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    The above post is worth mentioning for those who arent super familiar with the NBA. James Palmer is basically auditioning for all thirty NBA clubs. Pheonix has no rights to him even though he is on their summer league team. Whereas since Roby's draft rights were traded to Dallas they have control of him for two years minimum. Roby has much more security with being drafted. But Palmer will have much more flexibility if the interest is there.
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    "I didn't ask the genie for a 10-inch pianist."
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    Italy Trip

    Joke 1: By my precise calculations if we manage to score 50 points a game overseas we can expect to score 500 points a game this season. Joke 2: Will the other 90% be Doc Ball?
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    Right now he’s basically trying out for any team who may be interested. Suns roster is pretty much set. He could still sign a two-way contract with them, but I’d say it’s just as likely that he’ll get picked up by another team. Lots of unsigned players play in the summer league for one team and end up at another team’s training camp.
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    The Polish Rifle

    Old Regime News

    If you want to appear like integrity is your top priority, no better pick than Coach Miles. Unfortunately not even Coach Miles can polish that turd. You'll have Coach Miles telling kids to stay away from agents and money in order to preserve their eligibility one day - then the next day KU, Creighton, Kentucky, Arizona, etc. talking to the same kid offering parents jobs and kids ca$h money.
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    "He's fine now, just a little cock-eyed."
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    It's the off-season. I just read something that tripped a memory and reminded me of one of the all-time funniest threads in board history. Must have been way back on the original, original board. I'm guessing 10-15 years ago. It started off innocuous enough. Something about basketball. But in the fine tradition of Husker Hoops Central, the thread got hijacked and it turned into people reciting the punchline of their favorite dirty joke. Maybe we could resurrect that thread in honor of the off-season. I'll start: "Ten bucks, father. Just like downtown."
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    19-20 Season opener

    Is against Alabama A&M on Wednesday Nov. 6th at High Noon. So people that have jobs most likely wont be able to go.
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    No talk to sheep. Sheep lie!!
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    Norm Peterson

    2020 SG D'Andre Davis - Decommit

    He puts up free throws like his body double, who, incidentally, is making a case for himself to make the Suns' roster.
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    "How about a little head then?"
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    I almost went with that one. Not a huge change, but I always heard/said it as, "You think I asked for a 12-inch pianist?"
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    2019 Football Outlook

    I fully expect them to flip their record from last year. It would take 11 wins for me truly to be shocked.
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    Shhhhhhh... They're getting closer.
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    Italy Trip

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    Norm Peterson

    Italy Trip

    Looks like it'd be easier just to bring Italy here.
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    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    Somewhere, a Big Ten official was watching that from his couch and T-eeing up JPJ for looking at the opponent.
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    Opening Night Scrimmage

    Evrrybody loves the Shim Shams, can't wait.
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