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    no,, let's win honestly!
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    While i can complain about the price and the announcers being the guys from the Sonic commercials, the stream itself has given me no problems
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    "Offensive rebound and put back is good. Record that. I want to use that" - Kent Pavelka
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    Sad to to think that by seasons end, Shamiel Stevenson will have been in college for three years and only played one full season plus four additional games... while being completely healthy
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    And I see Burke has like 14 of our first 14 tonight.... - former coach for a reason i guess
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    Yeah, F the NCAA and their non-sensical rules. Lets not punish the likes of North Carolina for blatant academic fraud but punish a kid for trying to find a new home after two different coaches he committed to left. On the glass half full side, this team should be pretty darn good in year 3 when these freshmen and sophomores and sit out transfers are upper classman. But still, F the NCAA!
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    Nice job NCAA! You guys really showed that kid who’s boss. Sitting out 1.5 years after two coaching changes is really important.
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    Getting the game thread up early on this snowy Tuesday.
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    We’re improving for sure. Learning how to win.
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    Damn the zone worked.
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    told wife we need to go after retirement.
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    Son-of-a... lead down to one! Someone needs to give Cheatham some help!
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    Kent just said a shot was “errant.” That’s why he’s the best.
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    I'll have to clip it. When did he say it?
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    “Instant Offense” Kevin Cross enters the fray...!
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    I think Fred was trying to send Cam a “message” by sitting him to start this one. Doesn’t look like it got thru, lead has evaporated & we’re down 8...
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    guard the fucking 3, my god!!!!!!!
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    I got refunded my money toady, from Flo sports. it was actually not to bad of customer service.
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    Not at work finally for one. Still not paying for flosports. I'll follow in here lol
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    By the end of that letter I started rooting for the NCAA
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    I looks bad now but I think we will play out to be a decent three point shooting team over time. Kavas and Green I think are good shooters who need to get comfortable here in this offense. Cross and Curtis (who I think is our best 3pt shooter) will develop into plus shooters from 3 and Cam will probably always be a streaky low 30% guy. Burke / HC look to be decent mid 30s shooters as well. So not great but better than we are used to for sure now the free throws baffle me and have no clue how we are that bad
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    Justin Fields - plays in 100% of the games his season prior to transfer - No Coaching Change - IMMEDIATELY ELIGIBLE Shamiel Stevenson - plays in 9% of the games his season prior to transfer - Coaching Change - NOT ELIGIBLE Sweet job NCAA. Your rules are crystal clear and really benefit the athletes. What a bunch of losers.
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    No. Lots can be done defensively based on yesterday’s game. We gave straight line drive after straight line drive to the basket with help arriving late or not at all. That’s a mental break down and should be fixable IF the players want to work hard. And I lost track of the “and ones” we gave up that were silly stick the hand in weakly, not stopping a shot ever, foul or concede, make up your mind, type of fouls. I could go on but even the rebounding can be greatly improved with more physical but mostly mental effort.
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    Looking at Misery's probation and how they got there compared to what say North Carolina did, the NCAA is broken. If we had been Duke and asked for a waiver we would have it. Hell look at the Jess Sheppard case at Notre Lame.
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    Red Don

    2020 PF Marial Mading

    Man; You're just full of Happy Thoughts this Thanksgiving (ha, ha). But here's one; This is the first time we have Fred Hoiberg as a 'draw." (Jus kidding ya!)
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    1. Who else would you play? We only have 10 scholarship guys, four of which already play close to thirty or more minutes most nights. 2. Thor has a real positive impact on the game. You just gotta be able to look beyond box score stats 3. Agree with your take on FT shooting and rebounding help
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    Chuck Taylor

    2019-2020 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Memo to self: Don't check KenPom, RPI, etc. every morning as per usual routine during basketball season.
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    Yeah, well, I see another 49-26 deficit in the rebounding dep't. against a fairly short team --- that is beyond ridiculous.
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    well, boat-raced by george mason. keep telling myself I gotta strap in for his season.
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    I thought the name sounded familiar:
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    Good news: free throw shooting Bad news: just about everything else.
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    game of runs. in more ways than one.
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    Burke doing some Space Jam action.
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    Burke brings us all the way back...!
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    must be riveting television.
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    That’s absolute BS.
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    Luckiest wins/unluckiest losses

    That Iowa win was a thing of beauty, Iowa did everything right... until they missed 1 free throw. That allowed JPJ to only have to score on a layup to tie it up. Incredibly fortuitous win by the Big Red on Senior Day last season.
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    2019 Cayman Islands Classic Schedule

    Yeah that's interesting. According to KenPom: George Mason Patriots · Fairfax, VA Home games played at EagleBank Arena (7,860, 146th largest in D-I) Home court advantage: 2.9 (238th in D-I) Nebraska Cornhuskers · Lincoln, NE Home games played at Pinnacle Bank Arena (15,000, 29th largest in D-I) Home court advantage: 4.0 (18th in D-I) Also interesting...one would expect an historically awesome, high fan support program like George Mason to appear above Nebraska in this list: http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/stats/m_basketball_RB/2020/Attendance.pdf But they don't seem to be anywhere in the top ten. Crazy.
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    2022 Recruits

    looks like we maybe in on this kid from Fremont. Coach Williams had a like on this tweet.
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    South Point Shootout

    USC only lost to #6Texas A&M saturday by 10 points
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    Red Don

    South Point Shootout

    (Long answer) I've looked into Vimeo in the past for other (non-sports) content and still don't understand it. I believe it is reputable, but I don't understand how it operates. One can research their website and read their offerings and still not know. They are masters at telling you everything Except what you Need to Know. (Given the lack of information it is inconceivable the Tournament Organizers haven't provided clarification of how to access the games and at what cost, if any) (Short answer) IDK (please tell me if you find out )
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    I suppose there is some remote possibility we could play against him in the Caymans.
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    As someone who knows dudes who played with and against him, definitely wouldn’t call him a high character guy and I’ll stand by that.
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    It’s almost like kids don’t just magically end up at Boys Town Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Man the refs let a lot of stuff go.
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