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    OT: Live Sports Are Back!

    MLS has come a very long ways. A league that was the laughing stock of paying for near-retired international athletes, now to building a very solid pipeline for South American and CONCACAF athletes to build their talent and get traded to European clubs for big money. Miggy Almiron came from Paraguay, played in the MLS, then was transferred to Newcastle for $24M. Tyler Adams came from the Red Bulls academy and transferred to Leipzig for $3M with a 33% sell-on fee which will pay massive dividends. Alphonso Davies was transferred to Bayern for $13.5M with a potential $8.5M in bonuses. All three of those transfers occurred in 2019, alone. So a handful of that talent you're starting to watch in the European leagues are either US-based talent or has been going through the MLS pipeline. Also Liga MX (Mexican soccer) has always been the top league in the western hemisphere, but MLS is very quickly overtaking the reigns. Note the recent commentary from owners and players in the league about losing the battle to MLS.
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