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  1. players coming out in support of Coach mac. Mo watson said he should be "forgiven but not excused". I like that distinction. Still not sure what to think going forward, i hope the university takes into account the players' feelings above all else.
  2. agree. I am pretty confident in saying Mac isnt racist. He's an incredibly nice guy and I've never heard a character criticism from former players or coaches. His comment was a slip of the tongue, I am certain, but it was also a sign of systemic racism. And that may deter players from choosing to play basketball at Creighton. Tough decision to make here. I hope its made with a 'business-first' mindset, because again, I don't believe Mac is a racist and you could think of this as a 'first-strike' conduct violation.
  3. yes they play defense in the nba lol. only the best offensive players get away with not playing any defense
  4. I still think Ballock would have gone to KU had he not injured his shoulder and missed his entire junior year.
  5. Final score doesn't reflect how competitive this game was for 30 minutes. Turnovers and weak 3pt defense is what I thought gave creighton the advantage. You guys have a lot of talent that just needs more time together. Never seen so much talent on a nebraska team. Hoiberg already paying dividends. Good game, and good luck the rest of the season.
  6. since we joined the BE its been 4 foreign recruits - krampelj, epperson, and the two guys in this class. good strategy IMO, cast a wide net
  7. I think what is the worst about these injuries is these guys are away from home. I can't imagine rehabbing that serious of an injury with the help of doctors who don't speak your native language, far away from your family and most of your friends.
  8. bumping because i forgot to give an update. the brisket was awesome, smoked it for about 15 hours overnight. it fed 6 people on friday, 3 on saturday and today, and tomorrow I'm making chili with whats left and that should last me through most of the week as a single guy. quite a deal, considering i paid 80$, 25 of which was shipping. thanks again @cipsucks! expect another order some time before summer is over, a bigger one this time.
  9. Cip gave me quite the deal on some brisket, i'm smoking it on father's day but the temptation to crack open the package upon arrival will be strong..
  10. brisket is good value at $7/lb, let me know when you get more of it in stock! @cipsucks
  11. i gave 25 bucks. I cannot imagine that level of tragedy befalling anyone.
  12. according to hoyatalk, this one was seen coming by a few people. they got worried when ewing went out of his way to clarify that mac was going to return. that was a couple weeks ago, if you go look at their 100+ page thread on him, people suspected something like this and have connected it to the dismissals from earlier in the season.
  13. It seems like the levee has most assuredly broken
  14. so will the team get tested when they return to nebraska? man this is nuts. thoughts out to fred and the men's team.
  15. Could a test come back that quickly? Wouldnt it be a blood test?
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