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  1. He stated it again. She is my favorite player on the team as was Rachel Blackburn. Guess I should stop picking favorite players.
  2. Thought I heard Jeff say she is done for the year. Needs hip surgery. Tough loss and I feel for Taylor. Sure has been a rough year for her
  3. How many scholarships do we have left and will we go after any transfers for next season. Looks like we are gaining three and losing two to graduation. Would like to see another center added to the team but preferably a freashmen.
  4. Interesting that there was no questions about the three young ladies put on inactive status. Also sounded like she anticipate that they would not be on scholarship next year as she made reference that we would have a lot of scholarships available in 18-19. Thanks for the audio post. Always great to her information about our women’s team. GBR
  5. I can envision all five starters and possibly one sub averaging double digits in scoring if given enough playing minutes, the players can make their free throws and they play as a team. This team will be hard to defend and we should have a lot of high scoring games. Hope this team is in good enough shape to run the entire game.
  6. At 5 foot 5, she looks taller than two of our coaches. ???
  7. On a more positive note, you have got to be excited about this upcoming season. With the addition of Kristian, we should have a solid starting five and a capable bench. Can hardly wait for the season to start on on another positive note, Kristian hit 81% for her free throw last season. ???
  8. Sounds like all three were told they would no longer be an active part of the team. Also sounds like their scholarships will continue to count towards our limit. Would have thought that Rachel could have been put on a medical scholarship. I am sorry to see her go. Thought we had a real gem based on her freshman season. Bria is the hard one to understand, if it was academics she should lose her scholarship. She may have been better out staying at UMass. With our new recruits, Darrien was not going to see the floor. Suppose we will never hear the real story
  9. From Big Red Today: Looks like we will be losing some players. Would be nice to pick up a transfer or two. "Don’t be stunned to see a few roster changes announced by the Nebraska women’s basketball team. And don’t be stunned to see all four true freshmen — Leigha Brown, Sam Haiby, Kayla Mershon and Ashtyn Veerbeek — play quite a bit next season."
  10. Lets try this again with a different link. http://www.omaha.com/sports/tbl-women-s-college-basketball-roundtable-with-amy-williams-jim/article_11530a11-a092-58c8-a364-b2b81dfc7fce.html
  11. Mike'l Women's college basketball roundtable with Amy Williams, Jim Flanery and Brittany Lange http://centurylink.net/player/category/news/article/omaha_worldherald-tbl_wbb_roundtable_ebbs_and_flows_throughout_the_s-ndn Nothing earth shattering but found it interesting none the less. Sure hate the slowness of new information coming in. ?
  12. Rutgers and southern Cal declined invite to WNIT. Rutgers coach felt like her team deserved to be in the dance after losing 10 of their last 14 games. Not really sure what she is thinking.
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