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    Eduardo Andre is N

    I hope that fans expectations remain in check for this young man. He has skills, but he appears to be a project. For me, I anticipate a possible redshirt year. Maybe I will be pleasantly shocked by where his game is at, but my expectations are going to remain low for year one until proven otherwise.
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    Eduardo Andre is N

    Nebraska fills their last scholarship for 2020-21 with the up and coming 6'10" center. Andre was born in Angola before moving to London at the age of 4. View full article
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    The Polish Rifle

    Dylan Talley Needs Assistance

    Prayers up Dylan, Husker Nation is behind you.
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    Season Ticket Holders: Plans?

    * HHC Matt has entered the transfer portal *
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    Handy Johnson

    Eduardo Andre is N

    We could put a frontline on the floor we haven’t seen (size wise) since ‘91... also imagine Andre & Yvan paired up with Shamiel, DeLano & Teddy! Please let there be a Basketball season!
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    Fast forward a year

    HCFH has adamantly stated that he will start the five most skilled players and work from there. And he has backed that up by playing games with no one taller than 6'7. Thats just something to keep in mind. If Eduardo Andre is starting from day one that means we got an absolute steal in the 2020 recruiting class imo.
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    Fast forward a year

    Sorry, Andre starts day one unless someone else shows they can block shots and not bobble the ball at the rim.
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    OT: Live Sports Are Back!

    Bundesliga starts back up tomorrow morning!! For those new to the league:
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    2021 g/f Eric Van Der Heijden

    This is the part not to miss.
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    Season Ticket Holders: Plans?

    My option is that I'm buying tickets and have no idea what will happen nor what I will do
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    Cam Mack had the potential to be >> compared to Kobe Webster. I don't think he pulled it off, however. When he was on his game, he was as good as anyone. But too often, he took plays off, possessions off, games off, and took too much time on the floor patting himself on the back and not enough time buckling down on defense. I'm going to say in terms of actual work on the floor, it's possible Kobe Webster will be a better floor general than Mack and maybe by a lot. He certainly produced at his last stop. And when he has to hit FT's to seal a win, I'd a whole lot rather have Kobe Webster out there than Cam Mack.
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    As long as he blocks shots like Mikki Moore, rebounds like Venson Hamilton, plays post defense like Derrick Chandler, has the offensive post skills of Tony Farmer, has the ball handling skills of Isaac Copeland, runs the floor like Isaiah Roby, has the attitude and court awareness of Brandon Ubel, and shoots the three like Brian Conklin; well, then, I'll be happy.
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    2020 C Eduardo Andre - Signed

    Stevenson has much better than average explosiveness.
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    Kobe K. had the whole racism incident at Wisconsin. He seems to have a really solid case, especially since there is recent precedent from when Justin Fields was immediately eligible transferring from UGA to tOSU. I would be shocked if Kobe is ineligible this season. As for Trey, I don't know why the coaches think he will have his waiver granted. I am not aware of anything that makes his case special. I'm assuming his waiver will be denied, unless someone can provide info to convince me otherwise.
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