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  1. ICTHusker

    The Starting Five

    did they play a Big Ten schedule too? They beat Indiana and Kansas in the tournament last year. They won't be much taller this year and they are a preseason top 10 team. Quality point guard play makes a big difference. Watson could really help in this area.
  2. ICTHusker

    The Starting Five

    Let's not get to worried about height. Wichita State's starting lineup last year was: Van Fleet 6-0 Cotton 6-3 Baker 6-4 Wessel 6-4 Carter 6-7 They were pretty good last year.
  3. ICTHusker

    OK, so what do we need now?

    I would agree that our big man play has be mediocre, but our point guard play has been dismal. As a season ticket holder at Wichita State (daughter was on dance team), I have seen what a top notch point guard can do for a team. Fred VanVleet is not a exceptionally quick guard but he makes everyone so much better. I would love to see the ball out of Petteway's hands, and he becomes a true shooting guard, more like a Ron Baker. Hopefully Watson and/or Smith can become true point guards and quarterback the team. I like Benny, but he is not the playmaker we need.