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    With the way college basketball is nowadays you have to almost assume 1 or 2. Nobody, including the staff, has an accurate gauge on who it will be rn but it is almost a given. Also something discussed on this board (i think by Norm and myself specifically) is you have to consider how much this staff loves the redshirt transfer. By recruiting 2020 kids, who we currently dont have room for, we are getting are foot in the door for when 45% of them transfer in a year or two. The staff could be playing the long game in recruiting.
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    Right now, we're full up. We only have room for another 2020 kid if someone leaves. I guess it depends who leaves, but I would assume if we have a spot open up, we'd look for a taller athlete who can shoot the 3 and defend the paint. By the way, I know I've been guilty before, too. But clean up the language.
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    Robin Washut @RobinWashut #Nebrasketball offers 2022 Millard North forward Jasen Green. First D1 offer.
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    Forgot about that. Mods, feel free to put this under the other thread. My bad.
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    NCAA Baseball Tourney Thread

    Here's an interesting look at conference participation in the College World Series: https://www.ncaa.com/news/baseball/article/2019-06-15/here-are-conferences-most-represented-college-world-series?amp 103 - SEC 101 - Pac-12 96 - ACC 79 - Big 12 29 - Big Ten 26 - Big West 16 - AAC 11 - Big East / WAC 9 - MVC 8 - America East / Ivy / C-USA / Patriot 73 - Conferences that no longer exist 12 - Schools that no longer have baseball programs 8 - Schools that are no longer in D1
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    Norm Peterson

    Creighton who?

    Rebecca Lobo didn't fare very well against Craig Kilborn.
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    NAIA site has him at 42.9 percent from deep.
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    Will Roby be back next year?

    Yeah, the timing of all these trades is hard to keep track of for the NBA. It's a bit mind numbing.
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    Erstad has stepped down

    Bolt was not the hitting coach for 2018. He did assist with hitting. Seely was the primary hitting coach for 2018. Bolt was the hitting coach in prior years. Okay we know a few more things on how they are going to split duties. I am still making a few assumptions but here is the latest... Bolt - Head Coach. Bench manager and will help out with hitting. Infield Harvell Recruiting coordinator. He will have an emphasis to recruit position players & hitters. 3rd base coach & run the offense Primary Hitting coach Outfield Christy Pitching coach Catchers Will have emphasis on recruiting pitchers (and I assume catchers) Some of this will change a little bit when they formalize that 3rd coaching position. Some stuff is still an assumption as I have not seen it or heard it from our media or huskers.com Sounds like the recruiting philosophy will change a little. The old philosophy had evolved to be ...recruit players that were all-around players with all around skill sets. The new philosophy will be recruit players that have a great skill, maximize and take advantage of that skill and then blend it with others that have different skill sets.
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    It doesn’t have to be one or the other. The Herbie doesn’t have to be the only or main logo. Just throw it on a few items for those in th base that love it.
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