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  1. Agree with most of your points in all of the post. Not here to defend Mershon starting....but ask this question. How many mistakes, turnovers, etc does she make ? She was asked as a forward to replace another forward. Does lots of different things at different times. Blocks a shot, scores, hustles, can shot 3's, gets a steal now and then, rebounds too, and can defend decently.....just solid play by a rookie freshman. Granted her stats in this game weren't outstanding...but you don't get nervous about when she's going to commit a turnover. Edited Monday at 09:33 AM by redsteve No. Think of her as Nicea as a freshman. She is starting because of her defense and hustle. . . . and because Maddie has been ineffective.
  2. rand909

    +/- Stats

    Thought I would chart minutes on the court vs. the players' +/-. Thoughts?
  3. rand909

    +/- Stats

    I've wondered if we could document who should be on the floor. I have compared the +/- stats for each B1G game (except Iowa - I can't find the stats for that game). Now, we know that you can't look at +/- stats for only one game. They would depend on who was on the floor with a player, who the other team had on the floor, who was hot or cold, who was in foul trouble, etc. However, after 4 games they are beginning to show some consistency. You be the judge: 2019 Stats Michigan Ohio State Iowa Maryland Rutgers Total Simon -3 -7 -3 -5 -18 Cain 14 -12 -3 -11 -12 Whitish 5 8 -17 -9 -13 Eliely 22 10 -14 -8 10 Kissinger 2 -8 0 -4 -10 Mitchell -16 -4 -20 Mershon 14 18 -18 1 15 Haiby 11 6 -16 -2 -1 Brown 2 11 -5 5 13 Veerbeek 3 19 2 7 31
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    Just saw the stats. Compare the +/- of the freshmen vs the starters. Wow!
  5. I bought an audio delay just so I could watch the team on TV or live stream and still listen to Matt and Jeff. Best $200 I have ever spent. My wife even agrees with me.
  6. Well from a "Pollyanna" perspective, my wife points out to me that if they don't make the NCAA they would certainly be a high seed in the WNIT. With the way the WNIT tournament works, we would probably have additional opportunities (perhaps several) to watch them play here.
  7. Here is the solution I use. It works wonderfully. https://www.amazon.com/RTS-200C-RadioTVsync-Second-Audio-Delay/dp/B00H7IBTQ2
  8. What stood out to me was that the girls seemed to be playing with an intensity and speed that was completely absent last year. Of course, Rachel's presence alone would ratchet up the intensity. Without Jessica there seemed to be more teamwork on offense than last year. The defensive intensity and effort was significantly more evident this year (and this was just an exhibition game). I don't know what the win/loss totals will be this year but this team is going to be much more fun to watch.
  9. I'm going to guess Rachel, Hannah, Kate, Nicea, Bria
  10. Well, how about that? Just about the time so many of you had decided that Coach couldn't recruit a big - indeed, many said she wasn't trying to recruit a big - she signs a top 100 true post who can play immediately. Maybe Coach does know what she is doing.
  11. When RCJ came to Nebraska she essentially had a contract. She could get a chance to play but would not have a scholarship. She chose to come. At the end of the year they would re-evaluate. Coach decided not to offer a scholarship. I'm not sure where you find an ethical dilemma. Did Coach tell her she would get a scholarship her sophomore year? I don't think so. If you are saying it would be "nice" if it had worked out differently, I would agree. But I also think it would be "nice" if liberals and conservatives could get along, if there was no world hunger and pay-per-view was free.
  12. I always try to look at the positive, but this was completely discouraging. Other than an inability to shoot, not wanting to rebound and not even trying on defense we looked pretty good. What the hell is going on? To lose by 26 to a team that was 0-10 in the league is incredible. By this point of the season we should be showing some evidence of coaching, but we don't. I'm not giving up my tickets but it's getting hard to justify driving to Lincoln and spending 4 1/2 hours to witness this type of play. Has anyone seen anything positive to cheer me up?
  13. This is completely disheartening. I don't believe in criticizing individual players, but today I don't need to. They all look like they don't want to be there.
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