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  1. Good eye. He was on there yesterday. His bio page no longer has an image. Hopefully it wasn't something that's going to make the public record
  2. So long as they don't hire some assistant from Kansas State to come in and slaughter us in the B1G title game. Erm, on the other hand, making it to the B1G title game would be kinda awesome even if we did lose to some Wisconsin team coached by a crew-cut asshole named Bret. Speaking of which: Has anyone ever actually known a guy named "Bret" that they liked? Me neither. (Surely none of you are Bretts.) I am a Bret I hope im liked
  3. Have also heard about Tarin Smith, would hate for him to transfer
  4. Disappointed in the outcome but very very proud of the boys and the way they played tonight
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