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  1. Some teams overachieve. Some underachieve. Would you accuse this team of overachieving when you compare our talent level to our win/loss record? Or do you think we've won about as many games we should have lost as we've lost games we should have won? Maybe you haven't been following the board, but there's been a lot of angst about how much worse this team is than it was a year ago and suggesting that last year was a fluke and a one year flash in the pan. And I'm saying there were a couple of hiccups this season where we clearly lost to inferior teams and you take away those losses
  2. LOL.....I use this excuse at home too. Last night the wife told me to take out the garbage, Coach Miles says I don't have to. All my Husker apparel is either black or red. I suppose I better head to Husker Headquarters before tuesday's game. Better Burn the Blacks! (Unis, that is. )
  3. IIRC, there are a number of Scholastic 'Achievers' on the team; including Trevor Menke, and transfer Andrew White! Kudos to all! (Academics may be one of the reasons Andrew White chose to transfer to Nebraska over several other teams vying for his services.)
  4. The 25th and 26th Huskers to Score 1,000 Career Points! Terran Petteway is only 3 points away from scoring his 1,000th Point in a HUSKER Uniform! (He already reached 1,000 CAREER Points in the Minnesota game on 1/20/15). Shavon Shields made his 1,000th Career Point in the game we just played against Northwestern. This marks only the sixth time in school history that Nebraska has had a pair of players reach 1,000 career points in the same season! 1967-68 - Stuart Lantz and Tom Baack 1978-79 - Carl McPipe and Brian Banks 1990-91 - Rich King and Clifford Scales 1994-95 - Erick Strickland and
  5. Shavon with his 1,000th career point! Only the 26th Husker in History to achieve this level!
  6. Huskers pulling away; 11 pt lead now [email protected] 12:28 left in the game. Huskers shooting 62.5% FGs & 43.8% behind the arc.
  7. Coach Miles Halftime Tweet: Tim Miles @CoachMiles ยท 1m 1 minute ago We have to do a better job on Olah and getting to their 3-point shooters. On offense, we have to get the ball to the rim and attack.
  8. Is tonight's ref Mike Eades any relation to Tom Eades (who T'd-up Shavon vs Minnesota 2weeks ago)?
  9. Seems like same for PBA. Sparse Crowd (or late-arriving). Must be combination of weather & 6:30 start.
  10. SHIELDS WATCH !!! Shavon is only 9 points away from his 1,000th Career Point! (only 25 Huskers have previously attained this level) Let's keep our longest losing streak for the year at two!
  11. Kudos Norm, for this thread! A lot of great discussion and thoughts, all of them positive (not a 'negative nancy' among them). I'd give everyone contributing an automatic +1 if I could. (I really didn't mean to give "Dimes' that down arrow (finger-twitch)) I'm sure the coaching staff is tearing their hair out (all except Harriman, of course) trying to figure out how to right the ship and get back to a higher level of play. Defense has been stellar, but no matter how good it is, Defense won't win the game if you can't score!
  12. I do believe that sums it up pretty well! (But there is still plenty of Basketball left to play this season ) In another thread someone asked what our expectations should be for next year? Speaking (only) for myself, I'm 'Cautiously Optimistic' (rather than 'Irrationally Over- Exuberant')
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