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    Nebrasketballer reacted to millerhusker in 2021-2022 expectations   
    Just curious what you think Lat is able to do that Edwards isn’t? Lat struggled to guard on the perimeter and in the post last year. Offensively, he was inconsistent shooting the ball and turnover prone whenever he attempted to dribble. 
    Lat weighs 204 pounds and has a 6’11 wingspan. I’d be curious to know what Keon’s wingspan is. He looks long. 
    I think Keon would be a great fit in a 4 guard lineup offensively. Defensively, we will need someone in the lineup to guard the opposing team’s 4-man, which nowadays is very rarely a 6’9” 245 lb power forward type. There are plenty of 4s around the country that have the same build as CJ Wilcher or Keon Edwards.
    Edwards is 17 and hasn’t yet gone through an offseason of college strength and conditioning. He has the frame to add 10-20 pounds of muscle. Regardless, here are some players who started at the “4” in the big ten.
    Jacob Grandison - 6’6”  205
    Miller Kopp - 6’7”  215
    Connor Mcaffrey - 6’5”  205
    Seth Lundy - 6’6  210
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    Nebrasketballer got a reaction from HuscurAdam in 2021-2022 expectations   
    I agree with you 100%.
    An example from just down the interstate:
    Christian Bishop was 6’7” 180 lbs coming in as a freshman and he ended up playing not the 4 spot, but the Center position for a team that just made the Sweet16 and was likely to be a preseason all-BigEast player heading into next season, if he hadn’t transferred to Texas.
    I think Edwards can absolutely play the 4 in Hoiberg’s offense. He has the skill set that he could move around between the 2, 3, and 4.
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to Norm Peterson in Keon Edwards is N   
    I was thinking of any time we had Dalano, Thor or Shamiel on the floor. And I was thinking, though I didn't make it clear, of perimeter threats.
    Thor shot 6 for 11 beyond the arc in the last two games, which pushed his season average to almost 30% from deep, but prior to the last two games, he was under 25% from 3-point range.
    Shamiel finished under 20% and Dalano was under 25% from deep on the season.
    And, frankly, Kobe, outside of 3 games on the season where he got hot, was just a pedestrian 30% shooter from deep.
    I don't think those are numbers we're going to see from 4 of our rotation players this coming season.
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to hhcmatt in Keon Edwards is N   
    From Hoiberg
    “Keon was one of the top 50 players in this year’s class before he enrolled at DePaul, and that experience will help make a quicker adjustment than a typical freshman. His skillset blends well with our roster, as he is a three-level scorer who can create his own shot and moves well without the ball. We wanted to add more size, shooting and athleticism on the wing to our roster, and I think that is an area we have addressed.”
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to millerhusker in 2021-2022 expectations   
    Alright, I really like the potential of that lineup. Reminds me of the Clippers. 
    Point guard (Pat Beverly/Trey McGowens) - Great perimeter defender. Will bring the ball up the court and initiate the offense, but the offense usually doesn't run through him. But, you can't just leave him open, because he shoots the three at a good clip. 
    Two long, athletic, versatile shot creators who can play multiple positions and can score on all three levels (Kawhi Leonard and Paul George/Bryce McGowens and Keon Edwards).
    Another wing (Nic Batum/CJ Wilcher) - Very good three point shooter who will stretch the floor and give more space for the creators to go to work. Is also a threat to get to the rim off the dribble if the defense closes out too hard on the kickout. 
    Center (Ivica Zubac/Derrick Walker) - Enforcer type on defense, good pick n roll guy on offense. Team player. 
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to millerhusker in 2021-2022 expectations   
    If Keon is what he appears to be, I think that first lineup would be really hard to keep off the floor. 
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to Norm Peterson in Winners and Losers after recruiting/transfers   
    And let me be perfectly clear, here. I say we hit a home run on transfers. That doesn't mean I think these guys will be among Jeff Borzello's top 50 impact transfers. They didn't have enough of a college career before hitting the portal to make anyone's list like that.
    But what they are to us is high quality freshmen. Freshmen who were both ESPN top 100/Rivals 150 kinds of players. Players we GLADLY would have recruited out of high school. In fact, the Wilcher kid we did recruit out of high school.
    When you can snag a top 50 recruit off the transfer portal who has freshman eligibility, that's a good thing. It's like getting a top 50 or top 100 kid who decommitted from his old school and re-opened his recruitment. That's what this is like. Times two.
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to Norm Peterson in 2021-2022 expectations   
    If Lakes sticks around, he could be on the first Husker team to win an NCAA tourney game, so ...
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to Norm Peterson in Winners and Losers after recruiting/transfers   
    I can't compare because I don't know what happened with other teams and, even if I did know who stayed and who left, I wouldn't know if it was good or bad for them on the whole.
    For us, though, I can say I think we'd have to be among the winners.
    I did a thread on it. Something like "returnees/departures/arrivals."
    We kept the players we would have wanted to keep. The guys who left are the ones we probably needed to have leave in order to make room for talent upgrades.
    And we hit a home run on the transfer market. Oh my gawd did we hit a home run on the transfer market.
    Our talent level this coming season is going to be so much better than it was last year or the year before. We've clearly checked off some boxes.
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to Red Don in Coaching Carousel 2021   
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    Nebrasketballer got a reaction from Art Vandalay in Keon Edwards is N   
    He’s a great player. I wouldn’t read too much into the DePaul stuff. He was a 2021 prospect, then reclassified to 2020 to join DePaul during winter break.
    It’s not that realistic to expect a kid who was scheduled to still be in high school to join a Power6 conference team halfway through the season, especially during all of the COVID stuff, and especially when the program he joined was so disjointed that they had 9 games cancelled due to COVID to instantly become a big contributor on the court.
    From Robin Washut:

    “The Pasadena, Texas native was originally a 2021 recruit who reclassified up to 2020 and enrolled at DePaul in December.”
    “After playing his junior year at Hillcrest (Ariz.) Prep, Edwards was rated the No. 22 overall player in the 2021 class before reclassing up to ‘20.”
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to Norm Peterson in Keeping up with the offers/visits   
    Hmmmm, I thought I remembered this kid. I really liked him back then, too.
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to Navin R. Johnson in Keon Edwards is N   
    I think he also had to sit out because of Covid for a while.
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to hugh42 in Keon Edwards is N   
    Short answer. Reclassified from 2021 to 2020 and enrolled in January. Kind of hard to hit the ground running when the season has already started and you are new to the program.
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to 75unlgrad in Edwards replaces Thor/Allen   
    One more reason for optimism with the addition of Keon Edwards.  I think Edwards fills the void left with the departure of Teddy Allen and Thorin.   Teddy and Thorin mostly played the small forward position.  Without them, we really didn't have anyone on our current roster that adequately filled this spot.  Now with Keon Edwards, I think (hope) we more than filled this spot -- we significantly upgraded this position.  I think he will prove to be a much better offensive threat than Thor and a much better defensive player than Teddy.  GBR!!!
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to millerhusker in Edwards replaces Thor/Allen   
    I look at it as Bryce, CJ and Keon replacing Thor, Teddy and Shamiel. Small forward isn’t really a position in this system fwiw. We generally have two slots, two wings and a post on the floor. Ideally the slots and wings are all interchangeable. Thor and Teddy indeed played both in the slot and on the wing. I expect Keon to primarily be on the wing. But last year we often had Lat in the slot opposite the point guard as a “stretch 4” (same with Cross and Kavas the year before). Keon seems to give us more versatility than all of these players, since you can put him in the slot and either run your “stretch 4 pick n pop” type package, or your 4 guard package with him, depending on the other team’s personnel. I’m not sure Hoiberg has had a player this (potentially) versatile here. 
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    Nebrasketballer got a reaction from HuscurAdam in 2021-2022 expectations   
    Expectation #1:
    Nebraska has the talent for a Legit 10-man rotation next season. Not sure if it will shake out that way, but they have accumulated enough depth of talent for it.
    PG- Trey McGowens (6’4”)
    Wing- Bryce McGowens (6’6”)
    Wing- CJ Wilcher (6’5”)
    Wing- Lat Mayen (6’9”)
    Center- Derrick Walker (6’8”)
    2nd String:
    PG- Kobe Webster (6’0”)
    Wing- Keon Edwards (6’7”)
    Wing- Delano Banton (6’9”)
    Wing- Wilhelm Breidenbach (6’9”)
    Center- Eduardo Andre (6’10”)
    Developmental Year / Strength and Conditioning / Adjusting to Big Ten level of basketball:
    Keisei Tominaga (6’1”)
    Oleg Kojenets (7’0”)

    Expectation #2:
    Nebraska will make the NCAA Tournament. The depth of talent on this team is at that level.
    Expectation #3:
    Nebraska will beat Creighton
    Expectation #4:
    Nebraska will win enough and will look exciting enough doing it, that they will be able to continue the current recruiting momentum in the following recruiting class(es).
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to millerhusker in Spring signing day is today - Wednesday April 14 2021 which is not Tuesday.   
    Mater Dei is demolishing teams (average margin of victory is 34 points), so I'm sure he's not playing much in the second half of games, but he's still averaging 20 points and 9 rebounds a game. 
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to millerhusker in Departures/Returnees/Arrivals   
    That's crazy. FWIW, I think Keita has more potential than any other big on the roster, and I like his film better than any Husker big man recruit in the last 20 years (Vander Joaquim would've been #1 for me, but he obviously never made it to campus). Of course, we've been burned by juco film before, so I'll be taking a cautiously very optimistic approach with this one. 
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    Nebrasketballer got a reaction from Norm Peterson in 2021 PG TyTy Washington -> Kentucky   
    Woah, I just checked this morning, and as of now, none of Creighton’s class of 2021 verbal commits have actually signed.

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    Nebrasketballer reacted to throwback in 2021 PG TyTy Washington -> Kentucky   
    I'm not surprised. At this level, it's pretty common for rookies to hold out for more money. 100K and a good job for dad just don't go as far as they used to in this economy.
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    Nebrasketballer got a reaction from millerhusker in Departures/Returnees/Arrivals   
    Wow, that’s nuts. So in 2022-2023, Nebraska’s sophomore class could be McGowens, Wilcher, Edwards, Breidenbach, Andre, and Keita (assuming Kojenets redshirts next season). 
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to millerhusker in Departures/Returnees/Arrivals   
    Keita will be a sophomore eligibility-wise when he gets here. This year doesn’t count towards juco players eligibility, so he’ll be a freshman again next season at Coffeyville. Tominaga will be a sophomore this upcoming season, even though he’s played two years of juco ball. 
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to basketballjones in Keon Edwards is N   
    I used to criticize miles for this, but honestly at this point I’d hold onto those schollies. Definitely don’t spend ‘em just to spend ‘em. 
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    Nebrasketballer got a reaction from basketballjones in Keon Edwards is N   
    Officially have 1, but I would be shocked if Stevenson came back after the addition of Edwards. This team is now 10-deep and is loaded with wings that all have skill sets that are better fits for Hoiberg’s system. So basically, I am operating under the assumption that Nebraska has 2 open spots.
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