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    Thomas Allen Back to School Drive

    You are a good man, TA. Wish I was back in Lincoln to help you.
  2. Ashfan

    Copeland is back

    It's time to eat grandpa. She is very pretty and definitely younger than me. But then again the pyramids are younger than me.
  3. Ashfan

    Copeland is back

    Copeland back. Palmer back. And a pretty young woman suggested we go out for coffee sometime. Yep, this is definitely an alternate reality.
  4. Ashfan

    Amir Harris is N

    Holy crap!!! This is fantastic! Welcome aboard, young man. And this is shaping up to be an extraordinary offseason!
  5. Ashfan

    Dachon Burke is N

    Outstanding! Welcome aboard!
  6. Ashfan

    Contract Extensions

    I know that you have talked to far more recruits than I have, but I have talked to a number of football recruits/parents over the years on the eastern slope of Colorado. And I'm pretty sure all of them have said that coaching stability would be a factor in their decision and contract length/extension is a readily observable signpost regarding that factor (my words summarizing theirs). I talked to a RB recruit's mom in the late spring of 2017 whose main concern was whether Riley would be there for the long term, as she really like him. I haven't spoken to any basketball recruits.
  7. Ashfan

    Really OT

    Lot of my favorites already mentioned, but I will add: Wishbone Ash (all time favorite) Willie Nile Renaissance Dave Edmunds Deep Purple Head East
  8. Ashfan

    Scouting Miss St

    I read this morning he is definitely out. That makes a big difference as MSU is not a particularly good ball handling team other than the Weatherspoon brothers, and Nick is the better of the two. Plus they lose 11 PPG and the guards that will platoon as Nick's replacement are not that great.
  9. Ashfan

    United States v Gatto

    Just read the first opinion from the US District Court for the Southern District of New York in the case that the US has brought against the shoe company exec and others for bribing basketball players to attend certain schools. The opinion denies a motion to dismiss the indictment filed by the defendants in this action. Thought some might be interested in the basis for the criminal charges, at least in this action. The below is quoted from the opinion: Defendants are charged with conspiring to use interstate or foreign wires in furtherance of the scheme to defraud by making, agreeing to make, and concealing bribe payments to the high-school basketball players and/or their families in exchange for the players' commitments to play basketball at the University of Louisville and the University of Miami, thereby (1) interfering with the universities' ability to control the use of their assets, including the decision of how to allocate a limited amount of athletic scholarships, and exposing the universities to tangible economic harm, including monetary and other penalties imposed by the NCAA.
  10. Ashfan

    United States v Gatto

    Oh and I know I look like a **** responding to my own posts but one thing I found very interesting from the indictment is that the coaches at Louisville and Miami allegedly approached the shoe company exec, Gatto, and asked his financial help in getting players. It wasn't Gotto going to the schools and the coaches having a moment of weakness.
  11. Ashfan

    United States v Gatto

    Thanks for moving it. I knew that forum was where all the other FBI investigation threads were and just had a brain cramp. Those are getting too frequent!
  12. Ashfan


    That's about the time I became a fan. The family moved back to Lincoln from Milwaukee in 1969 after my father passed away. A family friend gave me season tickets to basketball for the 1969-70 season and I became a diehard fan right then and there. Later on I played a lot of pick up games in the old coliseum with players on the team, as two good friends were on the team. At my size I always got stuck guarding Steve Willis and some games he took pity on me and some games...well lets just say I chased him a lot. But playing with BIG guys like that did move my jump shot from being accurate out to about 18 feet to NBA 3 point range, so there's that. One of my proudest possessions for years that I still have to this day is a series of autographed photos of guys like Jura, Scantlebury, Brendy Lee and the like. Always wished I had one of Jerry Fort, as he is still my favorite player.
  13. Ashfan


    I think it was Dick Perry.
  14. Ashfan


    One of my proudest pick up game moments was in the old coliseum. I was on the team opposite Andre. He went up to grab a rebound off someone on my teams miss. He grabbed it with both hands, holding it over his left shoulder while he looked down court over his right shoulder. I launched all 5'8" of me into the air, poked the ball out of his hands with my right hand and then pushed the ball off the backboard with my left hand for a basket. There were a lot of guys waiting to play and the hooting and hollering after this short white guy took the ball from him was intense. He turned and glared at me and my life actually did pass before my eyes. Then he said "nice play" and slapped me on the back. I almost ended up in the bleachers from the slap.
  15. Ashfan

    Monday I have Friday on my Mind

    If I had managed to complete my move back to Lincoln I would be going to Conlee's. Alas, I am still stuck in Colorado Springs.
  16. Ashfan

    Circular Reasoning

    Based on my own personal (completely unbiased) eye test after watching 25-30 games the last 3 weeks we are much better than K State, Texas and UCLA right now. On a neutral court we would beat Baylor, USC, and Providence right now fairly handily. I haven't seen the Bonnies or Miss. St. play since mid-season so ?. Louisville would be an interesting game, as would V Tech. I would have to give both of them a slight edge, but it would be a good battle. The 'Cuse doesn't have near the length they had in the past to make the zone work, so if you can flash a tall shooter to the free throw line you can completely discombobulate the zone. We have 3 guys who can do it: Copeland, Roby, and Palmer. Plus "Cuse's offense is not very good. I think we would beat them in an ugly game by 8-12 points. Of course, none of that matters to the bean counters.
  17. Ashfan

    Monday I have Friday on my Mind

    Since we have been playing trivia in some of the other threads the Easybeats song Friday on my Mind was written by George Young, the guitar player of the Easybeats and the older brother of Angus and Malcolm Young, who formed AC/DC.
  18. Apparently my Great Dane puppy read this and decided to give me a sample for a comparison. And yep, Wisconsin is playing like puppy poop.
  19. Ashfan

    Favorite Nebrasketball Moments

    I remember them doing that, and getting warned. One of the funniest moments I saw in the Bob was during a timeout immediately after a very questionable foul was called on an NU player. It was a tight game against KSU IIRC. The crowd had been going berserk, but finally had calmed down to a low grumble. The two (yes two) officials were standing in front of the scorers table. All of a sudden something arced up and out of the crowd and landed directly at the feet of the officials. It was a pair of black, horn-rimmed glasses.
  20. Ashfan

    Favorite Nebrasketball Moments

    Some of my best memories are a little older than most of those here. These go back to the old Coliseum: 1. Sitting in he front row with my feet on the court as Jerry Fort (still my favorite player) went off for 40 points against Mizzou. I think it was Willie Davis for MU who had 28 that night. It was quite a battle of shooting guards. 2. Watching NU beat the Alex English led South Carolina Gamecocks. We held English to 4 points, although his running mate at forward had something like 19. SC had a freshman guard named Rickey Galloon who was supposed to be the best ball-handler to come into NCAA basketball since Pistol Pete. However, NU had a frosh guard named Brian Banks who made Galloon look foolish, including stealing the ball from him and getting layups on consecutive possessions in the second half at a critical juncture. 3. Watching Leroy Chalk come flying down the lane to tip in a missed shot as time expired to beat the Cliff Meely led Colorado Buffaloes. 4. I'm adding one more because someone mentioned Brendy Lee on the Legends thread. Watching him play defense was an R-rated experience: "C'mon you mother****er, try and drive around me. Just try it, mother****er. I'll hand you your mother****ing head." And the like. He was definitely a banger on defense before there were bangers.
  21. Ashfan

    Fuddy Duddy Post of the Day

    How about remembering having to get to games in the old Coliseum before game time to get decent seats as a student. Still remember going 4 hours before the start of game time with 3 friends when NU played the Alex English lead South Carolina team. It was a 6:30 tip-off if I remember correctly. We still were several rows up from the front row and played 10 point pitch to pass the time.
  22. Yeah, I heard that. Did a bit of a double-take. And I also agree with what the color commentator said more than once: Roby doesn't yet know how good he can be. Still some dumb fouls and dumb turnovers, but you can see his confidence and level of play increasing almost half by half over the last few games.
  23. Ashfan

    Expectations for the next 5 games?

    Nope, I remember him quite well, unfortunately.
  24. I noticed that as well. He seemed to be limping slightly and then was shaking his lower body as if to loosen up something.
  25. Ashfan

    BC just upset Duke

    BC sucks! Complete fluke game! The refs were completely against Duke! The sun was in their eyes! Okay, had to get that out of the way as a Duke grad. Actually, BC wanted it more and was the better team Saturday. They had a great defensive plan in defending Duke's bigs and Duke helped them by not being aggressive in getting the ball inside. I'm not sure if BC will ever be that hot again from 3 or Duke that cold, but Duke did not do a good job at all at closing out on BC's 3 point shooters, who shot with real confidence. BC came out with more energy and did an especially good job when Duke went on one of their "patented second half runs" (I now owe Dickie V royalty for stealing his phrase) of responding and stopping the runs before they became 10-11 points. Disappointed but I have to admit that there is a silver lining in what it does for NU's RPI.