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    2022 Recruits

    fwiw, talking to a guy that knows one of SD sportswriters. brought up 3 names: (1) Bella Swedlund he heard her offers are rising fast. well over 20 but didn't know how many of those might be P5. (2) Hannah Ronsiek from Sioux Falls O'Gorman. she is getting a lot of attention also. her sister (Emma) is at Creighton and there is some mention she may join her---however, he stated some are saying she may want to pave her own way. (3) the gal from Sioux Falls Washington (Ndjakalenga Mwenentanda). arguably, one of SD's most athletic recruits in some time. stated the "buzz" on her has been kinda quiet for whatever reason. her mother played at Old Dominion and professionally. at one time, there were rumors she would probably head south for the warmer weather---but, he said those were just "rumors". he said a number of area P5 schools have shown interest not to mention others nationally.
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    2021 PG Markeith Browning

    Our success rate with guys who require social media praise as part of their commitment is mixed #RiskyRoadz
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    2022 F Isaac Traudt GI

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    eager for practice...

    i sure hope they don't have to play in front of cardboard cutouts!!!
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    eager for practice...

    At least we finally hear we still have a NU women's basketball team. Unfortunately not any info about the players basketball wise. How the team is blending, new players etc etc. But at least they're back on the floor working out. Signs of hope for a season, for sure. Go girls ! Keep them out of the bars !...... Bars are an incubator for Covig 19
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    Tom Jones

    Kendall Coley

    umm, super WOW to that! To READ that she is top 40 - that's one thing. But to SEE that kind of talent and determination. Can't wait to see her in scarlet and cream!
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    2021 PG Markeith Browning

    Me: "Coach, you remember Markeith Browning? He just got offered by Nebraska" My HC who coached against him while playing in Michigan: "wow, he must have had a hell of a year in prep school." Interpret that comment however you want
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    Shawn Eichorst's Toupee

    2023 F Gus Yalden

    Bow and arrow sighting at 0:57 and 1:19. He obviously picked that up from Cam Mack last year, meaning he's a Husker fan. Better add him to the scholarship matrix now, it's only a matter of time.
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    Dead Dog Alley

    2021 PG Markeith Browning

    That guy lacked elite top-end speed. And he gave Kansas State a 2-0 lead by stepping back into the end zone. And almost lost 15 yards one time against UCLA on a carry from the 2. But, I guess, 4780 yards does qualify as OK.
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