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  1. "Dick" from 1999. Hilarious.
  2. Meh. I can make that sound rising from a chair without having to carry 400 pounds on my shoulders.
  3. If he gets a chance to play our beloved DSU Hornets in the SWAC-MEAC Challenge, I'll be watching.
  4. I'm pulling things out of my past, having followed CB from his freshman year at George Washington HS.
  5. I had a dream last night. Hoiberg was being interviewed after a game, and in the background, Isaac Traudt and other Huskers were cutting down nets. The front of their jerseys read "Men's Basketball." What does it all mean, Dr. Freud, other than I need to re-evaluate my subconscious mind, of course?
  6. That lil' 4-foot-8 PG is gonna get a lot of assists.
  7. I thought about that the other day, especially the logistics of going to class, etc. So everybody in the West goes to Chicago and holes up at UIC or someplace and they play a triple round-robin and take online courses? Eighteen games (3 times 6 opponents)? Everybody in the East gathers in Cincinnati or Detroit or Philly? Or just one big bubble in Indy or Chicago with a double-round robin starting after Christmas (26 games)? Could be kinda cool.
  8. They have a little more diversity coming off the bench.
  9. A starting lineup only a mother could love.
  10. Trust funds, yes. Hippies, not so much. Lots of dudes and bros, though.
  11. Why, yes. Yes, I will. Quite honestly, of the four institutions at which I've taught — CSU, KU, CU Boulder and the UI — Iowa is the least full of itself. The most arrogant? I'll let you guess.
  12. He looks slightly older than 17. So that's good.
  13. Love the odds 11 v. 9. Norwich City was two men down for 46 minutes against Burnley yesterday and it held it to 2-0. And Norwich sucks even with 11 on the pitch.
  14. Wanna go all in and do the apertura and clausura scheduling?
  15. I hope you celebrated by shooting an imaginary arrow.
  16. From the 1919 University of Nebraska yearbook about the 1918 football season, which opened in the middle of a World War, and which was suspended from Oct. 5's opener against Iowa until a Nov. 9 game against the Omaha Balloon School: Were alibis necessary, Nebraska could claim, along with every other school in the Conference, that the unprecedented influenza epidemic made serious inroads on their team's progress. The plague caused an element of uncertainty in every game. Not alone in the personnel of the team, where changes were constantly being made necessary through the claim of t
  17. Ball State, WMU, CMU, EMU, Indiana State, etc. Line 'em up.
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