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    Roster Attrition

    Just me looking at things today Mack is almost certainly gone but it's technically not impossible for him to be back. There is also the possibility that he could be ineligible if he hires an agent. Seems like Thor and Yvan will return. It's possible that guys who have verbally committed here might decide to uncommit. It's possible that guys who redshirted last year could then decide to transfer. This part of our roster seems pretty solid. That leaves Cross, Arop, and Easley as any of them could decide this isn't the place for them or they could have coaches tell them they should think about playing somewhere else. Zero idea what any of these guys might do but just wanted to lay it all out there. ATM we're at one open spot. If Mack is indeed gone, it's 2.
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    Red Don

    2020 Transfer Szn

    I believe I've read where Adama Sanogo has decided NOT to reclassify and stay with his 2021 class. (We are still well in the running for 2021)
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    2020-21 Husker opponents

    I find it rather inauthentic how far, how wide, how deep, and how high the OWH has catered to the only ppl buying a newspaper, old fuddy-dud bluebackers.
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