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    2020 PF Max Murrell -> Stanford

    He's going to be a true elitist, not just a pretend one.
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    Does no one know about "shrinkage" ?
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    Basketball is played on a wooden court, not a swimming pool
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    Really good preview of the Big Ten up today on Three Man Weave. Here's just a small taste of the Nebraska section: Outlook: Headline: Nebrasketball undergoes a major overhaul… The Huskers let go of Tim Miles at the end of last season, a coach the Weave hold in high regard. Miles spent seven years at the helm of Nebraska and built the program to respectability, taking the Huskers to their first NCAA Tournament in 2014 since 1998. Injuries derailed what was supposed to be a banner year in Lincoln, as Nebraska finished just 6-14 in Big Ten play following a 13-5 breakout season in 2017-18. Now the program turns to Fred Hoiberg, the former Iowa State and Chicago Bulls coach, who comes back to the college ranks for the first time since 2014-15. Hoiberg was a homerun hire for a school not known for basketball; he took the Cyclones to four straight NCAA Tournaments before jumping ship to the pros, and his squads were always among the most fun to watch in college basketball. Just as he did at Iowa State, Hoiberg brings in a boatload of transfers to give Nebraska a completely new look for the 2019-20 season. (Read the full preview here: https://www.three-man-weave.com/3mw/big-ten-basketball-2020-preview)
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    Norm Peterson

    2020 PF Max Murrell -> Stanford

    Congrats to Max.
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    1. big dudes do foul out a lot 2. free throw shooters are more valuable once you're in the bonus, especially in the second half 3. big dudes typically have less endurance, so are less likely to be fresh at the end of halves 4. tall guys often get the benefit of doubt to be a starter, even if they're not one of the 5 best players on the team 5. Somebody has to do that whole jump ball thing at the start of the game (I seem to remember Chris Balham ONLY doing the opening jump before being subbed out in a few games) I think those five reasons combined can explain a height disparity that is smaller than my fingernail.
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    We can take some walk-ons.
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    Don't think we will have room for all 17. Tough decisions may lay ahead!
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    That's average, though. So, 2 1/2 inches combined. And that's likely represented by one player. So, a 6'9 guy goes out and a 6'6 guy comes in to end the game. And that could be because your 6'9 guy fouled out or because he can't shoot free-throws. Or because small ball is more successful at the end of a game when teams need to hit threes.
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    CC's "Way too early" update...

    a little surprised OSU didn't crack at least a mention with the recruiting class they have coming in. i suppose too many "unprovens" there. sure been quiet on that investigation front---or, if anything is going on there at all.
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    2020 recruiting...

    NU is one of her finalists... 6 or 7 schools, but......She visited Boise St last week, and has Wisc, Wake Forest, K St, Colo., and Wyo as coming visits too....so it would be somewhat surprising if she were to commit soon...but she could be wowed by Nebraska.
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    Huskers/Jays Tip-off

    That's mighty blue of Creighton to schedule the game so us true Nebraska fans can get one celebration going while we get ready to celebrate (the boys on the field have their shit together long before then) another victory.
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