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  1. Is this one of those "testing the waters" where he can come back or is he gone/gone? I assume he is pretty much gone but just not sure if he tested out poorly could he come back a year?
  2. Does Cam Mack staying/leaving have some say in our chance with Carter? At this point, I wouldnt be shocked to see Fred move on from Cam but wonder if Cam stays does that mean we are out on Carter?
  3. If he truly is a 2020 guy, I am very intrigued how the team would run minutes with him/Yvan/Walker/Mayen. It would allow for you to have true balance at the 4/5. You can then play guys like Cross/Thor at the 3 or if you want to flip the lineup around you can have a ton of versatility with more true depth.
  4. I am most intrigued to see what Hoiberg does with the potential of 1-2 more scholarships opening up. My guess is he adds either a PG if Mack leaves or he adds two more guys who will have to sit out. I kind of forget that a lot of these dudes arent use to the major minutes they are now getting. I really hope that guys like Cross/Yvan are all in because I honestly think both can be used in better spots next year and less minutes which should help on their bodies. Has anyone heard how Walker looks in practice? He is one of the most intriguing options.
  5. Yes, if you try to keep the core. I think there were a few guys from this team that are good enough to be role players. Guys(who played this year) I am excited about(if they are bought in) Cam Mack- Cam is an emotional dude-- I actually appreciate his passion-- Just needs to mature a bit but I think he cares and wants to be successful. Yvan Ouedraogo- Get him help and watch him flourish. I dont think he is a star but he can be a meaningful piece Kevin Cross-Off the bench guy/ Needs another year to get his body right but I am actually a fan(at times) Thor- I was down on Thor but I think he is a leader. He is an off the bench or 15-20 minute guy, but I like him as a piece. I am not down on Akol or Charlie, I just dont think either fly of the page as guys who can help on a deeper team-- Akol showed flashes and I love Charlie hustle...
  6. I mean, a lot of the help coming in had to sit out... but plenty of talent that arent freshman. Guys who actually played this year who werent freshman: Mataej Kavas- graduating Haanif Cheatham-graduating Dachon Burke- transferring Thor- Will be SR/ provided leadership/guy off bench-- Jervay Green- will be SR/ I expect him to transfer Cam Mack- will be JR/ If he gets his head on right, i think he has the ability to be a top tier guy for us--- He needs to buy in. So to answer your question of players who were eligible and not freshman, only 3 options(now that Burke left). At this point I think 1 returns and that is Thor, but even that is an unknown.
  7. Technically our roster for next year is: Dachon Burke 6'4 Sr G Thorir Thorbjarnarson 6'6 Sr G Jervay Green 6'3 Sr G Cam Mack 6'2 Jr G Derrick Walker 6'8 Jr F Lat Mayen 6'9 Jr F Shamiel Stevenson 6'6 Jr F Teddy Allen 6'5 Jr G/F Kobe King 6'4 Jr G Kevin Cross 6'8 So F Akol Arop 6'6 So F Charlie Easley 6'2 So G Dalano Banton 6'8 So G/F Yvan Ouedraogo 6'9 So F Jace Piatkowski 6'4 RS-FR G Bret Porter 6'6 RS-FR F Obviously attrition can happen.
  8. I think you need a mixture of guys who have been here for a while or you run into a situation like this year where everyone is new to everything and that takes a toll. I have some concerns with how next years team is going to add a bunch of new guys again but thankfully 3 of them are here now and just practicing. It will take time but I certainly dont shy away from the guys who are here 4 years as helping with consistency but can also be just fine with 1-2 year guys if they bring talent/plug weak spots.
  9. My guess is Easley wont be on scholarship, so is he willing to do that knowing he then has to pay for another year? Easley strikes me as a guy who will keep showing how valuable he can be and work his way into some minutes.
  10. No way you bench Mack. He could be a all big ten point guard with the right guys around him. Banton is still an unknown but the hype seems real on him-- still think of him as an off guard. I think you start the year with: PG- Mack G- Banton G- Allen F- Walker C/F- Ouedraogo I think guys like Stevenson, King, Cross and Burke see major minutes but thats how you start it at least. Thor probably has earned his way into some decent minutes but we have a log jam at that 2/3 area. I know i might be stretching putting both Walker and Ouedraogo out there at the same time, but I think we start a game physical and then work into speed. A lot of this depends on how guys progress in the offseason. If Cross can continue to work on his body I do think he is a guy who has the talent to be a pretty good option for us. At this point I wonder if Green will be here... No idea what to expect with Mayen.
  11. I dont hate the addition because the kid clearly has talent. Like others, I am very confused with the depth chart for this team next year. We have a log jam of guys at the 2/3 and a lot of them are new faces(or sat out this year). My assumption is Fred likes the rebounding of Walker and feels like the hybrid guys like Stevenson and Banton can also rebound which allows us to run more of a guard heavy lineup.
  12. Thor and Akol are two different players... but sure, lets make blanket comparisons.
  13. Jervay for sure feels like a guy who will be gone after this year. He will get buried on the depth chart with guys like Stevenson/Banton/Allen coming in.
  14. Hard to tell so far.. I guess I dont really see him being more than 5-10 minute a game guy but who knows. He will need to get stronger but I certainly trust Hoiberg knows the type of players he wants.
  15. Goes in waves. The University of Minnesota is looked at way differently by local kids than local kids in Nebraska look at UNL. They have kept a few, but I think it isnt as big of a deal to stay home in MN. Most of the kids seem to at least give the Gophers a look but they have lost a ton of high level talent. One of the big things people thought Pitino could fix.
  16. I say the following in a very joking way- You must be new to the NCAA? They are one of the more screwed up organizations in how they do things or decisions they make. They claim they care about student athletes, but they have proven they dont.
  17. I will try to listen to this. Interested to see how Pavelka does with the names. Hoping we get to see the whole team in spurts. No idea what to expect, but hoping we at least get to see some sort of flow. Season starts with 4 pretty easy games: UC Riverside- KenPom- 286 Southern Utah- KenPom-233 South Dakota State- KenPom- 208 Southern- KenPom- 343
  18. They still have a football team? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. The post above mentioned Miles as an assistant not as a replacer to Pitino. Also I think Pitino would leave the gophers for a higher profile job in a heartbeat. He just hasn’t had crazy success to warrant a team going after him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. I think they have announced all the signings. My assumption is either they know Roby is done or if Roby comes back they will non-renew Thor's scholarship.
  21. I guess we will find out if the concourses of pinnacle bank are filled with people talking and sipping on wine during the game. Red sweaters instead of blue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Miles consistently left one scholarship spot open... what does Fred do, goes over by 1 scholarship... What will Fred do next, actually run a real offensive set/plays? This feels weird. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. I think he meant incoming freshman. I would assume with adding Walker we will hold for a bit. Obviously if Roby comes back we are all filled up. I dont think Roby will be back but we can certainly wait to see if a mid summer guy comes up. I would really like to get a grad transfer big. I dont mind adding Walker but we still need some bodies for this year.
  24. Sits one to play two. First time I am even hearing this guys name. 6'8 Forward. Got decent action his freshman year at 8.8 minutes a game but seemed to fall off. Adds some size and seems to be a decent rebounder.. just got lost on the depth chart.
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