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    Every time a Nebrasketball fan utters the phrase "Man, It can't get any worse than this!", God takes it as a personal challenge.
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    This makes me really, really want him. This story reminds me of a lot of kids that I've known from being involved with the foster care system. Good kids that are dealt terrible situations deserve second (and third) chances, and I hope we are willing to give him that chance.
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    I actually think he was going to be a star at WV, his points per minute we’re real good if I remember. Saw him take over a few games as a freshman. Huggy limited his minutes to work on Def and shot selection I think. If he comes he will score a lot of points for us. i think he might be at the game Sunday, will keep my eyes open as the recruits normally sit by us
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    2019-20 Husker opponents

    It even affected his feet.
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    Sports Nightly 2019-20

    lol I think you can bank on Moos being there if we make the Final 4 in basketball
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    Interesting article about Teddy's life up to his transfer to Wichita St found in the chat on West Virginia forum. The article was pasted onto their board but I don't think I can do that here. It was written while he was waiting to see if he might get a waiver to play immediately. Here's a link to the forum page: https://247sports.com/college/west-virginia/Board/103746/Contents/At-some-point-the-Huggins-way-is-going-to-cost-WVU-125912835/ Not sure if we want to risk a scholarship on him when we clearly need a lot of help and need every 'ship to count, but after reading this article I genuinely feel sorry for him and hope the best for him. I'm rooting for him. Cliffs: 11 years old his dad starts beating his mom and Teddy stands up and gets beatings too. Continues for a while before his dad is arrested and out of their life. Suspended from school Sophomore year for beating up a kid who'd made inappropriate contact with his girlfriend. Due to transfer rules can't play ball and gains a lot of weight and runs with the wrong crowd and starts smoking dope. Diagnosed ADHD, depression, and bipolar. Mom's new fiance gets him to Boys Town where he excels in structured environment. Boys Town wasn't going to let him play Summer basketball but he's doing so well that they allow it and he blows up and gets recruited hard. Signs with West Virginia as his mom is losing battle with cancer Can't cope with her death without the dope, decides he has to leave West Virginia and get back to the structured, disciplined environment he had at Boys Town so comes back to Omaha to be near that support group. Neither Nebraska nor Creighton are interested. Gregg Marshall advised not to take the risk on him but meets him and gives him the chance and is overly impressed by his desire and leadership skills. Optimistic about future with the team but this is obviously before the domestic violence incident that lead to him leaving Wichita St On a side note, his brother Timmy is averaging just over 20+ points a game at Utah and was Pac-12 player of the week last week.
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    I feel like every release or write up surrounding Nebraska Basketball needs to be read while the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song plays in the background
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    Bartender, I'll have whatever these fine gentlemen are drinking.
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    Robin Washut @RobinWashut 2020 #Nebrasketball commit @DonovanW_ will practice with Lincoln North Star today for the first time since his knee injury/surgery last spring.
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    I strongly agree with not giving up on him a person. The question of whether to offer him is different, especially in light of what's going on with football team. Does the university want to bring in somebody with his background after the publicity over Washington, Hunt and LeGrone? Teddy's situation may be completely different, but the perception matters to the university. He got another chance when he went to Wichita and likely received multiple chances there before he was dismissed. He was scholarship worthy in high school, and it's fair to say Miles passed because of the warning flags. Since then, he's had episodes with drug use and domestic violence.I don't think Tim would get involved with him now either, knowing the entire history. As I've said before, I trust Fred to make the right decision, but it's a very complicated situation and the choice might not be his.
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    Obviously like this kid a lot, and feel his skills would be a massive addition to our team. Character wise.... well.... the flags are there, and they're kinda loud. But hey - lot of great teams had some guys who coulda gone either way. All depends on what the general make-up is of your team and if you can withstand it. It's clear Cam Mack has struggled thus far with following some rules, and that can cause a lot of stress to a team and ruin your team chemistry. But it all depends on what is expected and accepted. I've also heard a lot of good things about Teddy Allen as a person. So it's probably all about fit at this point.
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    No, willing to pay to get one would be
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    I can't believe no one has commented on the fact that the SI article linked in the original post is over 60 years old
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    When I think “Penalty Box” all I can think of is the Strother Martin scene from Slap Shot. “ Damned if he wouldn’t, you know...”
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    How does it hurt your school? You know what hurts your school? Winning 9 games in 2 years. Being a dumpster fire for 20 plus years. But cause the reporter explains the struggles with stats and facts it hurts them. Not the coaching, not the players, not the admin, the writer does. Ive read that before and people need to get a life of they find joy in attacking a reporter for the programs woes
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    But our Women's bowling team is currently 3rd in the nation. (I think). and once again a sport not played by the blue clad asshats.
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    Let's see what happens with the guys sitting out. One of our biggest, most glaring weaknesses is rebounding. My guess is three of the best rebounders on the team are sitting out as transfers. Another glaring weakness is shooting and, well … we have three of our best rebounders sitting out as transfers.
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    Disagree. He uses stats and facts. Sure it comes across as negative, but the football team sucked. Hard to put much positve considering the past 20 years. So when these stats and facts get pushed out more it can seem negative but its reality. I dont need someome to try to push sunshine on me when its raining. He is snarky at times but I think people take that too seriously cause they are frustrated over the state of the program. But i think he puts things in perspective. Im sure im in the minority though.
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    Does it make me a bad person if ...

    I probably should have used the phrase "massive improvement" as opposed to "significant imrprovement" because while I think you're right that we will improve and that it likely will be significant, I'm not sure it will enough to match 'THE VISION'. 'THE VISION' is that Iowa St was not great their first year under Hoiberg and then went to make the tournament the next year so this will happen at Nebraska. We will see how this team ends but right now it looks significantly worse than Hoiberg's first ISU team. I don't think this is much of a sell but I would not root for us to set the standard for poor teams at Nebraska this season.
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    Thanks to a fan, that’s a mom and I was screenshot some of the comments made in regards to Cam and I. No one knows our story but I would prefer you not bash Cam. He loves it here and he admitted he lost track of time on Saturday And felt so bad but he also didn’t let me know he had a bacterial infection from the Caymans. I am a lion with her cubs... No one wants to see people just bashing their child for no reason. I didn’t bash the team as a whole. I basically stated they don’t complete his assists which is an issue as well as Cam not sinking free throws.. I am Cams #1 cheerleader and also his #1 one critic... Cam hates me on social media but as a mom you can feel when your kids are having a rough moment. These players read these blogs and that hurts them. I am battling breast cancer which I ask for no sympathy, just prayer but that does not stop me from protecting my children. Cam worries, he doesn’t know if one day he picks up the phone and I don’t answer. i did that one day because my phone was in the car, I missed 10 calls and texts, You okay mom.. I will fight for them until my last breath.. When coaches recruit kids, they are not honest such as SFA... Cam said one year playing because he doesn’t know how long I have on this earth, no one does but he has had dreams of going pro since he was a kid. Don’t punish or talk about Cam because of my actions.. I said #staytuned because Cam is just getting started.. He is not the savior but he plays a major part in the success of this team because he is gifted and talented... Understand these kids have real life situations and it’s bigger than basketball. Its not easy to lose and your fans are bashing you... He wants to win, he texts me everyday and my advice to him is , trust God , you got this. He didn’t bring you this far to not complete what he started in you as a 2 year old little boy. We have big games this week, be positive and support your team I will not be back on social media because sometimes it takes me to thoughts that are not holy...and actions that are not nice
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    Call me anything you like, but don't call me late for dinner.
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    Norm Peterson

    2021 4 star PG Carter Whitt

    OK, Gate 25. Gotcha.
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    Sort of like the football team's season.
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