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    2021 C Frank Anselem

    Too bad Richard van poelgeest wasn’t his favorite player
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    It's up to any staff, anywhere, at any school, to work...to make a recruit interested in your school. That's what recruiting is...right?
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    Norm Peterson

    2021 C Frank Anselem

    He's a Shaq fan. We'll never be Shaq's alma mater. Can only worry about what we can control. I'm not going to worry about what impact losing the OSU football game will have on basketball recruiting. If that turned him off of NU, he wasn't all that on NU to begin with.
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    Norm Peterson

    The Ghost of Nebrasketball Present

    I'm going to say Cam's a quality passer. As good as Mo? Have no idea. But he has that attribute. That certain dime-dropping knack that some guys just instinctively have. We saw a bit of it in the scrimmage. I think Mo was a better shooter, especially his senior year, but they're comparable there as well. I think he's at LEAST as fast as Mo and maybe quicker/faster. And he's 4 inches taller than Mo Watson. And potentially a good deal more explosive, too. His ceiling is higher than Mo's because of his size and leaping ability. But can he develop that intangible of knowing just when and where to find his teammates to put them in position to score? And will that happen at some point this year? Those are things we'll need to watch. I think it's certainly possible that he can have the kind of impact for us that Mo Watson had for that one team. On the plus side for Cam he does have 3 more years of eligibility in which to develop.
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    The Ghost of Nebrasketball Present

    I'd be ecstatic if he was just like Mo Watson...only with better knees and a lot less rape-y. Allegedly.
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    Mack and Burke are both mind-blowingly fast. One guy like that on a team can cause problems. Two guys like that can create some real match-up issues. I think both of them have scoring mentalities, Mack and Burke, and can back it up with ability. Both are low 30s career 3-pt% shooters, but both are good enough to force defenses to respect their outside shots and have the capability to blow by defenders on the way to the rack, where they both are capable finishers and where Mack additionally excels at dishing to open teammates. I see Kavas with a lot of open-shot opportunities this year because I think the speed and quickness of Mack and Burke are going to force defenses to help off of our shooters, leaving Kavas with some space to hit some treys. Green will probably be a beneficiary of that as well, provided he can continue his 3-point success from last year as a juco (the juco line is closer, sure, but if you watched WNCC's games last year, Green was regularly launching attempts from well behind that line.) If our shooters are connecting, we'll have a puncher's chance in most of our games. The key question is whether we can defend well enough to hold down the other team's offense enough that our offense can outscore them. Because I think we'll be able to score the ball. And just for something to compare to, I know he was a Creighton guy, but I see a lot in common between Cam Mack and Mo Watson. Remember that guy?
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    After the “Big 4” last year, there was a precipitous drop-off in talent. Is there any All-Conference talent on this roster? Hard to say, but there certainly looks to be a greater depth of talent. Also, Mack/Burke/Green look exciting, but you can’t underestimate what a “badass”Watson was for several years...
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    The Ghost of Nebrasketball Present

    @Norm Peterson the thing that keeps coming to my mind when thinking about what could be is the 2017-18 Ohio State Buckeyes. Remember that year they fired Thad Matta and replaced him with Holtmann and with a greatly depleted roster from a fairly uninspiring team the year before, they were picked by most pundits as one of the bottom four teams: https://bustingbrackets.com/2017/10/06/big-ten-basketball-2017-18-preseason-predictions/4/ They had a roster with a couple of exciting athletic guys but lacked size...and for all of those deficiencies they only finished 3rd in the Big Ten and a 5 seed in the dance. I'm not saying to expect us to have a season like that, or even close to it, but one never knows. If this team can gel and if they are able to rack up a few wins early in the year, who knows?
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    I just sent this message via Huskers.com: My question for the athletic dept is ... why is there a near total lack of marketing of women's basketball? ??? I can recall only two articles in the newspapers in the last few months - and one of those was to announce that tickets were available for purchase. Why would the public purchase tickets to see a product they never hear about. I understand the excitement about HCFH, but must it be done to the near TOTAL exclusion of any info about WBB? Mr. Moos, it's time to show some support and drum up some enthusiasm for the seemingly forgotten WBB program
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    https://www.omaha.com/neprepzone/recruiting/girls-basketball/lincoln-high-s-nyayongah-gony-a-top--girls-basketball/article_f85d3049-e392-5cdf-90d2-2658eb34bd5f.html not sure how much fans can assess the squad with the non-con schedule they are going to play either. may have to wait till they get in to the big ten schedule.
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    Italy Trip

    All streaming services I've used (YT, Sling, Hulu, MLB.tv, etc) are all at least 90 seconds behind. That might be a little extreme, but that's what it feels like... All put me a play or two behind, which can take away some of the drama. I'm not disciplined enough sometimes to put the phone away between commercials.
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