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  1. 13 minutes ago, cornfed24-7 said:

    I can see by all your Fox News buzz words you are part of the problem. Have fun in your make believe war.


    Fox News buzz words?  That's all you have? Pathetic. Our educational system has completely failed not only you, but our nation as a whole.  So tell me, were your panties in a wad less than a year ago over this Creighton University story?  I bet not.  


    Creighton professor regrets tweet calling police rally a 'white supremacist' event | Education | omaha.com

  2. On 3/3/2021 at 9:54 PM, cornfed24-7 said:

    If you want to try and defend his word choice...be my guest. There are certain things you can't say. Its not that hard. 

    I'm not even talking about his intent. It does't matter. It is a boneheaded choice of words you just can not use.  

    Woke mob? Really? If you think what he said is o.k. you're part of the problem man.

    As far as "Cancel Culture" whatever. He did something stupid that his boss now has to answer for. At a time when the focus should be on a successful year. This was entirely avoidable situation he caused. Thats why anyone is even talking about his job. Not some cancel culture B.S.

    No, it was completely Cancel Culture.  And, if I have to stand against thought police like you, I'm more than happy to enlist in that war.  The only reason people were talking about his job security is because snowflakes get their panties in a wad.  Greg is reinstated.  Are your panties straight?  Or should he be beheaded?

  3. 20 minutes ago, cornfed24-7 said:

    Look, you can be mad about the current environment we live, but it is the current environment.

    You make a comment like that and you stepped in it. You just can't make that comment. 

    And if you can't understand why comments like that can't be made...well I don't know what tell you.



    I'm not mad at all about the current environment.  I'm really sad that most people won't stand up and say the cancel culture is wrong.  I'm guessing you haven't, but I could be wrong.  I hope you never say the wrong thing, whatever the woke mob deems that to be.  When that happens and there is no one to defend you, well, I don't know what to tell you.   

  4. 42 minutes ago, Handy Johnson said:

    Dougie really stepped in it this time. I’m sure most are aware of the comments he made to his players on Saturday. It’s one thing to be tone deaf, misspeak, or not read your audience. His “plantation” comment does all of that & SO much more. I’ll leave it to those On the Hill to say whether it’s fireable or not, but a suspension is certainly forthcoming. This is the LAST thing Creighton wants to be talking about with the tournament around the corner, but you get what you deserve...

    I hate Creighton as much as anyone on this board.  Suspending Doug for his comments?  You should be suspended from this forum for saying he "bought the farm".  There are many black and hispanic farmers.  This stupid woke shit has to stop!

  5. Hey everyone,


    My apology for not saying goodbye last summer.  I love you guys!  I made the decision last summer sports wasn't all that important in my life anymore.  So, let this be my goodbye.  Jimmy, HB, 49r, royalfan,the guydowninantlata, dimes,bugeaters.  Thanks for an enjoyable last 10 plus years of my life.


    Here's my guaranteed breaking of the conference losing streak.  GBR!





    George Harrison - Here Comes the Sun - 05.06.1987, Prince Trust, Wembley, - YouTube



  6. On 8/29/2020 at 9:41 PM, Dean Smith said:

    I note a touch of sarcasm. You said people should actually be taught history and my response was that many times what is taught as history is truncated and therefore misleading. MLK, like all of us was a complicated person. Though never forsaking non-violence, he became much more radical, marginalized by the mainstream civil rights movement, and hated by white America by the time of his death.  When we leave out inconvenient truths and teach only great man history the common person feels there is nothing they can do to affect change because they aren’t “great.”  We can all be great, we are all flawed, we can all be part of affecting the change that we as individuals want in the world.

    I have a gut feeling we probably have different views of what we want the future world to look like, but we should both be provided the opportunity and allowed the use of the tools that our system is supposed to guarantee all of us, to try to create the future we want.

    I admit that’s a very hopeful, optimistic view of what we can be as human beings and a nation. It should be an easy target for your sarcasm. 


    The cartoon is from 1967. 5E932334-CBEE-4037-BF89-EEEE4EE00BA7.jpeg


    You're absolutely right, Dean.  Thanks for opening the window.



    Don't you dare delete this post, Dimes....


  7. 10 hours ago, Dean Smith said:

    The proper way to celebrate the legacy of a man is to truly know it. MLK was far from the Hallmark greeting card he has been turned into.  He also said “the riot is the language of the unheard,” was a social-democrat long before Bernie, felt we should have a universal basic income, called for the end of the Vietnam war and condemned the American government, calling it “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today,” decried the “two America’s” and was voted the most hated man in America all while sleeping with a lot a Black women who were not his wife. He was human like the rest of us. Great and flawed. People don’t need to agree with everything he believes but if we study “real” history we should know who the real man was. 



    I was only referencing the pledge he made his followers sign in the early sixties.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Thanks for not disappointing me with your response.

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