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  1. i'll be at the open practices, i would rather go to a bar in the north loop to watch the games than attend in person
  2. bad timing for you guys but i really don't think this has anything to do with sports.
  3. where would roby go if he leaves? i still think he needs to develop his game before signing an agent and forgoing his last year of eligibility.
  4. Was at the game on Saturday, I will say as a creighton fan I was unsettled due to the environment so who knows how the players felt when the place erupted 5-6 times. PBA is an incredible venue. props to you guys, you beat us fair and square. The defensive effort we brought to a rivalry game was quite undeserving of a win.
  5. Reporting is fine. I have no issue with the national reporting because its relevant. I didn't have any issue with the OWH's handling of it until Dirk's piece was published. It implies Creighton is guilty when there is zero evidence. Bottom line.
  6. no, I'm sorry, I don't see any evidence worth reporting on. Guess the divide in perception is too large. Let me send a letter to Mac telling him to never recruit anyone who is also being recruited by 'ville or Arizona.
  7. maybe try adding something to the discussion other than a gif
  8. 1. So what? Our coaches are thorough in their recruitment processes? Wouldn't you want there to be more than less calls for the most high profile recruit in CU's modern history? No proof, just circumstance and fluff 2. No. I call it like I see it. What Dirk wrote was just clickbait stupiditiy. "Yeah, there's no proof, but we'll paint them as the guilty party and then leave the readers to decide - that's what they get for trying to play with the big boys"
  9. sorry that Mac decided to swing for the fences. Its not like he makes a routine of going after McD's AA type players. If you go after someone rated that highly, there's a good chance they associate with someone that, in your words, you "wouldn't want Miles associating with" (dumb mentality anyway, CBB recruiting is riddled with guys like Dawkins) I haven't heard anything about the NCAA. But the University maintains there has been no word from the FBI. I don't have a reason to believe they would lie about something like that. Vague subtweeting? Seems pretty explicit. He supports McDermott and asserts the program is clean. If he didn't do those things, I'd be worried for Mac's future and the integrity of the program. That's why its a sigh of relief.
  10. That piece by Dirk was extremely lazy, low effort yellow journalism lol. Also before you start throwing stones about twitter scum, maybe take a look at what some of the GBR fans are tweeting in those threads. What facts can they point to? McDermott made calls to a handler of someone we recruited? That same person working for the agency that represented Patton? The FBI still has not contacted Creighton for any sort of info request or cooperation. Its still more likely this is a nothing burger. Rasmussen defending the program's image on Twitter is a big sigh of relief. I am disappointed in the OWH for allowing that sort of article to be published
  11. why would any high profile college recruit accept this proposition when everyone else around them is making money? tv networks, conferences, agents, shoe company employees. everyone except the athlete gets paid in college athletics. if there wasn't a market for college athletics, if there was no money involved then what you are proposing would be fair. however, that just isn't the case.
  12. pretty much. good to see the NBA get involved. its painfully obvious to everyone (even if the NCAA acts like its a non-issue) that the top HS players have a certain level of market value. Because of bullshit amateurism rules, players don't get what the market has determined is their 'fair share'. The NCAA can pretend that this value doesn't exist, but in a capitalistic society everyone wants to get paid what they're worth. Its at this point that avenues of payment, usually involving fraud or deception, come into play. Simplest solution is to just bring it all on the up and up. Just pay the freaking players.
  13. i think murphy is gone. if there's fire behind all this smoke then i think the fans and donors deserve to know about it. i doubt we offered to pay anyone besides bowen. that's about all there is to say at this point..
  14. he really reminds me of marcus foster. he uses a lot of jump stops in that highlight video + the good leaping ability off two feet. looks like a great pickup.
  15. the offensive line was really badly outmatched today and frost pretty much said that there's nothing the staff can do about it in the short term. to me that indicates frost knows how much of a talent deficit there is. there are some really solid playmakers on both sides of the ball for nebraska but the foundation for a good team just isn't there atm.
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