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    That's pretty much why I picked us to lose. I walked out of the arena thinking we'd lose by 20 to whomever we played next though when I found out it was Northwestern I couldn't pick us to lose by that much.
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    Red Don

    The Official Media Thread

    Good article in 1/9/20 Chicago Sun-Times. (hitting refresh should eliminate a blank screen if it comes up while reading) https://chicago.suntimes.com/bulls/2020/1/9/21059158/fred-hoiberg-nebraska-bulls-coach
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    Jervay Green

    Sek was one of my favorite players on that team, and I will also never forget this moment. Maybe I'm too uptight, but I was enraged at this sign. If I was closer to those two, I definitely would have told them to have some respect for someone who had just given four years of hard work.
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    Played poorly, made it interesting at the end. So, basically, it was a standard, classic, #Nebrasketball game...
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    … tape them and use fast forward when necessary to avoid stress. That way the dud games can go by quite pleasantly without using an expensive bottle of Nyquil, and the good ones can provide many replay highlights. With that in mind, I plan to attend a matinee of "1917" this afternoon with two sons and a grandson and watch the game at my leisure. I'll let you know how I like the movie.
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    Nebraska Cornhuskers (7-8) at Northwestern Wildcats (5-9) Date: Saturday Jan 11th, 2020 Time: 3:30 p.m. Arena: Welsh-Ryan Arena (7,039, 168th largest in D-I) Broadcast: BTN Nothwestern Info Head Coach: Chris Collins Location: Evansville, IL Conference: B1G Nickname: Wildcats Mascot: Willie the Wildcat B1G: 0-4 Typical Rotation Depth: 7-8 Line: Northwestern by 5.5 KenPom rank: 100 Offensive Style: Passing into the paint Defensive Style: Zone/non-aggressive Key Injuries: SG Anthony Gaines - Out for season with shoulder injury PG Boo Buie - Out indefinitely with a foot injury Players to watch: Pat Spencer If you don't know who Pat Spencer is you'd probably be a great candidate for jury duty. Spencer is a graduate transfer from Loyola where he was one of the best lacrosse players in Div-1, winning the Tewaaraton Award last year. Instead of moving on to a professional lacrosse career, Spencer decided he wanted to play college ball and chose Northwestern. Up until recently he was splitting time at the point with frosh Boo Buie but now finds himself playing the majority of the game with Buie injured. While he struggles with his shot, he's an excellent FT shooter and leads the team in assists. Players to watch: Miller Kopp The 6'7" Soph F is currently playing at SG due to injuries. Kopp is the team's best 3pt shooter and leading scorer. Roster points PG SG SF PF C Pct 1 12 Pat Spencer 6-3 205 Sr 10 Miller Kopp 6-7 210 So 31 Robbie Beran 6-9 205 Fr 22 Pete Nance 6-10 225 So 15 Ryan Young 6-10 235 Fr 9.6 Yet another shorthanded team. The Purple came in with just 10 scholarship players and are down to 8. They're also young, starting 2 sophomores and 2 freshmen Forward Pete Nance comes from a NBA family where his father played for 13 seasons and his brother is currently playing. Nance is a 3 and D guy except he can't hit 3s. Robbie Beran is the highest rated recruit in NU history and finds himself in the starting lineup with the injuries. He's capable of shooting 3s, driving, and blocking shots. He's doing none of that particularly well right now. Also not aggressive with his shot. Young leads the team in rebounding and shoots at a high percentage in the paint when he gets the ball. 6'7" Boston College grad transfer F can play point and did so at BC. Can't buy a bucket this year but plays a lot of minutes off the bench. 6'10" freshman center Jared Jones is just depth Soph G Ryan Greer is guard depth with limited offensive game The Skinny: This young Northwestern team has been just as inconsistent as Nebraska, losing pay a couple of pay games to start the season and dropping another one during the winter break. Injuries have also hurt, especially losing promising freshman PG Boo Buie. Chris Collins has built up recruiting after winning the Wildcat's first NCAA tournament game. This has not translated into winning. I expect Northwestern to try and grind this thing and for the most part be successful. Defensively they'll most likely throw out a lot of zone and see if Nebraska can jack up 3s over their length. While there are offensive rebounds to be found against Nebraska, expect Northwestern to retreat to limit the Huskers transition. The Wildcats are going to make the Huskers most of their points on Saturday. Nebraska will try to push the pace but it will be difficult with Northwestern selling out and what should be your typical dead Ryan-Welsh crowd. The Huskers tend to let off the gas after wins and this Northwestern team is hungry for a win. In what will probably be a close game, here are a couple of Northwestern stats for you Northwestern shoots 76.3% from the FT line, 31st in Div-1 Northwestern is 1-12 in their last 13 games decided by 10 or less Prediction: Northwestern 71 - Nebraska 67 View full article
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    I get it. It's hard to stay close win a game where the opponent is shooting close to 60% from the three-point line. We made adjustments at half and put an end to that. But we just couldn't make fundamental shots right under the basket. It's a different 2nd half if we could make a few shots for once.
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    Pulling Cheatham for Kavas has been the right move
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    Best defensive possession by Kavas ever, although the bar is admittedly low.
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    NW has scored 9 points this half. They very much want to let us back in this
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    "Cross wide open for three" is the Nebrasketball equivalent of buying a powerball ticket, you hope, but it rarely pays out.
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    As miserable as this is, we still have a shot to get back in this one.
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    Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Nebrasketball gets a big home win against a decent team, then follows it up with zero energy or cohesion on the road and gets ran out by a desperate, bad team.
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    If the game stays at this pace we should win
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    Should be an interesting game. Let's hope the right team shows up:)
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    2019-2020 KenPom Rankings Thread

    I got bored at work this afternoon, and as we pass the midway point of the season, I was curious about how things were going among the first-year coaches in Power 5 conferences so I thought I'd take a peek on KenPom to see how they stack up and I ended up writing a little article. For your entertainment, here's what I came up with: The 2019 College Basketball coaching carousel produced one of the most impressive crops of new coaches among Power 5 schools in recent memory, and right away several names jumped out among the national media as being home run hires. Buzz Williams, Nate Oats, Fred Hoiberg and Eric Musselman being among the most highly regarded, with Juwan Howard being the late addition who seemed to stand head and shoulders above the rest as well as the one most well situated for early success. Now that we've reached the midway point of the season, how are things shaping up? Buzz and Fred have certainly stumbled, Oats and Musselman have impressed and Juwan, just as many expected, is holding court at the top. Here is a brief synopsis of how things are going at all 10 of the Power 5 schools with first year coaches. All rankings and numbers come courtesy of Ken Pomeroy https://kenpom.com Alabama: Nate Oats #50 (8-6) Alabama’s first year coach Nate Oats has assembled an absolute murders row for his schedule so far (#43 non con and #26 SOS overall) and the team’s record is indicative of that schedule. This Crimson Tide team is battle-tested and should not be intimidated by any team they face in the SEC. They will not have a gaudy W-L record when the dust settles, but they will also have a strong case for an NCAA berth even as a sub-20 win team. Pull off an upset here or there against an Auburn or Kentucky and they’ll be a lock. But if for some reason they fall to the NIT, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them win it. Arkansas: Eric Musselman #33 (12-2) The second most impressive job among first season coaches belongs to coach Musselman. Arkansas hasn’t really played anyone of note besides #28 LSU (L) and at #42 Indiana (W). But what they have done, is win. Their schedule strength is respectable but not impressive, and they look to rack up a mighty win total. But even so, Arkansas is a team that (while they look to be a NCAA lock at the moment) seems destined for the play-in round in Dayton. Cal: Mark Fox #189 (7-8) Cal has played one of the stronger non-con schedules in Power 5 this year, and they have the KenPom ranking and record to show for it. Their best win is against #135 Fresno State but they’ve also suffered losses to #132 Boston College and #149 Santa Clara. Cal is a prohibitive underdog in each of their remaining games, so breaking even double digits in wins seems like a long shot for the Bears. No postseason is likely. Michigan: Juwan Howard #19 (11-4) Easily the best start of the bunch, Michigan has reeled off a series of super-impressive wins against #9 Gonzaga, #20 Iowa and #22 Purdue while only losing to KenPom #3, #6, #16 and on the road against #29 Illinois. The Wolverines may not contend for a Big Ten title, but they are a stone cold lock for the NCAA tournament. They look like a 6-8 seed team as of now. Nebraska: Fred Hoiberg #138 (7-8) Shockingly embarrassing losses to #220 UC Riverside, #151 Southern Utah, #156 George Mason and #211 North Dakota are only somewhat balanced out by wins against #22 Purdue and #20 Iowa. Fred’s team do look like a bunch that is just starting to get some things figured out, but it’s likely too late for them to have any hope of any kind of postseason play this year. The Big Ten is an absolute nightmare, and 3-4 wins out of the remaining 16 games would be an astonishing accomplishment. Texas A&M: Buzz Williams #164 (7-6) Texas A&M may be the most disappointing of the group. Like Nebraska, the Aggies have some head-scratching losses, and unlike the Huskers, there isn’t really a single marquee win in the bunch. With SEC play getting underway, wins are going to be few and far between, it’s looking likely the Aggies will miss the postseason. UCLA: Mick Cronin #120 (8-7) The Bruins have played a pretty weak schedule to date, the exception being a 13 point loss to Michigan State in Maui. They have a couple of semi-embarrassing losses (#141 Hofstra, #278 Call State Fullerton and #147 Washington State) and one semi-impressive win at #43 Washington. CBI may be the only hope for postseason for UCLA. Vanderbilt: Jerry Stackhouse #126 (8-6) Vandy has put together a pretty unremarkable first half, their wins coming against mostly +200 and +300 KenPom teams. But they also don’t have any embarrassing losses either. The meat of their schedule is about to hit however, and there is most likely no post season for the Commodores this year. Virginia Tech: Mike Young #61 (11-4) Virginia Tech has gotten off to a sneaky-good start at the midway point. Their wins are against just the #351 Non-con schedule, but they have a decent win against #70 Syracuse and a fantastic win against #3 Michigan State. Their losses are no embarrassment either, coming to #36, #32, #8 and #1. The Hokies are looking like a solid NIT team right now with NCAA bubble being a legit aspiration. Washington State: Kyle Smith #147 (10-6) The Cougars are racking up wins at a pretty impressive rate, until you take a look at their strength of schedule (#347 Non-con and #340 overall). They’ve only played two teams ranked ahead of #120 UCLA, a loss at home against #79 USC and a neutral site win against #92 New Mexico. The schedule strength flips in the second half with just two of their remaining 15 games against sub-100 ranked teams. There is a strong possibility of just 1 more regular season win for the Cougs. Postseason play is an extreme long shot.
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    I'm getting this going early. Here is the message board for the Rutgers women's team https://rutgers.forums.rivals.com/forums/womens-basketball.26/
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    The last shot they showed of the play from a different angle showed they solidly hit Burke on the shooting elbow.
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    Good effort. Put ourselves in position to win on the road in the last minute. We really needed more help from the upperclassmen tonight. Thor and Cheatham were nonexistent. Kavas and Cross were bright spots, but we need upperclassmen to step it up and give Mack something to work with. And good grief, shoot the ball when you’re open. So much hesitation on offense tonight.
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    Same play that they ran at the end of regulation vs. Indiana.
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    Bad angles but it looked like he just changed the shot
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    Lottery ticket came through...Cross hits a big 3
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    Well we got northwestern twice and it looks like we are going to blow our best shot to get a road win.
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    Crappy defense by Cheatham and the compounds it with a offensive foul forcing it.
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    The announcers keep saying we're shooting high percentage shots...but where's that percentage??
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    The athleticism is different than when he was playing at Seattle yes. So that may be throwing him off As I was typing this he nails a 3
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    Fred - give Green a chance, Burke couldn't throw it in the ocean today.
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    I just wish my brain was filled with more useful information than that.
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    Old enough (50 today in fact) to remember it was Smith-Barney. John Houseman was the actor in the commercial "Smith Barney makes money the old-fashioned way...they eaaaaaarn it." EF Hutton's commercial was, everyone would go silent in a crowded room "When EF Hutton talks people listen."
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    Doing some nice things so far this half.
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    Right on cue open half with a wide open look for 3
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    But you got to put some pressure on them I mean he'll all their shots are wide open Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    May be time to try Green today.
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    It could be worse. We could be losing to Northwest..........oooohhhhh.
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    Clearly we did not have the right plan for defense either. Poorly prepared on that end so far.
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    Mack is really pressing today
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    Husker Hoops Penitent

    Teddy Allen is N

    I have him slotted in as a certain starter next year.
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    Ranking the Big Ten Bigs

    IMO he's going to be the Big Man version of Tai Webster.
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    2020 Kerwin Walton SG -> UNC

    I bet Jervay should be more nervous than Charlie!
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    2020 Kerwin Walton SG -> UNC

    True 2 guard. Quick release, great touch. Drop step dunker at 6'4". Good athletes and shooters make things look easy. He's one of those dudes. Shoots 50% from 3.
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    Easley smiling now

    Charlie grabbing the bull by the horns
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    Norm Peterson

    Ranking the Big Ten Bigs

    The range of finishing percents is 41 to 79. The mean is 65. I found a standard deviation calculator on-line and it says the standard deviation is 9.7 and, if I understand how this works, that puts Yvan roughly 2 1/2 standard deviations from the mean. He is > 1 standard deviation worse than the next worst finisher. Not saying this to call Yvan out, although it sort of does that. But it's something we all can see and have seen, and it's something he really REALLY has to work on. He got pulled at the end of the Iowa game because Kevin was finishing plays and getting buckets that Yvan was getting stuffed on. Yvan absolutely MUST become a better weapon on the offensive end.
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    Jervay Green

    Cip, you are a comma,comma,comma,comma,comma chameleon.
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    Two of the most Jekyll and Hyde teams I have ever seen. Wildcats 71 Cornhuskers 73.
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    Teddy Allen is N

    I may not have a crystal ball, but I can predict with a high degree of certainty that our lineup will not resemble this.
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