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  1. An old-timer I talked to about WWII credits the bomb with saving his life as well. As the years have passed, people have forgotten the Japanese promised to fight until there was no one left. Dropping the bombs can look cruel in hindsight, but there are likely more Japanese that survived to see 1946 because of it.
  2. NC State's spirits were probably broken when a trash team took them to 4 OTs.
  3. Good lord I would hope so. NBA scouts should be concerned about his mental makeup if he was still considering us.
  4. My cable installer in South Dakota knew about it, so people are definitely talking!
  5. I didn't expect or really want him to recruit 100% by the book which is why I was excited about him. I just want to win basketball games, not go into business with the man. I expected the shadiness to lead to a couple wins though....
  6. There were coaches on recorded FBI phone calls admitting to paying players and people barely cared. Don't see how the worst basketball team in the country committing recruiting violations would be at all newsworthy other than the absurdness of it. My money is on Twitter rumor that has been spun out of control in the tiny pocket of the world that is Nebrasketball fandom.
  7. The officiating is always going to suck with Teddy involved, but the discrepancy in calls is also due to us going weak to the hole contorting to avoid contact and shooting floaters. They also have an actual rim protector who had like 8 blocks. I think the officiating was poor but not as lopsided as many think. <ducks>
  8. Say what you want about the players, but this starts at the top. Hoiberg’s “best player” the past three years has been a transfer who is a black hole and refuses to run the offense. All three years our team has looked better when said players were not playing. Either break these kids or bench them. His offense is either too complicated, our teams aren’t good enough to run it, or he lacks the leadership to get them to run it. We get outhustled badly. All our players play like they’re potential lottery picks and don’t need to play hard. Spoiler: most of you stink…that’s why you had to transfer to the worst major basketball school ever…so maybe hustle. Trey - Has always been more athlete than basketball player. He got convinced he’s better than he is because he was one of the better players on a 7 win team. Good defender. Great dunker. Bryce - His parents should be thrown in jail for letting him come play Nebrasketball. Clearly talented. His teammates all think they are more talented. Walker - Would be a great 7th man on a tournament team. Good energy which is rare on this team. Lat- Hits shots sometimes I guess. Verge - Thinks he’s Allen Iverson. Is actually a poor man’s Bo Spencer. At least Bo and Teddy and Cam before him were fun sometimes. There is nothing fun about watching this young man play basketball. Wilcher - Plays ok in spurts. Also abuses those spurts as an excuse to be a black hole for several possessions at a time. Bro, you averaged like 2 pts last year…run the offense. Ed - He’s trying to force it to justify his minutes and does not have the talent to force it. Just crash the boards and be tall, big fella. Webster - Always liked his game. Wish he had a little help tonight. Breidenbach - Not ready to play major college basketball. I know he’s a fan favorite, but big homie has cinderblock feet. He’ll be a solid upperclassman if he sticks around. Keisei - I fell in love with a 6’1” Japanese boy this summer, and it sure seems my crush read too many of his press clippings. Horrible shot selection so far. This hurts my heart to say, but he should not be in the rotation. Edwards - I keep seeing he played minutes, but I struggle to remember seeing him on the court through 3 games. Is that bad? Heard he had a nice dunk one time in a scrimmage. This sucks. We suck again. Go Big Red I guess.
  9. Over/under win total on Creighton was 10.5 when I hit the boats a couple weeks ago and under was -135. They ain’t good.
  10. Wild our team has looked it’s best whenever our “best player” isn’t playing for the 3rd year in a row.
  11. Breidenbach plays exactly how you would expect him to play if you just saw a picture of him. Verge plays like someone I would like to never see play again. Poor man’s Bo Spencer.
  12. I didn’t realize this announcer works for the AD until just now. The last 2 hours make so much more sense. I thought he was a random guy from like Indiana. I love him even more now.
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