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  1. bleujay

    The end of AAU Basketball

    AFAIK the 15 visits include those during high school as well as visits to transfer to a different school. Five visits between Aug. 1 and the end of their junior year of high school. Five visits between the end of their junior year and Oct. 15 after high school graduation (this might lead to a lot more winter enrollments). Five visits between Oct. 15 after high school graduation and the remainder of their college eligibility. So high school recruits can take 10 official visits.
  2. bleujay

    The end of AAU Basketball

    Big news. How does this affect AAU?
  3. bleujay

    Jordy Gone

    part of me thinks he would have left earlier if he had a school ready to give him a rotation spot. i don't really see what power conference school would give him starter's minutes.
  4. bleujay

    Jordy Gone

    do you guys think jordy has another school lined up?
  5. bleujay

    2019 PG Shareef Mitchell

    He's young for his grade - an extra year before college ball will do wonders for him physically. you don't have to be given 4 stars by an internet service to be a good division 1 player.
  6. bleujay

    Akoy Agau

    does a player rack up any sort of debt by moving around that much...sheesh. How does he have eligibility remaining
  7. bleujay


    Yes. I don't like watching football, it bores me to tears. Reading comments like these never gets old!
  8. bleujay


    people were discussing the nature of the rivalry. I thought I would weigh in with my experiences. Sorry !
  9. bleujay


    I think the football team works against your basketball team in some ways. People see NU football as a separate entity from the rest of the NU athletic department because of the strength of its brand and its history. Anyone who lives in nebraska has license to cheer for them, sort of thing. On the flip side, most jayskers I've met grew up in Omaha and they feel the same way about Creighton basketball, identifying with the program as an Omahan. I do agree though, its always unsettling when you meet people who root for/financially support the NU football program, then root for Creighton basketball and treat NU basketball as a verbal punching bag. It might be so prominent because Omaha is the major population center of the state, but a large portion of UNL students come from Omaha. A weird duality that I have never really had to confront because I think football is very boring.
  10. bleujay

    NBA Playoffs

    a lot of them don't, and it shows in them making dumb career decisions or taking less money. most of them understand they have fans with expectations.
  11. bleujay

    NBA Playoffs

    that warriors team is unbeatable when both curry and durant are playing well. lebron leaving cleveland this summer will make things interesting again. whoever he goes to will put up a good fight, and I think the celtics are right there as well if their young talent continues to improve and they are retained. i am an NBA fan and I will admit I was bummed out when Houston was eliminated. Very boring to watch lebron get his ass handed to him every summer by steve kerr
  12. bleujay

    NBA Playoffs

    however you want to phrase it, there were no years MJ played in the NBA during that time period when he didn't win a championship. that's why its an 'effective' streak. i would also counter that lebron did not create the point-forward prototype - Magic and Bird were the first, then a handful of guys like Charles Barkley, Grant Hill, and Penny Hardaway were a second wave. Lebron is definitely the ideal for the position though, in terms of size, speed, and skillset. I will give you that. And he has basically set the standard for it going forward in the NBA (people constantly comparing Giannis and Simmons to him). I also agree with you on your point of big men trying to develop perimeter skills early on, but I think a lot of the younger players have it backwards. They want to work from the outside-in on their skillset, they should be doing it the other way around. Obviously learning to shoot at a young age gives you a huge leg up - it doesn't matter how tall you are at 17.
  13. bleujay

    NBA Playoffs

    Chuck, we are in agreement on Russell. I think he has the best case for GOAT outside of Jordan. He made every game miserable for Wilt for a long time. He was often the fastest guy on the court and he could handle/pass the ball as well. Coach Red used him as the focal point of celtics offenses. He was addicted to scouting reports and used them to counter his opponents' offense. He was also one of the first guys to study angles of missed shots and predicting the ball's rebound off the rim/backboard. When he was in college it was obvious he was a highly cerebral player even though his skillset lacked polish; cerebral but also quite physically gifted. He landed in the perfect franchise to cement his legacy.
  14. bleujay

    NBA Playoffs

    for me, MJ still holds the GOAT because: -team's best player, leading one franchise to an effective six consecutive championships in the modern nba -commitment to defense (or just winning at all costs) plus, I do not like how lebron has been pulling strings in the cavs franchise. you're a player, not a staff member or part of the front office. and yes, the cavs are awful, but lebron drove away his second best player and negotiated huge contracts for some of these dead-weight players. those are basically the only guys in the league that size that can handle the ball well. every era has a seldom few. Hell, KD's handle kinda sucks. This type of player is still extremely valuable and rare - tall and has good court vision/ball handling, its the only reason Luka Doncic is a top 3 pick. Personally I think young players come into the league with less halfcourt skill than they did 10 years ago. Simmons is the perfect example. His mobility and size are lethal in transition, but his lack of a jump shot makes him horrible in a slower paced game. And the playoffs are always slower paced, much less transition game..he was a nonfactor much of the time against boston. IMO it will be a long time before the NBA plays positionless basketball. A player's skillset too often gravitates around their size - e.g. small guys are low to the ground and handle the ball well.
  15. bleujay

    NBA Playoffs

    what? jordan is not alone in this treatment. they only call the most obvious violations