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    I'm finding this season oddly liberating, and this game is the perfect exemplar: we got crushed by a mid-major — next! Listen, every game last year and the year before devolved into either extreme melancholic episodes (losses) and absurdly optimistic declarations of long-term world domination (wins). This year, it's just a game, fun to watch but ultimately not all that important. Screw it — NEXT!
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    I don't say this often - but go get em Mizzou...
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    At least the night was not a total loss
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    no,, let's win honestly!
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    Wish I was there to watch this...
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    While i can complain about the price and the announcers being the guys from the Sonic commercials, the stream itself has given me no problems
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    Let's stay optimistic and note that, according to KenPom, there are roughly 200 teams worse than we are right now!
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    Did Kavas get jumped by the Monstars on his way to Lincoln? His 3 pt shooting is down 15% from the last 2 years. If he gets on track and can hit those open looks our offense can open back up in a hurry. I'm not banking on that right now, but tomorrow I'm seeing shades of that Honolulu tournament during Doc's first year where NU went W-L-W, Doc got tossed in the second game vs Hawaii, and NU came back to win on the tourney's last day. Get the W tomorrow and NU did what it needed to do in the Caymans.
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    "Offensive rebound and put back is good. Record that. I want to use that" - Kent Pavelka
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    2019-2020 KenPom Rankings Thread

    That's the spirit!
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    Sad to to think that by seasons end, Shamiel Stevenson will have been in college for three years and only played one full season plus four additional games... while being completely healthy
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    And I see Burke has like 14 of our first 14 tonight.... - former coach for a reason i guess
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    Yeah, F the NCAA and their non-sensical rules. Lets not punish the likes of North Carolina for blatant academic fraud but punish a kid for trying to find a new home after two different coaches he committed to left. On the glass half full side, this team should be pretty darn good in year 3 when these freshmen and sophomores and sit out transfers are upper classman. But still, F the NCAA!
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    Nice job NCAA! You guys really showed that kid who’s boss. Sitting out 1.5 years after two coaching changes is really important.
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    Norm Peterson

    2020 PF Marial Mading

    You mention Thor, we all have mentioned Thor. Thing about Thor is he has some intangibles that Hoiberg really likes and no player has benefited more from the new coaching staff than Thor. My guess is he likes it here and there's no reason at this point for him to go anywhere else. He's going to help us make history in year 2 when we get that damn monkey off our backs. Why would he want to not be here for that?
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    Luckiest wins/unluckiest losses

    Definitely was A&M, because Bill Byrne made a big deal out of it after he left NU. Nebraska had about a 17-point lead in that game, too. Horrible snowstorm that night.... Ohio State stole one at Nebraska when Glynn Watson fell down on an under-basket inbound play for the Bucks. That was fortuitous for them, indeed.
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    We’re improving for sure. Learning how to win.
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    2-1 in this tournament. Better than most could have hoped for. Another hard earned W.
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    Put another trophy in that Trophy case...
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    Son-of-a... lead down to one! Someone needs to give Cheatham some help!
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    Kent just said a shot was “errant.” That’s why he’s the best.
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    “Instant Offense” Kevin Cross enters the fray...!
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    I think Fred was trying to send Cam a “message” by sitting him to start this one. Doesn’t look like it got thru, lead has evaporated & we’re down 8...
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    By the end of that letter I started rooting for the NCAA
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    I looks bad now but I think we will play out to be a decent three point shooting team over time. Kavas and Green I think are good shooters who need to get comfortable here in this offense. Cross and Curtis (who I think is our best 3pt shooter) will develop into plus shooters from 3 and Cam will probably always be a streaky low 30% guy. Burke / HC look to be decent mid 30s shooters as well. So not great but better than we are used to for sure now the free throws baffle me and have no clue how we are that bad
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    2019 Cayman Islands Classic Schedule

    ...besides the in-state recruiting part, it really sounds like they're just describing their own program.
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    But 16 teams got better than us in the last 24 hours! Bah Humbug from Mr Scrooge!
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    Justin Fields - plays in 100% of the games his season prior to transfer - No Coaching Change - IMMEDIATELY ELIGIBLE Shamiel Stevenson - plays in 9% of the games his season prior to transfer - Coaching Change - NOT ELIGIBLE Sweet job NCAA. Your rules are crystal clear and really benefit the athletes. What a bunch of losers.
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    In a just NCAA, a combined total of 8 minutes played in the first 4 games following a coaching change where the guy who recruited you was fired would not count against a young man as an entire season of eligibility. At the very worst, he should have sat until semester and been eligible from that point as a sophomore. But the NCAA isn't just. They're just stupid.
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    Red Don

    2020 PF Marial Mading

    Man; You're just full of Happy Thoughts this Thanksgiving (ha, ha). But here's one; This is the first time we have Fred Hoiberg as a 'draw." (Jus kidding ya!)
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    This is only game 6... however... some of what we have seen is really discouraging against the competition we have played. Sitting at 3-3 and we haven’t played anyone that would compete in the Big 10.
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    Yeah, well, I see another 49-26 deficit in the rebounding dep't. against a fairly short team --- that is beyond ridiculous.
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    I thought the name sounded familiar:
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    George Mason making everything. It’s like the basket is the Gulf of Mexico right now.
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    Good news: free throw shooting Bad news: just about everything else.
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    Burke doing some Space Jam action.
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    That’s absolute BS.
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    Cliff Reed's screams after every rebound still echo in my ears.
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    I’ll always remember how many savage dunks they threw down on us that day.... it was like Houston/Louisville ‘83 Final Four, except the Aggies were BOTH...
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    If Stevenson is as good as we think/hope, would you rather have him: A. Play the remainder of this season, be a major contributor, & bump our win total from fair to middling. OR B. Redshirt & have two full years to play when Banton & Walker are both onboard & the entire roster has “earned their spurs” so to speak... I’ll opt for B, tho I’m sure he’s ready to play right NOW & is tired of sitting around waiting in some kind of an NCAA Twilight Zone. Hopefully we’ll know soon.
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    Luckiest wins/unluckiest losses

    That Iowa win was a thing of beauty, Iowa did everything right... until they missed 1 free throw. That allowed JPJ to only have to score on a layup to tie it up. Incredibly fortuitous win by the Big Red on Senior Day last season.
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    South Point Shootout

    USC only lost to #6Texas A&M saturday by 10 points
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    OT: Harvard vs. Yale Football game

    You mean when the ocean rose enough to cover the field?
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    Christopher Heady @heady_chris Also, Shamiel Stevenson *will* travel for the Cayman Islands next week. Didn't need a waiver like Dalano Banton and Derrick Walker did. No word on Stevenson's eligibility. Could come at any point.
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    *Sorry if this was already posted* According to LJS here are the two scenarios: 1. Waiver is approved and Stevenson will have the rest of this season left to play and next year. 2. Waiver is denied and Stevenson will redshirt the ENTIRE year and have two full seasons to play. Doesnt seem like gaining an extra year of eligibility is part of the waiver. He will be a junior no matter what. If thats the case I almost hope scenario number two happens... right?
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    I suppose there is some remote possibility we could play against him in the Caymans.
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    As someone who knows dudes who played with and against him, definitely wouldn’t call him a high character guy and I’ll stand by that.
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