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    Aus vs USA.....

    click on box score for stats.....Bourne played 26 min, i believe. https://www.usab.com/news-events/news/2019/07/wu19-game-1-aus.aspx
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    Fred Hoiberg has done a complete remake of the roster for this upcoming season. Someone posted weeks ago about doing an Original/Remake song thread in the off-season. Kudos to you, mark that post and you have a steak coming your way. Remakes can be really good. Oftentimes, not so much. I KNOW this Husker remake will be a huge success. Anyway... The Contest: As a rock and roll fanatic, original songs 90 per cent of the time are better than remakes. However, there are covers that are so much better than the original song. Here's the deal: Post your remake song you think kicks the ass of the original. Name the original artist and post the remake video, and you're part of the contest. The winner will be determined by how many upvotes he/she gets. The winner gets 2 14 oz Nebraska Star Beef Ribeyes, plus a six pack of Lucky Beef jerky. The contest will conclude in a couple weeks. I'll provide an example: Angry Bruce Springsteen. Kick ass remake:
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    Wow, I never realized that Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels were covering "Devil with the Blue Dress". Just heard the original Shorty Long version and have to say it is much better. sure wish my ebay would work.
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    2019 Football Outlook

    Dicaprio Bootle's name would be "tied" with Coney Durr, I presume.
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    You pull 'em out behind your Johnson, obviously.
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    AD in charge of basketball John Johnson

    All this Johnson talk reminds me of this classic:
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    So, Bill Moos has a new Johnson? I'm sure Bill Moos knows exactly what to do with his Johnson. Probably go to staff meetings.
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    We also have the sad distinction of being the only team in B1G history to finish 4th and NOT make the Dance That might define Nebraska Basketball in a nutshell. BUT the “little engine that could” days, the NIT road games, the endless “Bubble watches” those will soon be part of a bygone era of Husker Hoops. Someday soon many of us will sit courtside somewhere & watch our Huskers advance DEEP into an NCAA tournament & become once and for all a “Basketball School” too...
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    OK, Imma gonna kick some ass with this one: "Road to Shambala." Original version by BW Stevenson (who also recorded the original "My Maria" redone by Brooks and Dunn.) One week later, (re)done by Three Dog Night in the kickass version.
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    A couple of my thoughts are in use above; however, the Kingsmen get a large shout-out as one hit wonders who spurred a two year FBI investigation into the lyrics of the song and the subversive message sent to us then youths. “Louie Louie” by The Kingsmen (written by Richard Berry, originally performed by Rockin’ Robin Roberts and the Wailers)
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    I know it's not a cover, but Weird Al's "Word Crimes" is a hell of a lot better than Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines."
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