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    You expect me to read the whole thread? And not just spout off ignorantly? Sheesh. Tough crowd.
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    The official HHC catfishing thread
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    2021 SG Keisei Tominaga - Juco - VC

    Went 1-2 shooting FTs in the video. Looks like he’ll fit into our system just fine.
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    2020 PF Terrance Williams -> Michigan

    http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/terrance-williams-dc 6'6" 215# Recent decommit from Georgetown A scouting report Terrance Williams is a combo forward who has a good all around game. He excels with his interior game and transition skills, and he has been developing his handles and outside shot.
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    BT play...

    according to Massey Ratings, huskers sitting at 39. i believe realtimerpi has them at 130? but, they still show usc as a loss. so much for that sight. looking at it this way, kinda glad 10 day "lay-off" before ORU. shouldn't have to worry about that "hangover high" from the Duke win. the Duke win should be behind them and really focus on ORU.
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    I just hope that Cam Mack, and whoever he gets advice from, understand that there arent many coaches in college that can teach him what it takes to be a pro better than Hoiberg can. Hoiberg has played in the NBA, coached in the NBA, worked in NBA front offices, AND sent players to the NBA as a collegiate coach. I dont know the exact number, but I cant imagine many current college coaches can say the same thing.
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    Letter Jackets

    Looks like 5 WBB players got jackets today.
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    I’m over it. Whether it is real or isn’t, we know for an fact that we’ve had multiple instances with Cam so far that need corrected. So fake count or not, let’s move on and hope he continues to grow into a young man.
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    St. John’s, Stephen F Austin and Hutch CC are no strangers to this.
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    Serious question...when Creighton vacates this win in a few years, will this retroactively impact the 2019-2020 HHC prediction contest?
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    Ok, I don’t hate Twitter. Fans tweeting and venting is part of the deal. Now, let me say, this isn’t to start a rumor. But i did find it both alarming and very note worthy to us diehards that Cam Mack’s mom is replying to fans tweets from the CU game and tweeted a picture of his son: “I wish that Cam had waited....God is still in control....” she also uses the hashtag #staytuned to a bunch of replies to fans. The general tone of her replies is she’s obviously frustrated and even addresses the benching because of being one minute late for the bus. Again, I’m not saying we’re gonna get a press release like Samari’s, but she’s pretty upset and you know she’s talking to Cam. lets hope emotions have calmed down, most of her tweets and replies happened around 3am Central time...
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    Cam Mack and the reason I hate Twitter

    What did we learn? That Twitter can be a huge waste of energy.
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    Filling out the class for 2020-21

    ** Two open scholarships ** PG Cam Mack - JR Dalano Banton - SO (Conceivably could slot as a SF defensively) Guard/Wing Dachon Burke - SR (SG/ SF) Jervay Green - SR (SG/ SF) Thorir Thorbjarnarson - SR (SG/ SF) Akol Arop - SO (SG/ SF) Donovan Williams - FR (SG/ SF) ForwardCenter Shamiel Stephenson - JR (PF / Small Ball 5) Kevin Cross - SO (PF / Small ball 5) Derrick Walker - JR (center only, cant' shoot 3s) Yvan Ouedraogo - SO (center only, cant' shoot 3s) The latest from Hoiberg has been 'we're looking for the best available. TBH that probably works because maybe our most pressing need is other Guard/Wing since we will graduate a lot of firepower (we have secured Tominaga for 2021-22). Also wouldn't be a bad idea to develop another PG or PF/C. Do we have enough talent to compete? If so transfers might be the answer because we're looking at 10-11 guys.
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    BT play...

    It should also get a couple players healed up as well. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    Well, to be honest I just went over our HOME B1G schedule & scaring up even 2-3 wins looks REAL dicey. Could we steal “A” road win, who knows? Thank God for North Dakota & Corpus Christi right....
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    You know we're in the Big Ten, right, not the SWAC?
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    Same. But it's the one thing even above personal attacks directed at me that enfuriates me-- toxic negativity and messing with kids on the site and online. While I do think the cream rises to the top and kids nowadays need to grow thicker skin, this cowardly couch coaching asshole behaviour that fans display really gets me piping hot mad. That's such a lot blow and (unfortunately) quite detrimental and impactful to some kids. I hate it. Dont get me started! what I'm hearing about cam's mom (or the burner account) starts to convince me that it's a bit of a scummy person behind that. What a shitty move. I know mothers want to protect their kids, but that all seems extreme from the sound of it.
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    Ok, I exchanged a bit with the account in question and she mentioned she is coming to the Purdue game to support Cam and she’s excited about being back to Lincoln. So, who knows???
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    If you type his name into YouTube, you can find highlights of all his juco games so far. Ranger is still undefeated and ranked #1 in the country. Really does give me flashbacks of Cary Cochran. Always has good balance when he shoots, can square and set his feet very quickly off the move. Now is 52/101 from behind the arc in 15 games. Plus, there’s a game where he had two fastbreak dunks!
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    Cam doesn’t follow her “real” account either btw
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    Samari Curtis

    And those people didn't do their job!!!
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    Prolly not to far fetched.
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    That you're on Santa's nice list?
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    You really think she created a 2nd account to say that stuff? The day of oh wait the bluejay game? Come on man. Thats ridic
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    Piker!!! Twenty (because that's what Fever is looking for) No, No (strike-through) Actually I'll go with Five!
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    I don’t think it’s fake, unfortunately. She’s been on message boards saying similar things. I’m honestly surprised she hasn’t found this one
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    Me personally I don't follow the guys on twitter. I have a few of the womens basketball players that I follow. But that is it. I don't get into the bashing of kids, they are doing the best that they can.
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    I can promise if there’s a coaching staff that won’t back down on its own principles, it’s this one. As a player, you’ll either man up during your time with Fred and Doc, or you’ll wimp out. Time will tell who the real ones are. I’m hoping Cam is able to mature into a leader under this staff despite what appears to be an Oedipal upbringing.
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    Looks like the account was created just to go after those that criticized Mack. Embarrassing account really. Multiple jabs at the team as a whole and basically putting all the blame on others. Good thing Mack doesn’t play football... those guys are criticized 10X worse than this.
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    I really like Sip and I enjoy much of his work, but this article was too much, too soon. Get a grip on reality Sip. And oh by the way, if the expectation for Scott and the football team, by our AD, was 6 wins this past season, the expectation for this BB team this year should be less than 10 wins.
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    2019 Husker Volleyball

    Remaining Teams: Big Ten: 5 (Minnesota, Nebraska, Penn State, Purdue, Wisconsin) Pac-12: 3 (Stanford, Utah, Washington) SEC: 3 (Florida, Kentucky, Texas A&M) Big 12: 2 (Baylor, Texas) AAC: 1 (Cincinnati) ACC: 1 (Louisville) Big West: 1 (Hawai'i)
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    The Media Thread

    Her jumping and grabbing the rim....saw that before. Pretty awesome, without a doubt. Wonder she's noticing all of our winning play so far ? https://twitter.com/KrisDorroh?
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    Speaking of Matej, he makes Andre Almeida look like a world-class decathlete.
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    Buy them at Hy-Vee tonight, then leave the box open for a couple of days.
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    it's not like that at all. easley had zero d1 offers... arop is an undersized power forward who can't shoot. why samari didn't get a shot is really perplexing.
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    I'd love to see the shot chart of this game. I bet all our misses are within 2 feet and outside the arc.
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    Would be nice to have anyone shoot better than 0% right now.
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    You can't do that, what would you do the rest of the season?
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    NET only counts up to a 10 point loss...
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    Samari Curtis

    Weird Curtis didn't want the free trip to Omaha
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    Samari Curtis

    Play Easley.
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    2020 4 star PF Terrance Williams

    I was hopeful we would throw our hat in the ring on him. Perfect small ball 4 for Hoibergs system.
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    Ron Mexico

    Scouting Creighton

    A true rival is a team that when you win it makes your season, regardless of record. Winning that game saves a coaches job. Heat on TO almost completely went away when he finally be OU. Beating CU is great mostly because it shuts up their fan base and Omaha media. Our true rival right now is the NCAA tournament
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    Scouting Creighton

    I really don't buy this. Creighton is easily the most brought up team on this board. The switching of conferences essentially killed all rivalries prior to 2012. If these guys aren't our rival, then no one is our rival.
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    The Media Thread

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    Welcome to the rest of the season.
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