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  1. (https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/big-red-business-nebraska-makes-big-bet-on-marketing-rights

    (Good follow-up article)


    “We’re taking on 100 percent of the risk, but we get 100 percent of the revenue,” Garrett Klassy, a senior deputy athletic director said in an interview. “We know schematically this will work.”


    Speaking in general terms, Klassy said the athletic department “plans on keeping a lot of elements” of the existing broadcasting and marketing networks. “But we’re also looking at ways to improve. We also recognize the importance of having familiar names and voices.”


    Now if we could only get into the sports-gear business  (i.e. "Why I Hate Adidas" the thread that refuses to die :Lol:).  Just think of the shot-in-the-arm" to business in Nebraska!

  2. I believe Tim Miles was a Great Hire for Nebraska; but then again I wouldn't know since I only really began paying attention to the MBB program after he was hired as HC. 


    Miles brought a sense of excitement, i.e. a new beginning, to the program; Right from the Start.  He didn't denigrate the players he had inherited, rather he made the most of, and got the most out of the players he had.  He made household names (in Nebraska at least), of Kye, Peltz, & Menke (not to mention names like Ubel, Almeida, Gallegos & Talley, but they were already household names.)


    I don't know where he found the talent he did, Nebraska certainly wasn't on the radar of many high-level recruits.  Yet he Did Find them, and gave us a lot names that provided us with a lot of excitement; names like Petteway, Tai, Shavon, Benny, Roby, among so many others.  Who can forget the sinking feeling when the Huskers dropped their first four matches in the B1G in successive games in 2012/13; only to finish 11-7 in the conference, and reach the NCAAs.


    Miles inaugurated PBA for us; We've consistently had some of the highest attendance records in the B1G.  Who could ever forget 'No Sit Sunday?'    MIles helped position us for a great future; with a High-Visibility, Name, Coach who is able to attract Top Level Recruits to the program


    Tim Miles will fit in just fine at San Jose State; I wish him the same degree of success that he had at Nebraska!  :Bow:

  3. 3 hours ago, millerhusker said:

    I think we’re going to like him. The consistent thing that everyone says about him is he defends and plays hard 100% of the time. We like guys who defend and play hard all the time. Sounds simple, but we’ve had more guys the last two years that don’t do those two things than I can ever remember. So I’m going to expect a taller Caleb Walker and if the scoring potential ever comes to fruition then look out. 


    2 hours ago, millerhusker said:



    Michigan, Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, Houston, etc. All their lineups look like this. There's no chance for Lat and Dalano to stay in front of Corey Kispert, Joe Wieskamp, Isaiah Livers, Jalen Wilson.... Tyon gives us a nice option to have a guy both long and athletic enough to stick with guys like this.  We had a top 35 defense last year, which is pretty incredible. We played very good team defense for most of the year. I think Tyon will make us even better on that end. 


    I'm not trying to dispute anyone, but I'm having a little trouble reconciling these two Bolded comments.  I'm guessing the one is based more on the 'eye-test, ' that is, general impressions, and the other is based more on actual statistics. 

  4. Nope!   index.php  Indiana won: 73-70.  :Lol:


    But Michigan Lost a squeaker at the end to Baylor:  78-75 in OT.  Michigan never led in the game until OT (they seemed to always be behind by about 10 points) & actually went ahead by a couple of points, then Baylor (a fine team, but imho aided somewhat by the refs) went ahead at the final buzzer.  Great game by Naz Hillman, & Leigha Brown to keep Michigan in the game & rally to get to OT!!!    :Bow::Bow::Bow:

  5. Thanks Whoop (even tho we're not in it - next year :wink:).   Iowa & Michigan should be particularly interesting.
    Happy Watching!!! (and reffing:Timeout:) and don't forget ur heart pills , (or fav beverage). :Popcorn:

    (It seems game times are Eastern)




  6. IIRC, didn't we (Miles) get shot down (badly) when we suggested the prep school route for Aguek Arop?   IIRC, that was a PR disaster.  Everybody and I mean everybody, (Chubick may have been among worst) was all up in arms about how poorly we treated. Aguek and his family.  :Confused:

  7. 4 hours ago, hhcmatt said:

    To expand upon Teddy, here are some efficiency numbers vs top 100 teams last year


    Circling around back on topic: Is Pinson a guy who can exist with  McGowens et al.?

    Despite shooting a ton last year he was a PG who passed the ball in an offense not necessary geared to pass the ball off.  I'm really hopeful on him being a good fit.



    In the comparison with Teddy Allen,  if we do get Xavier Pinson I'm hoping the difference is Teddy was not a Point Guard, or expected to play like one (that is initiating the offensive sets) while Pinson is, and will be expected to act like one.

  8. (Follow-On Article in Hail Varsity)





    What will Kate Cain decide come season’s end?

    The senior center can come back to Nebraska for a fifth season next year thanks to the NCAA, or she can move on to prepare for the WNBA Draft. 

    “The coaches have really respected the idea that I really want to just focus on this season as it goes,” Cain said. 

    Her preference is to wait until the year is completely finished, then weigh the pros and cons of another year in Lincoln, making the WNBA wait. Coaches have respected that. 



    “More so, my decision weighs on personal things and opportunities for myself in the future. I really need to evaluate all of that with my family and the coaches. Trying to push that off as far as I can has really been able to help me kinda stay with it and just focus on each game that is at hand.”


  9. Will She; or Won't She Stay - Seems like not even Kate Knows for Sure! :wink: Whether it comes down to 'What Might BE" or "Move-On;" What a Way to Go!



    Here is a good article by Abby Barmore of the OWH! (subscribers only, but you may be able to access it if you open in a private browser window). A great read about Kate and her family as well as her time in Lincoln and future.





    Kate Cain had it all planned.......She was committed to play basketball at the University of Delaware,
    Then everything changed, After two years looking forward to being a Blue Hen, she didn’t have a team. Cain and her family squeezed in four official visits in 2½ weeks - And the one farthest from her home, is where Cain landed.

    Four years later, Cain has seven program records for blocks - She recorded the program’s first triple-double of points, rebounds and blocks — as a freshman. Cain, who had 22 points, 14 rebounds and 11 blocks against Florida Atlantic on Dec. 19, 2017, doesn’t remember much about the game.



    Cain’s success should come as no surprise. She is a part of a basketball family.
    Her mother, then Alison Martinsky, is still the second-leading shot blocker at Fairfield (Conn.) University. Her father Tim is the all-time leading scorer (1,872) at Manhattan College.

    “My parents have done so much for me and my siblings, supportwise and being able to get us to practices and workouts and pushing us to do our best,



    What stuck out most to Cain about Nebraska was the coaching staff.
    “They were really kind, genuine people which played a really big role because I really was looking for that sort of support within a coach,” Cain said. “Also, I enjoyed the team and the campus. And the facilities obviously are incredible.”


    “You don’t really realize (the fan support) until you’re in Lincoln and you get recognized and then after a game you have little kids coming up asking you to sign posters,”



    Cain, who earned her Master’s in business administration, is projected to be a second-round WNBA draft pick. She is now ready to move on from Nebraska, her home for the past four years. She will leave a lasting legacy, but will take something much more valuable with her.


  10. Saw this elsewhere: 


    Loyola looked like a team capable of returning to the Final Four for the second time in four seasons...........

    Their center, Krutwig, also played on the 2018 Final Four team. He is a treat to watch -- maybe my favorite individual to watch in this tournament.


    Krutwig, I remember that guy! :Hair Fire:

    (And Sister Jean, Too! :nod: )

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