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  1. Being a fan of Nebraska basketball and Nebraska football is the epitome of an exercise in futility.
  2. Gonna have dead legs and probably get smoked by Indiana on Saturday too
  3. Why is Breidenbach shooting 3s in the OT periods? That's not what we need in OT
  4. I came across this video and thought it was interesting. Scott Davenport -- head coach of Bellarmine basketball -- has arguably the most unique offensive scheme in the country. His program's combination of passing and off-ball motion has produced some of the most efficient offenses over the past decade.
  5. Walker needs to realize that at his height, he absolutely has to box out to get rebounds. He has to put a body on someone.
  6. The ball movement by everyone is so much better when Kobe is in there to get it started.
  7. It was also nice to see how Kobe handled Nebraska's last possession of the half. Drove the ball strong into the heart of the defense, then when he got to the basket and the defense collapsed on him, rather than throwing up a poor quality contested shot, he made the extra pass to Walker and he finished it off with the high percentage dunk.
  8. "Wilhelm thinks he's gotta dribble and score if he touches it. Lat thinks he needs to dribble and score if he touches it. Kobe the same. Trey the same. Bryce the same. CJ the same." To me, this is the direct result of the way Verge is deciding to play at this point. If he was playing as an actual PG, and getting the ball to them in scoring positions, then they wouldn't feel the need to create on their own (which I honestly don't think that's something that any of those guys can consistently do, other than Bryce and maybe Trey/Kobe in certain games when they get into a good rhythm). When the ball isn't moving around, then the other guys end up standing around and watching, rather than being ready for kickouts and/or back door cuts to the basket. Whether that's right or wrong for them to do is a separate issue. I'm saying it's what happens. Those guys aren't going to expect the ball to move and find them, unless the ball starts moving and finding them. And, since Verge is the PG initiating the offense on most possessions, that starts with him. Bottom line is, as long as Verge continues to play the way he has in Nebraska's first 3 games, Nebraska won't win many games this season and their offense will continue to look like it has. If, on the other hand, Verge starts moving the ball around like he did in Nebraska's exhibition games, then I think this team can win a lot of games and play an exciting brand of basketball while doing it. My hope is that he embraces his role, so that he can reach his potential as a PG and so that this team can reach its potential.
  9. In regards to "It's on coaching that they haven't adjusted and corrected the play", Go back and watch these last two games. On the regular, you can literally see Hoiberg telling Verge not to drive and throw up some wild shot, but he just ignores Hoiberg and does it anyway. And when he gets to the rim, there's a difference between a quality finish at the rim and a poor quality, contested shot. I'm not saying he should never look to finish at the rim, but when the defense collapses, and/or he is met by a rim protector in the paint, he needs to kick that out to shooters, rather than throwing up a prayer. I've said it before, even though those types of throw away shots don't show up as turnovers on the stat sheet, with a team that rebounds as poorly as the Huskers, it is effectively the same negative impact as a turnover. A poor quality highly-contested circus shot at the rim isn't his only option, there are always 4 other options on the floor. I would rather see a kick out 3PT shot for Bryce, Mayen, Wilcher, Edwards, Tominaga, Webster, and, hell, even Breidenbach than see a contested circus shot at the rim by a 160 lbs PG. And the lack of ball movement is what leads to a lack of cutters. We saw the same thing with Teddy. When he got the ball, the rest of the guys on the court often ended up just standing around and watching, because when he got it, he was largely a black hole. In this offense, ball movement is a necessity. Sticky hands are kryptonite and put the rest of the guys on the floor to sleep.
  10. I don't think Verge is a cancer to the team the way that Biggs/Teddy were at all (At least I haven't heard any of that). But the way that Verge plays on the court is just as much a stick in the spokes of this offense, because it impedes ball movement to the rest of the scorers on the team. As long as Verge continues to be more concerned with getting his NBA Street game right and finishing it off by throwing up poor quality and highly contested shots at the rim, rather than kicking it out to an open shooter, this offense will continue to look discombobulated at best. He is highly skilled, but that type of play by the PG is a killer for Hoiberg's offense. If, on the other hand, Verge decides to be a distributing PG (Like he was in the exhibition games), then he can be a very valuable piece of this team. Verge has all of the necessary talent to be that piece. It's up to him to embrace the role that Hoiberg needs him to fill, and to embrace the WE>ME, rather than looking to put some impressive personal highlights on film for NBA scouts to see. I believe Verge is 100% capable of being a great player and filling the role Hoiberg needs him to fill for this team. It's up to him whether or not he wants to embrace that. Up to this point, unfortunately, he has not done so and it has resulted in a very ugly product on the court.
  11. I would be interested to see a lineup with Bryce at PG, just to get the ball in his hands more. Maybe: 1- Bryce 2-Wilcher 3-Edwards 4- Mayen 5-Walker
  12. Hoiberg’s offense absolutely requires ball movement to create open shots for the shooters on the floor for Nebraska. When you have a PG that is a high volume dribbler, that kills ball movement, and since the rest of the players on the court aren’t touching the ball frequently, that lulls them to sleep, so they don’t move without the ball, which means that they don’t get open shots in rhythm and they aren’t attempting many back door cuts to the basket, because they don’t expect to get the ball anyway. It turns into a bunch of standing around and watching the dribbler. And when they aren’t getting touches on offense, which lulls them to sleep, that carries over to a lack of intensity on defense. So it kills them on offense and defense. Verge’s stats don’t tell the whole story in regards to how much his play and decision making really hurts this team. When a team rebounds as poorly as Nebraska, the ridiculous drives to the basket resulting in poor, low percentage, contested shots at the rim are effectively turnovers in the way that they hurt the team. And when the primary ball handler consistently chooses to take those shots, rather than distributing the ball to all of the shooters that Hoiberg has assembled on this team, it sabotages the ability of the rest of Nebraska’s players on the court to play to their potential. Nebraska’s margin for error is so thin that they can’t afford to have all of their players failing to play to their potential. Until Hoiberg gets a distributor at PG, it doesn't matter how much he upgrades the rest of the talent on this roster. And all of those things kill the crowd energy in Pinnacle Bank Arena, which negates what should be a pretty substantial home court advantage for the Huskers.
  13. Verge should not be starting. He’s the Biggs/Allen of this team and is in the way of the rest of the team developing chemistry. I think this would be a more successful lineup: 1- Webster 2- Wilcher 3- Bryce 4- Lat 5- Andre
  14. That’s because you have yet to see a real PG that operates within the system and that initiates the offense at the beginning of each possession.
  15. I agree on the talent, but it doesn’t matter until they get a distribute-first PG. Until they do that, then this will be the results, regardless of the talent that is put together around them.
  16. This is what Nebraska basketball is. It’s what it always is. It’s so pathetic. Every single season. It just gets so old.
  17. Hoibergs offense isn’t the same as Miles offense. Also, the way petteway played only really worked for about a 12 game stretch of one season where he got extremely hot and shot out of his mind and was making circus shots on the regular. If Verge doesn’t become a distributing PG fast, then Nebraska isn’t going to win many Power5 games this season.
  18. Verge just doesn't even look to find shooters on the 3PT line. It's so frustrating to watch.
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