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  4. Explaining The Grades: Near Flawless Poor Good Awful Average OFFENSE: Two points in the first 7:59, 15 points at the half. Two points in the first 5:08 of the second. Twenty-one percent in the first half, 39% for the game. 46 points, but sixteen points in the last three minutes to make it look better than it was. Brandon Richardson's seven points in the first half was the only thing that kept the Huskers in the game in the first half. He gets the player of the game honors because he kept the Huskers competitive when Michigan wa
  5. Explaining The Grades: Near Flawless Poor Good Awful Average OFFENSE: It would be an F, but Dylan Talley made enough shots, including the game winner to make it a squeaky passing grade. Diaz looked good with a dunk and three quarters, but the Huskers could not solve the 2-3 zone that locked him down but for 5 shots. Caleb Walker had the terrible twos, 2 points, 2 shots, 2 fouls, 2 turnovers, too bad after the strong start he had to the season. MCCray with 9 quiet points including an odd looking layup. The Huskers only made 7 of
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