If Wilcher beats him out, so be it. 
    The ball handler situation isn't the best, but I can see 4 on the roster now (I'm pegging Bryce to handle the ball for stretches also). No TRUE PG but a bunch of guys who have the capabilities. Plus, the upside of Banton. Started off strong but fizzled out post COVID. Retract towards the middle between those at least and I think the issue is in better standing
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    Nebrasketballer got a reaction from thrasher31 in 2021 Transfer SZN   
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    Nebrasketballer got a reaction from millerhusker in 2021 Transfer SZN   
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to millerhusker in 2021 Transfer SZN   
    To be fair, we have recruited several transfer point guards. None of them are coming here, for whatever reason. The staff apparently doesn’t like any of the realistic options that are left out there. I’m of the mindset that we shouldn’t take a guy just to take a guy. 
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to The Polish Rifle in 2021 Transfer SZN   
    And at least the potential on offense is there, hopefully our staff can unlock it. When Bill Self says this about you, you know at least he's showed some pretty impressive flashes on offense.
    “[Grant-Foster] makes hard shots, gets real baskets," Self said. "He did some things that, without going into too much detail, we haven't had somebody that could go get their own [shot] like he can when he's good in a long time.”
    “Yesterday, [Grant-Foster] got on a roll that we haven't had anybody get on maybe in years,” Self said during a media availability Thursday. 
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to Norm Peterson in 2021 Transfer SZN   
    Alright. I'm OK with this. Not saying I'm sold, but there's enough there to figure the coaches know what they're looking at and what they want.
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to millerhusker in 2021 Transfer SZN   
    I think we’re going to like him. The consistent thing that everyone says about him is he defends and plays hard 100% of the time. We like guys who defend and play hard all the time. Sounds simple, but we’ve had more guys the last two years that don’t do those two things than I can ever remember. So I’m going to expect a taller Caleb Walker and if the scoring potential ever comes to fruition then look out. 
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to Norm Peterson in 2021 Transfer SZN   
    Well, juco recruiting had him as the #1 juco recruit last year, ahead of Teddy Allen (#8) and Lat Mayen (#18). So, if we land him, it'd be like swapping out the #8 juco recruit for the #1 juco recruit. At least we'd be moving in the right direction there.
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