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    … tape them and use fast forward when necessary to avoid stress. That way the dud games can go by quite pleasantly without using an expensive bottle of Nyquil, and the good ones can provide many replay highlights. With that in mind, I plan to attend a matinee of "1917" this afternoon with two sons and a grandson and watch the game at my leisure. I'll let you know how I like the movie.
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    Loved Glynn so this isnt a knock on him but imagine the assist numbers Mack would have put up with a supporting cast of Roby, Palmer, Copeland, and Thomas Allen
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    Fast forward a year

    I think Cam is the exception and not the norm with 1st year JUCO players.
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    Staying with the British Invasion theme, I think the Dave Clark Five is truly one of the underappreciated acts of that era. GBR!
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    2019-2020 KenPom Rankings Thread

    I got bored at work this afternoon, and as we pass the midway point of the season, I was curious about how things were going among the first-year coaches in Power 5 conferences so I thought I'd take a peek on KenPom to see how they stack up and I ended up writing a little article. For your entertainment, here's what I came up with: The 2019 College Basketball coaching carousel produced one of the most impressive crops of new coaches among Power 5 schools in recent memory, and right away several names jumped out among the national media as being home run hires. Buzz Williams, Nate Oats, Fred Hoiberg and Eric Musselman being among the most highly regarded, with Juwan Howard being the late addition who seemed to stand head and shoulders above the rest as well as the one most well situated for early success. Now that we've reached the midway point of the season, how are things shaping up? Buzz and Fred have certainly stumbled, Oats and Musselman have impressed and Juwan, just as many expected, is holding court at the top. Here is a brief synopsis of how things are going at all 10 of the Power 5 schools with first year coaches. All rankings and numbers come courtesy of Ken Pomeroy https://kenpom.com Alabama: Nate Oats #50 (8-6) Alabama’s first year coach Nate Oats has assembled an absolute murders row for his schedule so far (#43 non con and #26 SOS overall) and the team’s record is indicative of that schedule. This Crimson Tide team is battle-tested and should not be intimidated by any team they face in the SEC. They will not have a gaudy W-L record when the dust settles, but they will also have a strong case for an NCAA berth even as a sub-20 win team. Pull off an upset here or there against an Auburn or Kentucky and they’ll be a lock. But if for some reason they fall to the NIT, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them win it. Arkansas: Eric Musselman #33 (12-2) The second most impressive job among first season coaches belongs to coach Musselman. Arkansas hasn’t really played anyone of note besides #28 LSU (L) and at #42 Indiana (W). But what they have done, is win. Their schedule strength is respectable but not impressive, and they look to rack up a mighty win total. But even so, Arkansas is a team that (while they look to be a NCAA lock at the moment) seems destined for the play-in round in Dayton. Cal: Mark Fox #189 (7-8) Cal has played one of the stronger non-con schedules in Power 5 this year, and they have the KenPom ranking and record to show for it. Their best win is against #135 Fresno State but they’ve also suffered losses to #132 Boston College and #149 Santa Clara. Cal is a prohibitive underdog in each of their remaining games, so breaking even double digits in wins seems like a long shot for the Bears. No postseason is likely. Michigan: Juwan Howard #19 (11-4) Easily the best start of the bunch, Michigan has reeled off a series of super-impressive wins against #9 Gonzaga, #20 Iowa and #22 Purdue while only losing to KenPom #3, #6, #16 and on the road against #29 Illinois. The Wolverines may not contend for a Big Ten title, but they are a stone cold lock for the NCAA tournament. They look like a 6-8 seed team as of now. Nebraska: Fred Hoiberg #138 (7-8) Shockingly embarrassing losses to #220 UC Riverside, #151 Southern Utah, #156 George Mason and #211 North Dakota are only somewhat balanced out by wins against #22 Purdue and #20 Iowa. Fred’s team do look like a bunch that is just starting to get some things figured out, but it’s likely too late for them to have any hope of any kind of postseason play this year. The Big Ten is an absolute nightmare, and 3-4 wins out of the remaining 16 games would be an astonishing accomplishment. Texas A&M: Buzz Williams #164 (7-6) Texas A&M may be the most disappointing of the group. Like Nebraska, the Aggies have some head-scratching losses, and unlike the Huskers, there isn’t really a single marquee win in the bunch. With SEC play getting underway, wins are going to be few and far between, it’s looking likely the Aggies will miss the postseason. UCLA: Mick Cronin #120 (8-7) The Bruins have played a pretty weak schedule to date, the exception being a 13 point loss to Michigan State in Maui. They have a couple of semi-embarrassing losses (#141 Hofstra, #278 Call State Fullerton and #147 Washington State) and one semi-impressive win at #43 Washington. CBI may be the only hope for postseason for UCLA. Vanderbilt: Jerry Stackhouse #126 (8-6) Vandy has put together a pretty unremarkable first half, their wins coming against mostly +200 and +300 KenPom teams. But they also don’t have any embarrassing losses either. The meat of their schedule is about to hit however, and there is most likely no post season for the Commodores this year. Virginia Tech: Mike Young #61 (11-4) Virginia Tech has gotten off to a sneaky-good start at the midway point. Their wins are against just the #351 Non-con schedule, but they have a decent win against #70 Syracuse and a fantastic win against #3 Michigan State. Their losses are no embarrassment either, coming to #36, #32, #8 and #1. The Hokies are looking like a solid NIT team right now with NCAA bubble being a legit aspiration. Washington State: Kyle Smith #147 (10-6) The Cougars are racking up wins at a pretty impressive rate, until you take a look at their strength of schedule (#347 Non-con and #340 overall). They’ve only played two teams ranked ahead of #120 UCLA, a loss at home against #79 USC and a neutral site win against #92 New Mexico. The schedule strength flips in the second half with just two of their remaining 15 games against sub-100 ranked teams. There is a strong possibility of just 1 more regular season win for the Cougs. Postseason play is an extreme long shot.
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    Yvan is going to become a very nice player before he leaves NU.
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    I had heard about the off-camera antics, but was not aware of a documentary film showing it all. Will look this up, thank you! Some of the 50's, 60's, and 70's war movies may be low in special effects and production value, but A Bridge Too Far and The Bridge over River Kwai have always been favorites of mine
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    Oh, Where to Start???? (The Genre is so broad; and so many that one hasn't ever seen ) OK, Here's one: the inimitable "Stalag 17."
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    Well we controlled the first 19:30 of the first half. then Nebraska did what Nebraska does at the end of the quarters. to let Rutgers get the lead. And it was down hill from there.
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    I don't understand the complete abandonment of Green. I admit I know very little compared to Coach but it still seems odd. If this lack of playing time continues I don't expect to see him on the roster next season. Perhaps that is what the staff is doing in order to get a better player? I'm always interested in roster upgrades.
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    2020 Kerwin Walton SG

    Reading back through the thread and kind of had to chuckle at this one.
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    "Cross wide open for three" is the Nebrasketball equivalent of buying a powerball ticket, you hope, but it rarely pays out.
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    Should be an interesting game. Let's hope the right team shows up:)
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    Easley smiling now

    Charlie grabbing the bull by the horns
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    Teddy Allen is N

    I may not have a crystal ball, but I can predict with a high degree of certainty that our lineup will not resemble this.
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    When we are playing from behind you have to work that much harder to get back into the game. We need a quicker start against the likes of Maryland. We got that to start the game last night but I think Williams went too long before bringing in Brown, and Bourne. Then they went on a 12-0 run and it was all uphill at that point. I get that we had tired legs toward the middle of the fourth. I expected that.
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    Starting bigs 22 min. 2 boards 32 min. 0 points That is a unacceptable inside game production wise. Couple that with the turnovers and it's pretty tough to win on the road. Best dial up the physicality in practice.
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    Like I said, the refs finely called some fouls on Maryland. But you do have to be aggressive to get fouls called.
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    And when we do break the press we stopped at the 3-point line and look around when we have the numbers go to the hole with it Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    well, then we could all break out our favorite drink of choice and make a toast to the huskers first ever defeat of maryland!
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    Folks were thrilled to get him. No word on what suspension was for but will ask a couple folks that may know.
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    The chances of Ohio St dropping 5 straight were slim to none. As we continue to see Cam is a “special” player, & it was nice to see Jervay back in the mix. Gotta feel good about a win on Saturday, we’re IU’s cryptonite...
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    Had no doubt Jervay was gonna find his way back into the rotation. I was basing that off of his ability and his demeanor (let's say compared to Samari Curtis). The question is does he replace Easley or Kavas?
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    Yvan has neither soft hands nor explosive legs. That is a bad combination for an undersized center.
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    I'm glad Cam Mack is here. He is always fun to see. Makes me want to watch.
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    Game Day Essentials: Game #17 vs Ohio St

    That entire section was wrong when I posted it!
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    Jervay Green

    And Bear
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    For it’s time, Gettysburg and The Patriot were good war films.
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    Thanks for your service.
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    Teddy Allen is N

    I thought he said he was open to playing more guys if more guys warranted playing time
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    They are below us in the standings
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    The last shot they showed of the play from a different angle showed they solidly hit Burke on the shooting elbow.
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    Among many things that make me nuts, 2 of the biggest are... 1. Missing free throws 2. Piss poor fundamental rebounding technique Consequently, it would not be a surprise if I am consuming massive amounts of alcohol for the remainder of this season.
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    Easley smiling now

    Charlie is a good Division 2 player not 1
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    Well we got northwestern twice and it looks like we are going to blow our best shot to get a road win.
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    Doing some nice things so far this half.
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    Teddy Allen is N

    Teddy had 39 last night. 15-15 from the line. His free throw shooting this year is pretty unbelievable. 115-126 (91.3%)
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    Is Loyola Lacrosse like Nebraska Women’s Bowling ....?
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    Coaches kid

    Jervay Green

    Think you hit the nail on the head. Jervay is having to deal with not being "the man." My observation is that Jervay sometimes predetermines that he is going to "get his" when he hasn't touched the ball for a few possessions. Forcing it, rather than reacting to the situation before you, leads to bad shots, turnovers and wasted possessions. As the season progresses, we'll need him to step up at some point in time. With his athletic ability, he could be a good defender, but there have been a number of times when he plays D for 20 seconds and then goes matador. Thing is, if he changes his mindset and commits to playing tough defense and rebounding, he could see some extended playing time and his offensive struggles might work themselves out. Hope he resolves to committing to giving 100% to what the coaches are asking of him and that he becomes a productive member of the rotation.
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    Norm Peterson

    Ranking the Big Ten Bigs

    The range of finishing percents is 41 to 79. The mean is 65. I found a standard deviation calculator on-line and it says the standard deviation is 9.7 and, if I understand how this works, that puts Yvan roughly 2 1/2 standard deviations from the mean. He is > 1 standard deviation worse than the next worst finisher. Not saying this to call Yvan out, although it sort of does that. But it's something we all can see and have seen, and it's something he really REALLY has to work on. He got pulled at the end of the Iowa game because Kevin was finishing plays and getting buckets that Yvan was getting stuffed on. Yvan absolutely MUST become a better weapon on the offensive end.
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    All About the Corn

    WISCONSIN game day 1-9-20

    Bourne is a great get for NE. I am thinking Porter will be as well. Kelsey maybe helping indirectly? We have had a few alum play down under.
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    Two of the most Jekyll and Hyde teams I have ever seen. Wildcats 71 Cornhuskers 73.
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    3s before the New Year

    @hskr4life mentioned Thor's 3 point percentage and it got me curious. Looking at KenPom it turns out Thor is the 78th best 3 point shooter by percentage in the country right now. Other national ranks of note: Yvan has the 84th best offensive rebounding percentage in the country. (Not sure honestly what that stat means) Dachon is #54 in turnover percentage Cam Mack is #29 in assist rate (probably should be higher if the other guys could hit their bunnies)
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    Teddy Allen is N

    So does that mean we have to say he doesn't know good he is for the next few years?
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    Can't quite put my finger on it, but that image looks doctored. Did you photoshop a smiley face on Steph Curry's headband?
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    Northwestern only scored 20 in the second half and we still lost.
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