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  1. 11-1 in the non-con (loss to Wichita St.). 10-8 in league play for a regular season of 21-9.
  2. The negative recruiting mentioned in the article has nothing to do with other schools telling Roby that Miles is leaving. Rather, other schools are telling Roby that Nebraska is a football school with very little basketball tradition. All Miles had to do to show that basketball was important at Nebraska was walk around on campus on Saturday and be treated like a rockstar.
  3. The PG Octeus from CSU who transferred to UCLA has been denied admission there. Now a free agent who is immediately eligible. http://www.coloradoan.com/story/sports/csu/mens-basketball/2014/09/15/jon-octeus-denied-ucla/15677441/
  4. Jeremy Woo @Jeremy_Woo Per Simeon HC Rob Smith, Ed Morrow had an in-home with Tim Miles and Nebraska last night. Huskers team to beat in this one IMO
  5. Rhode Island in Lincoln, Creighton in Omaha, ACC opponent in Lincoln.
  6. We knew the Big 10 opponents, including double-plays. Think there's just 2 OOC games we didn't know about. One of them appears to be Northern KY. Just one more opponent to find out.
  7. Lee B. tweeted out a hint that Northern KY is on the schedule. That'd be a disappointing opener.
  8. Why do I have a feeling that the opener is going to be a disappointment? Seems like we may have heard about it already if it was worth a darn.
  9. This works out perfectly from an RPI perspective. Even though this is a tourney, the game against Hawaii counts as a road game for RPI purposes (meaning a road win actually counts as 1.4 wins). And presuming Nebraska wins in Round 1, they get a nice RPI boost by playing Wichita St. in round 2 (WSU should have a very good record again this year). And then regardless of whether Nebraska wins or loses in round 2, they probably end up playing one of the two good teams (GW or Colorado) from the other side in the 3rd place game. All in all, can't ask for a much better draw in terms of RPI.
  10. The date for the Rhode Island game is November 22. Nebraska plays UNO at home 3 days later on November 25. I would expect another schedule announcement soon for a home opener prior to the 22nd of November.
  11. Rhode Island is an excellent addition. Very good RPI game. A team that will likely be a fringe Top 100 RPI team. Projected to be 6th out of 14 A-10 teams by this forecaster: http://www.midmajormadness.com/2014/5/28/5757944/ncaa-college-basketball-2014-2015-early-predictions-atlantic-10 In Creighton, FSU, Cincy, UNO, and Rhode Island, you have 5 very solid games against teams projected to be between 50-150 in the RPI next season. Will be interesting to see what the draw looks like in the Hawaii tournament. Would be nice to see Wichita St., GW, or Colorado in at least 2 of the 3 games.
  12. Correct. Signing the papers though not binding on the student. The student is free to go elsewhere at any time.
  13. The LOI deadline is 11:59 PM tonight. An LOI signed after the deadline is over is invalid.
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