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    The Official Media Thread

    Caught the DP & Stephens show on 93.7 today - Jaron Boone was a guest around 1 pm. Kind of a surreal conversation - certainly wasn't what I expected to hear from Jaron. Paraphrasing - He loved his time at NU, wouldn't have changed a thing, being elected to the Nebraska Basketball Hall of Fame would be one of the greatest honors of his life, Danny was tough on the guys but Jaron didn't feel Danny was too hard on him, he personally had nothing to do with the decision on the boycott as he was just going with the flow. etc. It was a 180 degree opposite of what I expected him to say on pretty much everything. I was around the team a bit in my job at that time, and my impression was Jaron was the center of the storm more often than not, that he was extremely unhappy here, didn't get along with Danny, etc. But based on his comments today, he clearly didn't remember it that way. Maybe it just seemed like he was the problem to outsiders, or maybe a few decades of time have given him a different perspective / memory of what was going on in those days. Says he still keeps in touch with quite a few players from those days. I believe they had his dad on last week & DP knew the Boones from his time in Utah, so this wasn't something where Jaron reached out to them; they reached out to him. In other words, he wasn't angling for being elected to the hall of fame. It was just one question out of the interview. Podcast is on this page - https://theticketfm.com/category/dp-and-stephens/ Someone smarter than me probably can embed it. It's worth listening to for anyone still haunted by how poorly those 95 & 96 teams played in relation to the talent on the team. Have to admit, I forgot Jaron is on NU's Top 10 all-time scoring list. A couple more NU hoops interviews are scheduled on the show this week - Tony Farmer Tuesday I believe & Strick maybe on Friday. Those should be great too.
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    2020-21 Husker opponents

    Meanwhile in Miles' office as he called recruits:
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