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  1. 3 hours ago, Swan88 said:


    To your point, 49r: early in his second game Roby got his fingertips on a three-point shot and immediately ran to the other end—his teammate grabbed the blocked shot and hit Roby in-stride for a lay-in. Roby didn’t even take a dribble.  It was a spectacular series of events, but the announcers totally missed it because they were gabbing about something that had nothing to do with the game.

    This is why I never, ever listen to announcers anymore.  They never seem to be discussing what going on in front of them.  And even if they are they generally get it wrong.

  2. 11 minutes ago, Bugeaters1 said:

    Ok, thought that was who you talking about. Geez, she hasn't had a full recuiting cycle to have her seat getting warm.

    I really would like some verification on the hot seat statement.  All I have ever read is that coach williams is doing a great job and Moos loves how she is doing her job.  One yahoo on the rivals board made a statement last winter, but nothing that is said over there can be taken seriously.

  3. 17 hours ago, braska said:




    Firstly let me state that I'm not attacking you three (redsteve, caveman & Fastbreaker) on a personal level.  I'm debating the merits of your points and concerns.  Which is why I quoted the parts of the post that appears to portray Cook in an unfavorable light.  And while I understand that your post as well as the other two quoted are your own personal opinions, I merely offered a counterpoint with evidence.


    The tricky thing as always when it comes to forum postings is it's easy to misinterpret certain passages of a post.  So when I read the part where you said:  "May be completely wrong, but kind of doubt Cook would take second fiddle, no matter who has ...officially... the scholarship".  My interpretation led me to read that as Cook being inflexible or perhaps too strongly, dictatorial.  My usage of dictator is probably a bit over-the-top and perhaps I should've used a less intrusive word to highlight my point.  For that I apologize.  However the original point of my post still stands.  And since you clarified your point regarding that 2nd fiddle quote.  It's duly noted. 


    As was already pointed out, Cook doesn't need Ware.  It appears to me that Cook is helping Williams and the basketball program by being receptive to Ware's idea of potentially playing two sports.  In which case it proves that Cook is all N for the team regardless which program is giving the scholarship. 





    But if Cook is demanding a full-time volleyball player and giving the basketball team a part-time basketball player, that is not helping Coach Williams and the women's basketball team.  She is not that good that she can help a Big 10 basketball team by playing basketball only 2.5-3 months. 

  4. 2 hours ago, caveman said:

    Cause this is how it worked last time, also basketball needs the player volleyball is loaded enough.  Make no mistake this will be full time vball and part time bball on a basketball scholarship.  Oh that includes summer work outs etc...... If you doubt that go to Greicha ( All-American setter non starter on the basketball court.)

    Yeah and Greisha Lee Cepero was worthless as a basketball player.  And Ware would be disruptive of the team unity built up over the 2.5 months she would be playing Vb instead of bb.

  5. Why would Coach Williams put a player on basketball scholarship and then only get a part time basketball player while Coach Cook gets a full time VB player without burning a scholarship?    How about Cook gets her until November 1st, then she's basketball.  We will see how it works wherever she goes.

  6. 2 hours ago, All About the Corn said:

    OK - So I have viewed this forum for years. Big WBB fan. I think a big question for this team is who will be the leaders this off season, and into the next season? This year lacked leadership. If they are to move forward then Hannah, and Nicea need to step up. Also think we need to see more from Sam, and Leigha as well. Maybe Williams should talk to Cook to get some advice as he has it figured out.

    Have a blue blood program and thus get 5 star player year after year.  Thats what Cooks advice would be. 

  7. 4 hours ago, redsteve said:

     Article was kind of all over the map with info. Some of it pretty honest in evaluation. She was trying to be positive about next year of course. Lots of returning scoring and rebounding returning.  Said schedule will be "more balanced"...guess that means easier.


    Basically says she and the team are frustrated and disappointed, and the team is "hurting" about the last season. "Missing post season play is not why the recruits come here". Seemed like a lot of disappointment with the losses..for all of reasons they failed, and things that happened...things that went wrong. 


    "Chemistry was good, but almost too differential" ..what ever that means? 


    Spoke about ...not having a consistent go to player in crunch time. (I've mentioned that here several times)  Also... "team seemed to lack a true rudder" ...upper class leadership ? We "missed the leadership and defense of Wood, Cincore and Morton" from last year.


    Named several players by name. Said "Cain can dominate games more than she thinks". "Hannah's game trended downward this season." "Haiby is gifted scorer and the best at driving to basket. "Brown has natural scoring talent" "Kissenger is best shooter".    ............No surprises here. 


    Will do sit downs with the players to access their resolve, and what is needed to move forward.   ...see "where their mind set is at"


    Like we pretty much have said here , Coach says we were close but didn't get over the hump, as necessary to be more successful. Coach seems to be real positive about .....Will be much closer next year to where we need to be.... with the help of the Australian Bourne. (Coach puts a lot of importance on a new comer...hope it works out)


    You would have to read the article...I've only hit some highlights. 


    "We'll be better" ...Last season was frustrating...Have good returning players.... will have new help....  Need a go to player.  ..thinks they'll have better chance of getting to NCAA's. .....

    "The pieces are there"

    I think it was a damned good article as a end-of-season wrap-up.   Sam is easily the best friend we have in the media.

  8. 1 hour ago, Merlin said:

    Hadn’t heard that anywhere. I think most people are expecting a battle with so many young players in their first tournament. 

    I have heard it many times, in the media, on here, etc. The theory being that all our newbies will have melded with the vets by now and we will be playing tough. Coach Williams stated in the paper this morning that we are playing better for longer periods of time.  Of course she also stated that we then forget our game plans and play horrible for a while.

  9. 49 minutes ago, mwm89 said:

    She (Gusty) impresses me as a Danny Manning type that can carry her team on her back and perhaps get them far in the NCAA's.  Maybe me saying this will jinx them.  :o

    I hope iowa pulls a 2018 NCAA.  Its Iowa man, Iowa

  10. 5 minutes ago, redsteve said:

    Just now on B1G network TV has us playing Minn in the Maryland bracket. Wasn't shown long enough to get the game time, number...etc. Think it was Thursday

    The only way this can happen is if NW beats Iowa and Michigan St beats Minnesota

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