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  1. From the 1919 University of Nebraska yearbook about the 1918 football season, which opened in the middle of a World War, and which was suspended from Oct. 5's opener against Iowa until a Nov. 9 game against the Omaha Balloon School:


    Were alibis necessary, Nebraska could claim, along with every other school in the Conference, that the unprecedented influenza epidemic made serious inroads on their team's progress. The plague caused an element of uncertainty in every game. Not alone in the personnel of the team, where changes were constantly being made necessary through the claim of the "flu" but also in the student body and in the other devotees of the game, was there an element of unrest and lack of interest. It was never surely known even on the eve of a game whether the teams would clash the following day or not, for bans on public gatherings were being enforced and lifted at all hours of the day and night.




    Just prior to the lifting of the freshman ban, the Government took over the control of the Valley sports, and so cut the Nebraska schedule, in order to eliminate the trips and curtail expense, that is was hardly recognizable after it was returned to us. The Syracuse game and the one scheduled with Morgantown, West Virginia, were both barred, and so the team had only one trip to look forward to through the entire season. The trip allowed was made to St. Louis, where Nebraska mixed with Dick Rutherford's Washington Pikers, December 7, 1918.

  2. Whatever the lineup, is this more of a:

    • Pikiell at Rutgers rebuild second season (3-15, 14th place in 14-team conference); a
    • Miles at Nebraska rebuild second season (11-7, 4th place in a 14-team conference); a 
    • Hoiberg at ISU rebuild second season (12-6, tied for third in 10-team conference); OR
    • Somewhere in between.


    I think this roster lands us somewhere in between Pikiell and Miles/Hoiberg, but that's a huge space to occupy. The early non-partisan analysis like this and this, have us struggling to rise much above Pikiell's benchmark, and unless Allen emerges as a Pettway-style all-conference type player and we have other players emerge and complement in the fashion of Rey Gallegos, Shavon Shields, Walter Pitchford, Tai Webster and Benny Parker, they may be right.

  3. 30 minutes ago, 49r said:


    If we look closely, we will notice that her hips are about 4 inches below his, and the top of her head appears to be about 8 inches below his.  Also, he's standing pretty straight upright while she's leaning in to him a little bit so adjusting for the slope of the beach and factor in the sun angle and the direction of the wind lets put her at about 5'11 to 6'1"


  4. 1 hour ago, hhcmatt said:

    Mon.-Wed., Nov. 30-Dec. 2              TBA (ACC/B1G Challenge)                                     Pinnacle Bank Arena

    Pitt, Wake and UNC all finished tied for last in the ACC last year. Wake played a road game in the B1G/ACC challenge, while UNC and Pitt had home games. One of those two, possibly?

  5. 1 hour ago, hhcmatt said:

    Here is the readable version for us older folk


    2020-21 Nebraska Men’s Basketball Non-Conference Schedule
    Date                                                    Opponent                                                               Location
    Monday, Nov. 2                                 Peru State (exhibition)                                           Pinnacle Bank Arena

    If you squint a little watching this one, you can pretend we're pounding the crap out of Creighton.

  6. 10 hours ago, Navin R. Johnson said:

    Robin Washut Retweeted
    Andrew Slater

    Nebraska has now offered Nisine “Wooga” Poplar 
    @PoplarNisine of

    2021 6' 4" guard out of Philly. No stars yet but a 5 star for the all name team


    Would not have guessed that a person with the given name "Nisine Poplar" would need a nickname. That written, "Wooga" just adds to the general awesomeness.

  7. WARNING: Quarantine time on my hands alert.


    This is my favorite CFB fantasy, with seven 11-team conferences based mostly on region and tradition. Call it the Super League.

    • WEEK ZERO games scheduled last Saturday in August against lower-division teams at Super League home stadiums. Revenue generator for lower-division teams, so Nebraska would host a round of teams from year to year like South Dakota, Wyoming, NDSU, Northern Iowa, etc. Also guarantees seven home games for revenue and a 13th game for everybody instead of meaningless bowl games at end of season.
    • 2-game non-conference schedule among the Super League (1 home/1 away) to help with seeding later for possible wild card. Scheduled by Super League to create suspense, such as last year's conference champions playing or last-place teams from previous year facing off.
    • 10-game conference season determines conference champions.
    • Relegation to lower division if a team finishes 0-12. Replaced by champion and other top teams of the Secondary League, which consists of the MAC, the Sun Belt, the Big Sky, Mo Valley, Mountain West remnants, and all those ArkLaTex and Carolina schools trying to compete currently in Division I.
    • Seven champs plus five wild cards make the 12-team playoffs.
    • 5 vs. 12, 6 vs. 11, 7 vs. 10, 8 vs. 9 in first-round games played first Saturday of December at home field of lowest-seeded team.
    • First round of playoffs in lieu of conference title games.
    • Winners play top four seeds third Saturday in December at four of the New Year's Six sites.
    • Semifinals played as they are now, at the other two New Year's Six venues on New Year's Day
    • Finals played second Monday of January at rotating neutral venues


    Wouldn't be a bad double-round-robin for basketball either.


    SEC ACC Big Ten Big XI Pac-11 SWC Big East
    Florida Virginia Illinois Colorado Arizona Arkansas Louisville
    Georgia Virginia Tech Indiana Iowa State Arizona State Texas Penn State
    South Carolina Miami Iowa Kansas UCLA Texas A&M Boston College
    Tennessee Florida State Michigan Kansas State USC TCU Pittsburgh
    Kentucky Georgia Tech Michigan State Missouri Stanford Baylor Syracuse
    Vanderbilt Clemson Minnesota Nebraska California Texas Tech West Virginia
    Alabama North Carolina Northwestern Oklahoma Oregon Houston Temple
    Auburn NC State Notre Dame Oklahoma State Oregon State Memphis Cincinnati
    Mississippi Wake Forest Ohio State Utah Washington UCF Navy
    Mississippi State Duke Purdue BYU Washington State USF Army
    LSU Maryland Wisconsin Colorado State Boise State Air Force Rutgers

  8. On 6/8/2020 at 11:25 AM, colhusker said:

    Okie lite clearly is not an elite program given the penalty they got.  The big boys would have gotten a stern talking to.

    Give it time. I'm hearing from Lawrence that Self is almost finished with the first draft outlining how he'll penalize himself. The stickling point is whether he'll be able to coach while wearing his toupee.

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