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    2020 SF Tibet Görener - Arizona

    Definitely could use an umlaut on the roster.
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    2020 Baseball

    Drew Christo commits to the Huskers today.
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    2020 SF Tibet Görener - Arizona

    How many cm would you guess him at?
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    Sallis and Breidenbach would be the most likely out of those players imo. Breidenbach seems to be most interested in Nebraska and Stanford right now, but he won’t make a decision until after his junior year at the earliest, so a lot can change between now and then. Something that may give us hope: he loved the laid back environment in Lincoln and he almost made it sound like he wanted to get outta California. Apparently the staff REALLY likes Zach Clemence. Not sure what our chances are there. Mathurin is another intriguing player to keep an eye on.
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    2020 SG D'Andre Davis - Decommit

    FWIW https://basketballrecruiting.rivals.com/news/three-point-play-chet-holmgren-decommits-kennedy-chandler
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    Interesting. We go watch a 2020 kid at a position of need whom we have no room for and, a week later, a current 2020 kid at a position where we're somewhat deep decommits. Opening up a spot. And now we've offered the other guy. Coincidence?
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    I was skeptical then; I remain skeptical now.
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    With his mobility and footwork, in 5 years he could be a D2 all-American at Offensive Tackle if he put his mind to it.
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    2020 SF Tibet Görener - Arizona

    Turkey lists him at 206 cm. That equates to 6' 9"
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    Lincoln Gopher

    2020 PG Ty Berry -> Northwestern

    Northwestern became his only choice after 4-star Jamal Mashburn Jr. committed to Minnesota.
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    Navin R. Johnson

    In state kids?

    Josiah Allick was a Senior last year and is at UMKC now. They have a returning post player named Lopez that is solid high school player and athletic but is only about 6'4"
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    2020 SG Dylan Branson -> SE Missouri St.

    Believe in yourself!
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    Norm Peterson

    In state kids?

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    2021 SG Hunter Sallis 5 star

    Disagree. KU might be getting some major penalties soon so might now want to mess with going there at the moment.
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    At the end of the day I'd say that Lewis and Miles being gone always made Davis a flight risk and his stock gives him the security that if he wants to play for a Power 5/6 team that it's just a matter of who. Lewis was an Indiana legend, Hoiberg is not. Possible that us shopping for another 2020 player was either because we knew this was coming or might also have been a catalyst for Davis to leave. With all due respect to Tibet, I'd rather have Davis.
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    2020 Baseball

    Nebraska baseball has been getting a bunch of Nebraskans to stay in state during the early stages of the Will Bolt era.
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    2020 Baseball

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    Question about Stevenson.

    I don’t think it impacts it. SS leaves his first school because the new coach hired and him don’t gel so he transfers only to have his new schools coach leave. The guy has gotten a raw deal a couple times due to circumstances beyond his control.
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    The Ghost of Nebrasketball Present

    My five-point plan for 2019-2020: Let 'er fly. Don't project starting lineups, minutes, scores, wins, losses, seeds, percentages. Expect nothing. Celebrate everything. Beat Iowa.
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    The Ghost of Nebrasketball Present

    I'd be ecstatic if he was just like Mo Watson...only with better knees and a lot less rape-y. Allegedly.
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