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  1. krazzykirk

    2018 Transfer Market

    Prentiss Nixon is leaving CSU as a transfer. Was ranked the #13 player in Illinois the same year that Glynn Watson was #3 player and Ed Morrow #5 player. Was CSU leading scorer with 16 points game. Unfortunately point guard which we don't need.looks to be good friends with Glynn Watson. BY the way the number 1 player was Jalen Brunson
  2. krazzykirk

    Lunardi Hate Week

    I love how they do a new bracketology when 1. We don't know if everyone will be back. 2. We don't know our full non conference schedule and conference schedule.
  3. krazzykirk

    What to do with Miles contract?

    Part of the reason why I think nothing has been said is also the women's team is in the NCAA tournament plus with spring break starting the players will have more time to decide what they will do. I for one would expect Hunter to stay for his son will be a senior. Lewis may have some opportunities at HC oppotunities or higher assistant coaching opportunities.
  4. krazzykirk

    Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    Minnesota did beat Alabama........remember this is where Alabama went to Minnesota and only finished with 3 players on the court.
  5. krazzykirk

    The Longest Day(s)

    Wonder if Alabama is regretting the game they lost at Minnesota when they finished the game with just 3 players.
  6. krazzykirk

    Rumour du jour: Possible Jordy Transfer

    Here is hoping that Jordy makes the best decision for himself. Looking at previous clips earlier this year especially when Miles played Santa Claus that Jordy and the whole team got involved and seem more like a team than I have seen through the years. Remember these are young adults between the ages of 18-22 years old. He has very little family around him and I am sure that does not help things at all. His play at the end of last year gave everyone something to look forward to especially with not knowing how Gill, Pamer and Copeland would be as a team. While his numbers are down this year you see more uniformity and cohesiveness within the team. Watson prior to the last game was on a downward spiral........and seeing the ally oop to Jordy in the Wisconsin game I could see the relief in Watson and joy in Jordy. Here's hoping Jordy stays and things are worked out between him, his team and the coaches. I see true promise as a player especially since he is only a sophomore. Right now you wonder if Jacobson or Morrow have any regrets transferring. Good luck Jordy.....heres hoping you stay.
  7. They just put on ESPN top plays of the day. Roby's rebound on the keester then pass to Gill for the 3 pointer #8 play of the day.
  8. It wasn't that Glynn was inconsistent it was more of Purdue Defense and full court pressure on Watson. Purdue is definitely a top 10 team and I am proud of there heart today.
  9. krazzykirk

    2018 Isaiah Chandler - Wichita St

    Also mentions that he will be spending 2017-2018 season at sunrise Christian academy working on his body and his game
  10. krazzykirk

    2018 C Brady Heiman (Platteview) - LOI

    With his early commitment, he will have the whole year to develop his body. Maybe he will need a redshirt year. Let Miles and Brady decide that when a decision is needed. Enjoy your last year of high school. Maybe by the start of his freshmen year he will be 6'11 and 220 lbs and be a stretch 4/5.
  11. krazzykirk


    This year the only playmakers were Tai and Glynn who could develop there own shot. Teams keyed on them and they became battered and bruises.There were glimpses of Jordy an Ed. Next year there will be 4 transfers within the top 11 players how they mesh with the other players and there injuries will be important. By big 10 season next year starts I expect either Nana or Roby to start. I hope Roby develops into his body. I can guarantee that Nebraska had one of the least amount of assists in the Big 10. Who is going to be that 2nd or 3rd playmaker next year? Here's hoping we can maybe steal a recruit from the coaching turnover at Indiana or Illinois.
  12. krazzykirk


    Watching the Michigan vs Louisville game you saw a true team atmosphere. This team can shoot the 3 and take it inside. This team is a very unselfish team. Even though Walton was 3-13 he was a team leader and led the team in rebounds. Wagner was unstoppable in the 2nd half and Wilson made some key free throws. Also think how Donnel and Duncan Robinson have accepted there roles they could probably start on 80 % of the Division 1 teams and most of last year Robinson team started .2 big 10 teams playing in Kansas City with Purdue and Michigan and possibly another if Michigan State beats Kansas. I wish Nebraska played with that unselfishness. Save a scholarship for Wingett or Chang hope they qualify and get that redshirt year and watch them develop.
  13. krazzykirk

    Nana Akenten is 'N'

    I watched the game with Simeon. Simeon did a box and 1 between both teams you had at least at 5 Division 1 basketball players. Nana definitely has the leadership that Nebraska needs. A great off guard who will probably start out in our system as a small forward. Andrew White shooting ability if not better but can develop his own shot
  14. krazzykirk

    2018 F Ed Chang (Papillion-LaVista)

    He could always put his son as a walk-on.
  15. One thing to consider and I truly think this affected us after the michigan st game. Purdue has the iowa game on the road and then plays 8pm on Wednesday at Minnesota....so they could be gassed. With our sicknesses and injury the I think the break comes at a good time.dealing with their height and transition will be tough.