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    Nebrasketballer got a reaction from Silverbacked1 in Leslee Smith   
    Sai is a 6'7", 215 lbs, he can handle the ball well, he has a good mid-range jumpshot, can stroke the 3, can finish above the rim, can play with his back to the basket and has solid post moves.  Add that to the fact that he has spent a year with Michigan and the coach said that he was the most athletic player on their team aside from Trey Burke.  There are not many teams in the country on which Trey Burke would not be the most athletic player.  That Michigan team that he was a part of is in the sweet16 this season, so I feel confident saying that he has been around big-time basketball and will not have to spend any time getting used to the speed of the game.
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    Nebrasketballer got a reaction from Silverbacked1 in Leslee Smith   
    The difference is that in the past when Nebraska has signed guys like Hawkins, Smith, and Atewe they didn't sign guys like Tummala, Fuller, and Webster to build around them.  It's not like Nebraska has never has good players/role players.  The issue is that they didn't have big time playmakers/scorers/go-to guys playing around them.  There have been plenty of guys that have played for Nebraska in recent years that would have done just fine on other teams like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio St, Minnesota, Michigan St, etc.  There is no doubt in my mind that guys like Brandon Ubel, Toney McCray, Brandon Richardson, Sek Henry, Lance Jeter, Eshaunte Jones, Ryan Anderson, Ade Dagunduro, etc. could have seen playing time on some really good teams, because I think they have all been pretty good players.  It's just that Nebraska didn't have big-time scorers on the floor with them, so alot of times they were forced to do more than their skills allowed, and many times they were forced to play out of position.
    I don't think the issue is that Nebraska can never sign any players that are the same caliber as some of the players they have had over the last few years.  I think the issue is that when they sign this caliber of player, they need to sign a few playmakers/scorers/go-to guys (Sai Tummala, Nick Fuller, Tai Webster) to place around them.  That way the role players can play their roles, instead of being forced to do more than what their skills allow, and instead of being forced to play out of position.
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to HuskerPower #nato73 in Leslee Smith   
    Another thing to understand is that for Nebraska to compete with the blue bloods of college hoops it is going to take some longer time relationship building.  Getting in early on a kid and sticking with them.
    For example:  As a twitter follower and I can tell you that young "Jojo the show"  is rocking a Nebraska shirt today. Kids that are sophomores are very impressionable.  (I have one) Starting out young with these kids could eventually pay dividends.
    I think this first batch of recruits Miles is looking at are people some of whom were on the radar at CSU and St. Louis which makes sense and is not terrible company.  Especially since it was what I would consider to be his second wave of CSU recruiting.  A few years out he is building the relationships for Nebraska.
    I think he is off to a great start.
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    Nebrasketballer got a reaction from Norm Peterson in Brian Rosenthal Tweet -- Tummala + Atewe + Smith   
    Uh dude, teen wolf can ball...

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    Nebrasketballer reacted to hhcmatt in Brian Rosenthal Tweet -- Tummala + Atewe + Smith   
    Paul Velander never played for Nebraska while on academic scholarship. If he was on academic scholarship, he had to forfeit it to play.
    As a Senior he was given a basketball scholarship we couldn't fill.
    Why would you give a basketball scholarship to a guy on academic scholarship?
    Why wouldn't Duke have 80 walkons if you could play guys on academic scholarships.
    If Sai Tummala is playing for the Huskers next year on an academic scholarship it will be along side Roburt Sallie, Michael Jordan, and a dunking werewolf in some alternative universe.
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    Nebrasketballer got a reaction from greymonkey in Brian Rosenthal Tweet -- Tummala + Atewe + Smith   
    I have to think that Kamdy is right on this one.  There would have been no reason for Sean Fisher to be taking up a football scholarship if an athlete can take an academic scholarship.
    He scored a 39 out of a possible 45 on the MCAT, which is in the top 1 percent of all who take it.  He has 4.0 grade-point average in both business administration and pre-med, and he's an Academic All-American.  Right now he is waiting to hear back from the University of Chicago, Stanford, Michigan, Nebraska and Johns Hopkins.
    If an athlete can take an academic scholarship, then there is no way that Fisher wouldn't have been able to do that.
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to Norm Peterson in Players on scholarship   
    No, I figured I'd let you take care of that.
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to Norm Peterson in Players on scholarship   
    One thing I think I can say for certain:  If Vooch had redshirted this year, half the people on this board would be pencilling him in to start at center next season.  Not talking about him leaving.
    We've all kind of been saying over the last several weeks (in reference to another player specifically) that bigs take longer to develop than guards and that they typically come in more raw.  And this is true.
    However, Vooch's issue isn't simply being raw.  He has some skills, there's no doubt about it.  He's not a total stiff.  But, if there can be such a thing as a 236 pound weakling, Vooch is it.  He needs to gain a lot of weight and strength.  A lot.  A heckuva lot.  His lack of strength is going to impede his development.  
    Don't know if he can fix the strength issue in one season.  Not sure what to expect from Vooch.  There's some potential there but he's got to hit the weight room like mad and eat every meal like it's his last.
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    Nebrasketballer got a reaction from hskr4life in Players on scholarship   
    That's the way I understand it.  I wouldn't be surprised to see Parker and/or Vucetic move on.  I think they have the skills to be successful in a mid-major conference, but I think they are both undersized to be legitimate players in the Big Ten conference.  Guards are generally about 2" shorter on average in a mid-major conference, and centers are considerably less physically polished in mid-major conferences. 
    At 7'1", 236 lbs, Vucetic is grossly underweight to play center and realistically needs to put on 30-35 lbs in order to go through the physical grind of the Big Ten conference and be effective. 
    At 5'9", 164 lbs, Parker is just too small and is a liability on both offense and defense and even when he is in  relatively decent defensive position, a 6'2"-6'4" guard can still get a shot off over him.  Not to mention Parker, while quick, consistently looks like a chicken running around with his head cut off.
    Not hating, I just think that in a mid-major conference, their lack of size (whether height or weight) would be much less glaring and much less of a set back than it is in the Big Ten conference.
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to Norm Peterson in Sai Tummala -> Arizona St.-> Hawaii   
    Ahem.  Let me be the first to say ... that I was the first to say he'd be a good get.  
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to trickey in Sai Tummala -> Arizona St.-> Hawaii   
    I have seen the type of team you are hoping for,,,,and these teams are extremely fun to watch....we should only hope that your hopes go straight to God's ears!
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    Nebrasketballer got a reaction from hhcmatt in Tre'Shawn Thurman - SG 2014   
    Are you guys kidding? Have you watched any of Thurman's videos? It doesn't matter how many guys Nebraska currently has that are at the same position and physical build, you go after him for a number of reasons. If he came to Nebraska, he would instantly be the most athletic long player on the team. Thurman is 6'7", 205 lbs at the beginning of his Jr season and he can leap out of the gym and regularly finishes above the rim with authority. Thurman can also shoot the ball well from outside.
    As far as Central being thee feeder program in Nebraska...they are. They are the only team with the athletes that can go toe-to-toe with nationally highly ranked teams. One of the teams that Central went toe-to-toe with was Whitney Young (Chicago, IL), which is the team with multiple players that Nebrasketball fans were drooling over when they visited (including 2014 prospect Jahlil Okafor). Central only lost to Whitney Young 60-57. Thurman had 13 points in the game and Agau had 14 points. Central crushes other "good" teams in Nebraska, while going on their 40 game win streak. They are the feeder.
    Also, it doesn't matter how many scholarships Nebraska has for the 2014 class, they have to go after Thurman. People always talk about "Nebraska has to keep the few in-state D1 prospects from leaving the state", because they are so few and far between. That doesn't just happen on its own. It happens by building relationships with players, coaches, and schools, which happens by recruiting in-state D1 talent when it comes along. I'm not saying that Nebraska is screwed if they don't get Thurman, or that he will be the savior that will take Nebraska to the sweet16, but I am saying that Miles has to recruit this kid as hard as he recruited Agau. As far as the number of offers that he currently has, he just started his Jr season. I can assure you that his offer list will be much more impressive than Atewe's offer list was going into his senior year (who alot of people on this board seem to think Nebraska needs to get locked up), especially after Central played so well in a national tournament infront of multiple D1 coaches.
    Here is one video of Thurman. The intro of the video lists him as a Jr (which he currently is), but all of the highlights are actually from his So year.
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to basketballjones in Biggs charged with DUI and leaving the scene?   
    I feel some tourney wins coming on soon, fellas. Guys getting in trouble is always a good sign.
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    Nebrasketballer got a reaction from hhcmatt in Gary Gaskins   
    I, like Norm, would much rather go after a higher caliber player. The only way Nebraska is going to reach a higher level than they have been at over the last 15 years, is to get higher quality players. Players on the same level as Agau. That said, if Miles has to grab a few guys to get through the next year or two that are on a lower level, then I think it is better to get a juco player, because they are probably a little more physically mature than kids coming right out of highschool and they will only fill a spot for 2 years, instead of 4 years. That way Miles can hit the 2015 class hard.
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    Nebrasketballer got a reaction from hhcmatt in Pinnacle Bank Arena Website   
    I'm sure most Husker Hoops Central members already know about this site, but just in case there are some that haven't seen it yet, I thought I would post the link, so they can check it out. It's a pretty cool site with alot of information about the new arena.
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    Nebrasketballer reacted to TheKamdyMan in Tai Webster MVP of New Zealand national championships   
    always good to hear a recruit did well. Looks like he was the MVP of the NZ NC's with an average of 31 ppg. He went off for 24, 9 asst, 9 reb in the championship game. Really excited to see what he plans on doing for the spring whether he joines NU or goes to a prep school here in the states.
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